12 November 2008


tell them and others friend of a friend, the final moment flight of the pheonix st peters de3nial, the trails before gemeni, christs lament, burial in a borrowed tomb, people united dont fear change, - martyr is the star || & truth from afar. jc is king/messiah/kingdom/teachings
but you home in the land of earth are by no means least among the rulers of earth: for out of you will come a ruler who will be the shepherd of mine own - hillighellseher.
having shared their knowledge in all of their way they colonized elsewhere --->(_)...the lord gave sign 3 gens later, "run from home the new leader is as a tryant,// there they stayed until the death of kings and birthing seekers, the old dreamed like you, remained prejudice of outsiders like country folk
in the heart of country sorrows and mourning, bereaved mother. pic 1st empire - a leader from the west drove patriotism and killed others and his own famili, his enemy had only the summer sea, and we live in cities and jungles, languages and towns and in great countries.
strengths and accomplishments
weaknesses and mistakes
lessons artifacts
vital statistics - genetic memory
colonies everywhere, some developing from 3000 e.e. ((the protector was equal in the basic fact of necessity to colonize?) an infant nation earth went into the stars, just as man told lies and took farms, the scion child of god was a hypocrite, killed peasants to kill a king, and bathed in their blood in such unsuccessful, this king is elected, I don't know if he/she was a clone, but was no pawn of the devil/(possessed),
the scion fear the idle mind of a despondent, child, & has one or more of seven, (this hero is just) an affable revolutionary and poet, jury is anxious scion and his wife is buried near his home world, you cannot trust his sons

ruled by your three sons

a 3000 sacrifice ordaining/ crowning
aka god // whose sons killed each other from jealousy a voice of one calling in the desert prepare the way for the gov, make straight paths for him." I

acts 3 & 4, mary, robots, poetry 1 &2, lies, speeches, limitations, explorers, prophets 3 & 4, astronomers, warriors, vampires 1 2 &3, thieves 3 & 4, stars, Mormons, tron 1&2, Scandinavians, youth, tele, census

in the time of the villain king of earth a priest comes from another dimension who belonged to the peasants
-7th hackers- -8th generals -
north, pole
zicri and moon don't believe the story to stay home is proper, he thinks te soothsayer is vicar of home, minister of finance for the children of time, some left some stayed, i say the war will come and be worse than the last but this time god will call the king and tell him to attack the old land and its old ways fighting fire with fire and burning the temples of false gods taking captive the false idols complete the warrior king survives, in the temple of the sun he plots against the world while attaining absolute power, carnage felt by all classes

..God's evil tirade - Jeremiah 44-46