12 November 2008


of my brothers i see no control power or responsibility from the leaders or their flock

and my chance has come only too late for me, i am in a world of southern viral idiots, as the last of my kind i wonder why the others head south to kook their brains, why you all pour the poison into the stream, why you want to save the value of your houses and not your houses, why you want to fix social security instead of providing social security. you cannot have solutions without education.

i am getting stronger by the day now that i am experiencing my first winter in 5 years

since you didn't ask, i would like to protest the increasing pressure on the economy that our modern prison system imposes. as well as a fear in the back of everyone's mind that the violent if given release or parole have been given time to strengthen themselves before their new freedom. rules are given to be understood. rules are written to be remembered. the lack of capital punishment and the poor quality of life that surrounds society plagued by crime will only deteriorate civilization.

too many weaklings of mind body and rule.

insufficient fixes for the minds of small dogs