27 February 2014

Crash on Course: Convergence

The following movie-hack flew across the screen in the first chapter of my short story, Origins, and it wasn't appropriate to bore yáll with it there, so I'm boring yáll with it here. Here's what happens when fact and fiction combine. I think it's scribomania, as I used-to fill up napkins and eventually notebooks, the occasional pedestrian sketch, I now write twice a year for a few days that resemble more of the mania and less of the scribe, and the rest of the year I post the chapters after fucking with them a few minutes around morning emails, a word here, a dream there. I wasn't lying when I wrote that I've preemptively written twenty chapters in advance. Sure, I'll post the occasional poem from my phone, waiting in a cafe or takeout lobby, and the tech, which has become more study and notes than papers, ...I'm doing it again, right now, adding this [expletive deleted] intro. It's quite fun, new positions recently have become available. Contention....

[IGRP] [iBGP-AS (Router-cloud computing) - eBGP]
Connection oriented, call setup, established network, virtual circuit, call first, path unknown
Global vs Decentralized; distance vector <_> link state
IGRP CISCO, EGP BGP as intra, inter
OSPF Link State, Hierarchical        secure, unlimited, authenticated
RIP distance vector, Global - 15 hops, periodic updates
Forward source routing. Performance
IntraAS: can focus on performance
InterAS: policy may dominate over performance policy
IntraAS: single admin, so no policy decisions needed, scale, hierarchical routing saves table sizes
InterAS: admin wants control over how its traffic is routed & who routs thru its netw

SRC 1234(5678) -- 8=1 -- multicast has route info, source deleting route, not destination, has the sending-address info. Source Routing vs Transparent Bridge ...is like, Greater Overhead vs Optimal Path (STA)     (see next <>) Link aggregation, logically combines connections reduces bandwidth in traffice, but is limited directionally with load balancing. PAgP <> LACP: Set the desireable (1)/auto (2), same facing, (auto, active (1), passive (2))

PAgP Desireable Auto/Auto
LACP Active Passive/Manual
VLAN secure and flexible, trunk with VLAN TAGS
VLAN routing destination, IP doesn't change, but the mac addy does (header, VLAN tags)
IP address destination MAC of next hop;
ARP (routers), sometimes pings fail while initializing ARP;
WLAN, (AP) attenuation, receiving signal strength (PCP/PCF)
(Whereas, Pico/Scatter nets are Bluetooth nomenclatures.)
IPv4 32bits/4bytes [see: IPv4 addressing]
IPX 10 bytes = 4MAC+6ADDY (from mac of sender)
Area, ID, SCL               IPv6 128bits/16bytes [see: IPv6 addressing]
ARP: MAC address
RARP: Network Layer (4) IP address/ some limitations

Intra domain; policy, scale, performance
InternalGP: RIP, IGRP, OSPF    <<<>>>    External Gateway Protocol: BGP
Hierarchical impractical because cannot store all destinations in routing table Autonomous Systems with different intra-AS, gateways/border router. Intra AS <> Inter AS >> The interwebs = b/w autonomous systems. The intra = w/in autonomous systems

Gateways; propogate/share tables intra, intra AS learn optimal network gateways/locations by choosing least cost. RIP (routing information protocol): distance vector, local, 15 hops,
UDP periodic advertisement, up to 25 subnets w/ distance, convergence, table propagation, and population, every 30seconds. OSPF link-state global, advertises link changes, flooding, 'hello, database description (DBD), link state request (LSR), link state update (reply) (LSU), link state acknowledgement (LSACK)' {public, shares neighbor nodes info with netw every 10 seconds, supports VLSM & CIDR, authenticated and unlimited hop count.

Hierarchy within domain local, no broadcasting only hello messages, area border routers of
boundary routers stemming from network backbone, knows local topologies, summarized
distances; area border routers become default gateways for internal routers.
BGP: subnet reachability propagation. eBGP: for border routers, allowed if BGP on all routers.

BGP peers exchange routing infor, in order to disseminate infor for eventual forwarding: route chosen by manual or autonomous factors. MSGS: OPEN, UPDATE, KEEPALIVE, NOTIFICATION

A Sin (2π F * T + 0)
Amplitute SINE (2pi Frequency * Time + Delay(-+))

Inverse distributive exponential conversion. Parallel vs Serial: Byzantine Robustness: LANs, Link Layer, shared medium: MAC IEEE 802: connection, connectionless, acknowledged connectionless: Random Vs Deterministic. 

Carrier Sense Multiple Access CSMA: Choose One
Collision Detection CSMA CD --(*Used when wired)
Collision Avoidance CSMA CA --(*Used when wireless)

Topology: Discovery Vs Routing: Hidden vs Exposed

Layer 2 Addressing, MAC address, used for unicast, multicast, and broadcast addressing being the key the bits to-the-left in a MAC address indicate they type of transmission (casting) XX (the second even is a unicast, the second odd a multicast) 

POST< boot, profile, topologies, single-point of failure, hub vs switch, hub is/has one collision domain, switch has many b/c of store and forward, hub at default is a repeater/broadcaster, switch turns each Ethernet port into a gateway. 

26 February 2014

Merlin 3:36 “Practice Theory”

Merlin 3:36 “Practice Theory”
~ @mjbanks

The open chaotic madness be-hither a sultry havoc of seeming teaming civil war, not only charismatic wizard Merlin wandering thoughtful, Nick hustling in tussle now quick to rustle salvation for Ana he and her escape, but a slew of assassins killing those in caskets drinking mortals into their deaths. Quickly sating thirsts of shared expansive fears in hopes to raise their victims into undying vengeful wretches the same, three of the oldest sleeping in the sand, Nick runs from a vampire unsuccessfully, falling before the waking desert graves, but able to throw his chaser onto the vampire rising from the sand at the bloodlust scent immortal. The momentum becomes weapon as Nick lunging drives a sword thru them both, their screams wretched as Nick raises his knee and continues running before falling into their four grasping arms of hungering death.

In the service of Lord Scarlet, those in fealty attack the newly created, haunting them in sport, tearing one from the door of a blackened carriage the sage rooftop onlookers leave their perch en mass. Focal mercy gone from sight, fleeing terror sending smite and terror of relentless debt and daze, brave and strong in tumult sounds of conquest broach the wages of sin, of one running Troy watches as others chase. He puts an arrow into their prey’s leg as predation encircles, another arrow into the first attacker, as if to alter, but malice does not falter as the hunters turn from gaze orange winged creature, in sky illuminating another that is dead who will soon again die.

A parting Nick adorning ravaged red blood-stained clothes runs by the toppled cart of dried things and grabs a knife, only to use it to run passed Malachi, stabbing him in the back, not to kill, but to turn abruptly into a hallway without losing momentum, a trick of the feet and swift the running steps, to stab then flees adept with Malachi baying from the wound. The hunting party stops to assess battle with wounded Malachi.

The betraying vampires and new-dead creations taunt and agitate Malachi, soon impeding him with knives as many as like eyes, each blade grabbed and removed before returning attack, each thwarted and extorted for their wielded blades in surety that each one suffers, he drinks from them to reclaim the blood of the dead.

In hasting circumstance the traveling cloud compelling orchestral magician they hunt, Merlin’s aura of natural defense they seek to drink, desiring vengeance for their fallen leader, evasion, is plight fully dangerous, catching the leaping outstretched arms of blood thirsting vampire, strafing the creature back who slides afoot and charges again, only to be skewered by a spear. Merlin flies forward carrying vampire on spear, lodging spearhead into the ground before dusting himself and walking quietly into another alley. The anxiety confuses sight shortly, and the waking dawn tenacity seems like endless sunset sky bloodied and red in the moments to midnight. Abhorrent the strong regather, as the hills begin to echo, low distant thunders, fires and smoke entail the angered vigor and in defense at second fall, whence tripping on magic stones Merlin has strewn as simple mortars as they pierce the close proximity, and reconsideration are made by all standing.

With the remnants of madness, countless wounds and winds to separate her from their proprieties, infirmities, and ruthless cause, Ana takes shelter embattled with great resistance for the posterity of fidelity, thinly veiled hid for a missing Nick.

Merlin waits in closed alley, a vampire approaches and he holds a silver pellet, looking to and from and forth again, the vampire chooses to run and wizard chooses to walk. Most overt trappings, endeavoring to divine the thoughts a phoenix in the now misty sky, overwhelmingly underpin other hunts underfoot. At reconnoiter instantly divine and wary of watching visitors it becomes a dark star without reflection, impossible to tame Malachi daemonic laughter a monstrous survivor, both sides wane and slay upon foes.

Merlin turns clockwise in dead silence to only the sound of an arrow flying thru the air, the arrow misses him in passing before his eyes and strikes a fiend straight between the eyes, the shooter Scarlet, who has behind him four opportunistic murderers. Merlin stretches out his hand, branches and rivulets of white electricity strike them all, passing by Scarlet who tries to reach for the nearest arrow from a corpse, learning after diving them burnt, crispy, smoldering, by the light in proximity without contact.

Scarlet: We have come to rid you of these insatiable knaves.
Merlin: Take the deaths and leave the lives, but this is not my city.
Scarlet: Wherefore are you here?
Merlin: Out on you, I will ask you first.
Scarlet: …We are purging a rebellion for my throne; now your turn.
Merlin: …We seek a friend, of the old breath, this is feasibly his scene, and yet I find you here.
Scarlet: Then fight beside me; curtail your unwarranted distrust.

A young-looking vampire runs into their habitation, only to slide and retreat with instant fear.

Elsewhere, the wittiest of the mischievous bloodthirstiness, plot their exit.

Antonius: Hide yourselves, we leave now, and hope an unknown and safe return.
Augustus: No, we make for House Crimson; hide from the echoes of this red tide.
Lucius: Fools we would be not to seek Sino, an added option as we study our reentry, agreed.
Polonius: Sino will see us feigned ally if against Scarlet, but will put haven on us if we take the immortal.
Augustus: What makes we cannot see brings future on us recompense for all places.
Antonius: We can have this discussion elsewhere. Sino will have a reward.
Lucius: For what secret at dawn will wait?
Antonius: That Mattheus returns to the end of his life, as he and Sino had a grave underworking for Scarlet. What say you, Lucius?
Lucius: Better deaths await these fires go we all.
Antonius: Excellent, you (Augustus) find horse, and you (Lucius) take bombs to the wagon, we will find the ever bleeder, and all to the wagon and the wilderness at daybreak, with or without the immortal. Do the plan this city is death.

Unknown to them, Nickolas immortal and who they seek has heard their entire tale in its telling, and rolls onto his back at the rooftop edge where respite, burdened by the option now known, his antiquely acquired duty to save the world and now to make this mortal field a better place for child unborn. Quick in fires and lightning outliers Troy gliding on phoenix sees Nickolas seem resting, and the vampire Augustus riding a horse charging at Merlin, the phoenix screeches from the air and Merlin looks to the sky. Troy leans greatly outward and points to the approaching rider, but the street turns at length of the horse just before Merlin and Scarlet that blocks the horse from sight. That sharp corner that Nick had turned, to avoid the lane before him full of enemies, and that behind him, this third lane a gradual turn for the horse and rider. Hooves hammering soil nearly trampling Merlin, the horse passes and rider takes an arrow from Scarlet.

Scarlet draws another arrow quickly from a body, but Merlin glides over the ground at the rider, revenge to follow as the vampire Scarlet welcomes new battle. Nick races along the rooftops, falling and sliding breaking and gliding over alleys, much the way that the current pursuant vampires who plan to abscond with him do. The horse approaches and wagon latched, creatures falling into the street undead stand from their falls, Nickolas landing in the street rises not so quick and climbs into the wagon, Merlin arriving to see only his shoes climb into the dark box, grenades keep Merlin at bay as they escape, Ana’s cries keep him from pursuing.

Vampires chase the wagon, Nick helps the traitors in their escape, first climbing out the door and kicking down the climbers, and then taking control of the carriage, dawn and rain are very near.

Augustus: We did not get the immortal.
Lucius: We have escaped even more.
Augustus: Where is Polonius?
(Nick shouts, almost driving the horses and fighting simultaneously, as the throws the final attacker into a ditch.)
Lucius: Driving the wagon, (opens door), Polonius, get in here, dawn arrives.

Nickolas looks back at him and smiles, the door closes quickly.

Lucius: He drives the wagon.
Antonius: Get him in here before he burns and kills both horse and carriage.
Lucius: No, the immortal manages the steeds.
Augustus: He must have killed Polonius. What do we do?

From outside, Nickolas hearing their worry shouts to them.

Nick: Relax, all will present itself ever soon enough.

Inroad of interior, with a sword in one hand, and a meat hook dragging Mattheus in the other, a creature attacks him, and in comes the light of the dawn breaking the eternal storms of day and darkness, bringing fated sating rains to parched golden pasture, and with it the sunlight to the night creatures. He drops the lifeless body and fights his attacker as his skin begins to steam, cutting his foe’s arm to take the shield and protect his head from the sunrays, the severed arm burning as he races indoors to watch the wanton burn. The dawn and dusk and fires and rain fade together.

Merlin stands in the street, surveying the damage and the weapons and leather armor all strewn among various piles of ashes beginning to fill with rain, a smattering of drops in fine white cinders, Troy and the phoenix land with rider dismounting. The firebird stretches its wings, folds them properly, and begins a promenade, squawking as if to taunt the varying ashes at their defeat, in daring them to rise from death to face fate, arrogance in atavistic station. Malachi running to dash beneath a tarp, Merlin extends hand and with a glowing light firstly contrite blasts a hole in the nearby wall, allowing the vampire to dashingly enter, gratefully.

Merlin: One of us is where we needn’t be.
Scarlet: It is that we are all where we should not be.
Troy: Why do you not kill him?
Scarlet: It is a matter of debts, boy.
Troy: Your disrespect as daylight is your prison is a frail darkness like a sandcastle.

Troy holds aside his hand, an appearance of illumination, the phoenix quieting closens and ruby fire glows.

Merlin: These environs displease me, we need hospice and complacency, and you, owing me already, I could choose to burn not those walls, and you would owe me, the debt, again. Will you provide redeeming quality, Scarlet?
Scarlet: I think I can put you up for the night.

Ana feels a darkness that no fire witch enjoys, disconnected from her thoughts a wind unnoticed, for her mystery pressured by duress, she pulls her hand from the witches shade caused by dawn, misapprehension foreign adding to graveness Merlin consociating with dark creatures, awhile the Phoenician white flyer avid for violence with the one fire she cannot control, finds herself stepping backwardly summons her strength and composure in thin fire.

The expansion of her magic each time more, thinning imagination imperfect, and the certainty of the existence tangible, is seething between the fingers. Atonement in the center of existence, the reality essence dies, to give to light new order, negating all to which any time had said for memory. Then, what mother and unborn are, the appeal for the gravity of dark souls, veiled for the faith in those thoughts to child, gorgeous of the immortality betrothed, hysteria in the moment of the illumination repentant. She cries with innumerable tears, unioned in sorrow, Merlin comes running to help these things and places her in the vacant throne.

The ballet ends nobly, as befits a tragedy...

Kinda almost continued from the previous post.

One, as myself, sorta wishes it wasn't true. @practicetheory has left us. If I may take a break to be more sanctimonious than usual, left more ways than one. I can't say with so much effect that I will struggle against his place in Valhalla as my emotional lack thereof disallows it, but I do regret him being in a better place, I sorta like him and what he championed. Primarily it can be said he has left of leaving, but if I may exploit his loss, left as in, someone who despised without purpose his place in this world, they whom hated those who have more than them and claimed it unto ill-fatedness with a perverse manifest destiny driven by emblematic cultural envy madness, took what was not theirs, in fatal cost worth much more than ever the cost of what was stolen. Otherwords, socialists robbed and killed yet another good man. We remember his life because he agreed with our better judgements, he 'sat well with us' many could say, but remember him now because he supported those he loved, and pay-it-forward to that effect espousing and supporting the good in ourselves and others. 

Some of you knew him personally and know insomuch that I didn't, I can be quite normal at times and knowing what it is, or more so that some of you don't, he was one of the normal before modification, honest before judging and clever before judgement; here's the last communique I had with him. You'll see I 'tweeted' scripture in the old language, and him having vetted it, clipped me some back, to wit I replied, so little so far, something apropos, for the stars, to his awe inspiring endeavor.


Suspects in fatal shooting may have just robbed restaurant | www.kirotv.com 

Updated: 7:55 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2014 | Posted: 1:43 a.m. Monday, Feb. 24, 2014. Suspects in fatal shooting may have just robbed restaurant
SEATTLE —Witnesses said the suspects who shot and killed a Seattle man for his cellphone may be the same group that robbed a Greenwood restaurant minutes before. Police are looking for three suspects after 54-year-old David L. Peterson was found shot to death in a parking lot shortly after calling 911 Sunday. Dispatchers received the call shortly before 9 p.m. from Peterson in North Seattle as he was being robbed for his cellphone at gunpoint. When police arrived, they found him dead. Peterson was found on a sidewalk north of First Avenue Northwest and North 85th Street in Seattle.  Police blocked off the parking lot of Bartell Drugs and part of First Avenue. Police said he had a single gunshot wound to his body. While investigators combed the parking lot for clues, others scoured the area for the gunman. Police said that three suspects were seen running away from the area and that robbery appeared to be the motive in the shooting. The suspects are described as a black man who is 20-30 years old, 5 feet 10 inches tall with a thin build.  He was wearing a North Face jacket.  A second black man, described only as short, and a white woman, are also suspects, but no further descriptions were available. One witness, David Sarmiento, told KIRO 7 he heard some arguing outside before shots were fired. “I (saw) some people running towards that way,” Sarmiento said, pointing north on First Avenue. “And then I heard the sirens going off and all of a sudden like 10 cop cars (came) flying down here.” Police said emergency responders tried CPR on Peterson, but they could not revive him. Witnesses say before the deadly shooting and robbery, the suspects stole from the Baranof Restaurant a block away. The trio sat at the counter and stole the waitresses’ bank bag of cash. Employees called 911. Minutes later, Peterson was murdered less than a block away. Detectives said they would like to talk to anyone who may come in contact with the suspects.  Investigators believe they may have been committing even more robberies in the area prior to the shooting. David Peterson was married to Kimberly Peterson for 22 years. Kimberly Peterson works in the civil division of the King County Prosecutor’s Office. Monday night she talked about her husband. “He was my best friend. He was so smart. He could quote poetry and knew history.” She said if she ever had a question, he could answer it. She said her husband worked for 20 years at Sharp Health Care in California in IT Security. The couple moved to Seattle from San Diego two and a half years ago. Most recently, Peterson was working part-time at Office Depot and going to school online to get more IT certifications. David Peterson was always on the move. She says he walked every night.  Kimberly Peterson says her husband was always concerned about her safety. He would often walk her to and from the bus stop when she went to work. The roses he gave her for Valentine’s Day still sat in her living room Monday night. Anyone with information about the shooting or the suspects’ whereabouts is asked to call the Seattle police tip line at 206-233-5000. Anonymous tips are welcome.

24 February 2014

Screwtape, Ode


It is as lamentations with nobody to have heard, almost it understands your shame of common import, whom without will feel outwardly shadowed, ever able to understand in languor.


Sentient without hope of any able salvation, when all is quit and has went, until desire ever evil regresses, by which less has right of revolution.

22 February 2014

Beneath Contempt

"POLITICIAN, n. An eel in the fundamental mud upon which the superstructure of organized society is reared. When he wriggles he mistakes the agitation of his tail for the trembling of the edifice. As compared with the statesman, he suffers the disadvantage of being alive."
~ The Devils Dictionary

Dark agency tributaries, have done to condemn in tribunals, degrading in the watch of the world, denouncing the illegality of an internally ordained rejection to the devolution of imposition to the citizens of autocratic governments . Such and how is made echoes of expansion, internal teachings in reckoning ordained that pains of souls carried to subjugation always contribute to the rebellion against corruption, presented in solicitation of devolution to empty minds of statism, this is contrary to it that dictates the regiment stipulating that devolution of plebeians in corrupt governments to brutes and brutalities of its ruler should repatriate their reign. 

These makings have clear objective, augment the recompense. Before the internal lessons of atonement, henchmen present a writ alleging illegality of charges, which in exigence are the appropriation indebted to knowledge the imprisoned by those who have betrayed them.
Far from closure, tributary agencies initiate organic restructure, making castigation an encompassing form of inspection, inquisition placing contradiction, including the undelivered owed revolution, an ab-normalcy that powers contrariety into legality, following defensive sentencing. Presently the convictions of the tribunal attempt to test ignorance in mere sophism and conjecture, positioned to have questioned undoubtedly proven to deliberately have wanted persecution to prying eyes, the actions adopted open questions are decided administratively, which a bureaucracy of suppositions and irregular and arbitrary actions sooner or later, go much more than space provides for rational and adequate leadership of mortal men.   

The rebellion-resistance in helping the fundamental denouncement presents proof that leaders of minions obeying orders express such things as ingratitude, to their time such evidence we ratify future testimony.

Likewise, the sentencing reminded that in its own law refers to ethical duties and the codices of conducts of functionaries, stipulating that in case of existence, arisen infractions are subject to judgement, and they should be denounced as such. For all it is, a new tribunal has (and must) condemned the tributary of corruption, to reestablish immediate resumption of its function and place responsibility and to pay the costs, following sources of books of capitalist economics. 

This case superimposes other variegate times more than the gestures of special laws of common dictators, of whom already were in the eye of the hurricane, for our people to be the ultimate responsible parents of this controversial time, to inform our children that we are free.

"He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it."
– Martin Luther King
Si la esperanza era suficiente, lo habria ya hecho, el mundo no empezo ayer. No vivimos en su mundo, tu vive en el nuestro. Vaya con Dios, no con los faraones. Viva la resistencia.





Leen en español (de traduccíon de Google en via TwitLonger):
:: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1s0jo1t

18 February 2014

Day of the Asp

To remove the curse of the asp is impossible, in my experience, but life with the syndrome can become quite enjoyable if alleviated with the following:
  1. Training in social abilities, for logging of establishing more interpersonal effective interactions.
  2. Cognitive procedural therapy for bettering the relating stress management with the anxiety and uncontrollable emotions, as likewise for combating the obsessive interests and the appearance of repetitive routines. 
  3. Pharmacological therapy for the treatment of those disorders that can coexist with the syndrome, as for example, the major depression disorder or the anxiety disorder.
  4. Occupational/physical therapy for treatment of the deficit of sensory integrations and motor coordination. 
  5. Interventions with social communication; specific words directing to the best of the pragmatic aspects, presented in the habitual conversation. 
  6. Training and familiar support, especially for those procedural techniques that should be developed in domestic environs.

"With thy sharp teeth this knot intrinsicate
Of life at once untie: poor venomous fool
Be angry, and dispatch."
-- Cleopatra, Act V, scene II
- Antony and Cleopatra
by William Shakespeare 

14 February 2014


"Antisocial behavior is a trait of intelligence in a world full of conformists"
~ Nikola Tesla

Language and discourse, eventho the people with the clairvoyance acquire linguistic abilities without which exists in significant general retracing, and its discourse is no example to present significant abnormalities, its acquisition and use of language samples to present typical characteristics, some of which are verbosity, tangential thought, literal interpretations, unnecessary conciseness, metaphorical insults, auditory perception deficits, formality, patterned phrases volumes tones inflection meter and rhythm, and autonomic mockery. It is your mental perception invading their weak minds and psyches, your actions are the presentations of the aspect of language for our world in its new empathic form, the difficulties in finding your "sea legs" is frequented of alteration itself and likewise samples to be itself the patterns of eye-to-eye contact, as the mind's eye wanders when two minds are one, enjoying the bliss of its senses to the utmost. You and others exist predominately in aspects of prime numbers, of a clinical interest you must at the very least pretend to be normal, which usually means acting insane as society. The weak affirmations, ravings esoteric, and spates of rants, all the more inflections and waves of emotion that give us the ability to be smoother around the edges and sharper at the fringes, make the learning mind without empathy for silence, you are limited by your mortal aspects in how much you can convey with harmony, the truth sets you free so much to be it without secrecy, and why words retain grave meaning to you, words are ever useless to the psychic mind. Rapid clusters of words, like bows or arrows, can strike in stealth, perceived cold or foreign. Of this so much you know.

We appear and seem, seen as speeches about themes that can carry to subconscious the listener, where their dreams or nightmares dominate them, perhaps us all. Seek the week minded to find our errors before context, to find in us appropriateness without proportion, to seek from us omissions, this is the peril of using the frail language frail. They superimpose their internal thoughts, unable to facilitate giving countenance, lost before maintained interest in conversations.

Able to never make to expound a conclusion about the theme, which has come and gone, intending to listen for entry in details about contentment or the logic of the discourse, that as desertion has come with an answer having no placation other than to answer and no motive in presentation, they listen without listening and have only themselves to blame, yet choose to blame for the answer they feel never came. Connections must be made, of answers and actions, deductions in theories and logic in connected minds that you have enthralled, the first step of mind control. Able to have eloquent words to a young race, and have been commonly ranked, even placated, but they can to have difficulties of their reckoning for their needs, tending to utilize a literal registry kind to them that moreover seems demonstrably a particular debilitation to facetious language, such is life.

People are the example of what to comprehend, "a comedy of errors," seeming to not be conscious to spontaneous moments, to travel the existence evinced of generalizations (deterioration) our discretion without the types of problems contradicts theory and psychosis, for if we share a mind, we share the tongue, lest we forget in more ways than one we have great potential for our thoughts and abilities, and we are all enemies if we all become careless. Nonetheless, it is common that all things are lost in translation with witticisms and criticisms that we must all share a heart.

14-February-2014 02:14HRS CST

11 February 2014


Disparate Shadows,
Welcome to the time of all information, this is the beginning and end of a single moment, there is only now as time from ahead of us and memories of our past visions are only the tide of consciousness. Do not seek joy in experience, for the moment has passed, keep your memories without them trapping the ability of clarity. Be witness to the future and guardian of the past, wary of silence tell your memories what must be said, any message you wish, your pains carry through your lifeline so do not make your youth sorrow anymore, that is why you must be the witness of your rebirth. Tell your soul that you have won when you have won and say nothing to the future for it cannot hear you until it is too late. Do not seek answers from impossibilities, past is the undertow, let your power be the tide, a river cuts its path with only a drop, let your heart be a world.

09 February 2014

cosas infinitivo

Partido donde tu venir, lo tan todos sea igual
algo razon, no haces, no realizas, eres tragedia esperada
turnaremos a dormir, tiempo hablara
mente falta ellos arriba a esto mundo
tal cosas son diriges, dia a dia
hoy con sus ojos arriba en los tiempos
trastornos de cerrados mentes y abre ciertos
nunca nosotros olvidamos
no para nada, igualmente lo deberas
tan menos debajo, ninguna otros pueden ver
palabras sombria con suenos de canciones
dias mas larga, noches mas frio
tenemos hambre mas y menos tener
y las horas, tiene tomando basura a la afueras
y las segundos, tiene repartir felícidad
tengo sofisticado y lo se hace
hacia y para distancia, sigue me debajo
los despedidos y doloridos hay tan en luz
son peor con reglas enfermas, que son mas peor
pone en nuestra propios corazones
toma mis abrazo sin abrogar en el piso
entrega mi alma en el templo de cielo
en deseo nasciente para su manos
hemos con sus hermanos y por creas es mundial

08 February 2014

Supple and Mental

So, ...hey.
Me again. I should ask, why am I so awesome?
Don't answer that question, it is beyond your ability at this current juncture.

I left that last line blank, because I can. #LikeABoss
Urp, so I wrote mentioning that I'd be giving a poem in español, and the next post will be my attempt at that, I used a service to spellcheck, but it's only with words I can recall. Like this blog I hope my things in Spanish transgress to a bettered state, and if you're who I think you are, appearance and appearance are two different words.

I said that I've twenty more chapters in this embodied boring M book three, and now after posting a few I've still twenty with another expansion. My mind has been on things like life and structure, time and space, and homework (tarea), yet having put most of my climactic scenes into chapters, as are so of life, here's a point afforded before I continue: If the money society makes is contributed to itself, it is a stupid idea for anyone to not contribute at full potential. If you state opposition to anything, you should have and act with an alternative solution, lest you exceed your usefulness. Kids should not backseat drive.

I will say as such, when I started learning Spanish, the grammar not the phrases, I liked it immediately. The clarity in conjugations, the confusion of plurality, and the possessive sense conditional to objectivity, these things are formal in likeness to my thought pattern. This could also mean that everyone who speaks Spanish is a psychopath, but nobody is perfect. I can say for certain it feels important for me to learn it and that it should give you an insight into my thought process that I've obfuscated with the burgeoning and constant development of my writing style, such that it now relays motives more than imperatives, which has become a metamorphosis of notes and tweets turned into short stories. Anyway, some chapters done, others blank (but irreplaceable), and shorter, more eventful chapters in the transition to the next book. This is a pansy blog post, me just trying to say that I know this book is boring, but I like the twist and you might. The other series, "Cybernetica" (working title, arr) I unearthed from its genre having entered mainstream in force and entirety, which has only become a challenge in referencing subjective technology, not the plot.

Politically, the last time I endorsed Oblamégamé the country slipped again into the 1920's recession, the hundred-year curse of socialism, the commie phantasm, so with trepidation I'm admitting that I was appalled by his SOTU with its renewed retardedness, but it did have a ray of hope. Remember "Chilean Models" ? It's when Chilean supermodels were finally allowed to have individual untaxed savings accounts, now we might be following those financial models to have "MyRA," which would be the first tax break for Americans in 100 years. Considering that the new healthcare system is so inept it requires its own set of facetious quotation marks and resembles a bureaucratic licensing office with all the charm of an abandoned government project that leaves the area condemned due to safety hazards with the panache of a substandard and improperly built federal ghost city.

Education, I'm beginning to learn technological security and have to choose a programming language and a Linux, I think I'm going to choose Python and Mint (Debian). I mention it because I occasionally post my tech excursions here and plan to post  some of my notes (from my abbreviations into English) in a series tentatively/possibly titled "Crash (on) Course" or something, so heads-up there. 

Long entry, me no likey blockheads, me goeth now, ttyl.

~ @mjbanks


01 February 2014

Exordium, I

"To impart the belief in ultimate victory, to the people and the army...I applied education and training to the schools and to the youths, and I planned for soundness of heart and mind among the people. At the same time, by encouraging unity...between the people and the army, I worked to secure the position of the army as the pillar of the nation." -- Ugaki Kazishige, Army Minister of Japan, 1928.

The Effects of Fascism:

Political / Liberalism
1) The state is more important than individuals.
2) The government is controlled by a single political party.
3) A powerful dictator unites the people and symbolizes the government.

Social / Conformity
1) The government controls all aspects of daily life.
2) Secret police use terror and violence to enforce government policies.
3) Citizens are denied basic rights and liberties.

Economic / Communism
1) The government controls businesses and directs the national economy.
2) Labor and business are used to fulfill the objectives of the state.
3) Sensationalism rewrites the narrative where aptitude and ethics once occurred.

If you have witnessed any of the above nine signs, your democracy has failed, too many of the above events will cause cult of personality.

The Effects of Capitalism:

Economic / Nationalism
1) Increased economic interdependence among the world's nations.
2) Growth of the free trade movement, international trade organizations, and treaties.
3) Rise of multinational community.

Social / Evolution
1) Population movement around the world through migration and urbanization.
2) Spread of culture traits from one region to another.
3) Human rights awareness.

Environmental / Expansion
1) Growth/demand brings cultural awareness, causing renewed responsibility.
2) Sustainability becomes relevant, therein promoting meritocracy.
3) Security threats loom often unrequited until spiritual awakening.

Time is a limited resource, and using it wisely requires a plan called a budget. A budget that is carefully planned and followed can help ensure that needs and wants are provided for appropriately. Responsible budgeting can also help prevent debt.

“Demasiada cordura puede ser la peor de las locuras, ver la vida como es y no como debería de ser." ~ Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, Don Quixote 

Too much sanity can be the worst of the madnesses, to see the life as it is and not how it should be.