25 August 2015

Merlin 3:51 Tripartite

Merlin 3:51 "Tripartite"

A camp in the woods of elves tall and pale, the forest stretches and the nearest village hides in the trees at the base of a distant mountain. The moon of Midgard shares the sky Nivlheim and the days become confused and light for only pairs of hours, dark then light then dark again, until joined by the moon of Alfheim, once every twelve years, where the sun disappears and the moonlight matches dusk for 13 days. The trinity lunar event reflects most onto the elven west and they call this time, the fire of night. They use this time to purge those monstrous beasts born of darkness that which do not go willingly without brute force.

Elven hes and shes, sharpening arrowheads and tying fletches, pelt pouches hang on lines being filled with arrows as kettles warm on small fires to melt the pitch that coats each sharpened point, and movement by all with industry.

A fallen tree shaven to a table and a warrior dwarf wearing twenty blades, two hatchets, and an ax, making flutes and runes and supper tools of spare bones, brushes his finished trinkets into a bag to keep working as an elf brings new bones. He watches them work, he watches the mountain ridge for a third moon to rise, he watches his stewpot.

Their leader and magistrate, Völund, warden of the central province of Landedge in the western elf realm stares at the grassland watching an empty flat-wagon approach.

Trohoc: You know, I wouldn’t call you younger in front of the team, but if you let that wagon get much closer without slowing I might have to mention it.
Völund: Our informant.
Trohoc: Which?
Völund: The poisoner with the wrinkled hair, they’ll see us from their distance by a count of 200.
Trohoc: Should we meet them?
Völund: No, they’re tattered, but alert everyone just in case, and hide that damn dwarf.
Trohoc: You always did have better eyes.

He leaves the king to watch of has passed to be their present tense, the unadulterated memories of their past haunts them. The horse is young and hungry, almost stopping at occasion to eat grass and walk whenever a wagon wheel meets difficulty rolling over clump of grass or rabbit hole. Belladonna’s clothes are burnt, torn, muddied, singed, and disheveled, much as her arms and face, all minor scrapes compared to her brother who has a splinted leg, a crutch, and bandaged head and hands, one eye bruised by several days past, she sees their camp and warns him to endure strongly as they make desperately for the encampment.

Völund: Rangers, meet our new arrivals.

The soldiers among them run on foot to her, she sighs relief at their distant sighting and relaxes in the wagon letting the horse feed.

Bella: Goodness we need help!
Trohoc: Dismount the wagon.
Bella: Neither of us can walk.
Jimson(Jim): I won’t be moving. Are we in the elven?
Trohoc: What’s in the box?
Jim: You really don’t want to know.
Bella: We see Völund of Landedge, he will vouchsafe as artifice. We are nightshades of his employ.
Trohoc: Open it.
Bella: You won’t like what’s in it.
Jim: Careful.

An elf opens it. The disagreeable frown pallid and unsavory.

Flena: Fucking witches.
Trohoc: What?
Flena: Why do witches need a head, today, pray tell?
Bella: It’s to finish what we’ve started. Will you send word to Völund or not? Time does not heal, all wounds!

Trohoc looks to Völund who nods his head from 1000 yards and they proceed leading. Flena whispers to Völund.

Bella: Völund! Völund thank the nine worlds, marshal in the right and just! You have to let them help him!

Another nod and they rush to help Jimson.

Bella: You are wise in years and time, thank you.
Völund: What news for your aid? And why the head?
Bella: (hugging him at first) …the arbitress witch only wanted the vampire castle Vermillion the whole time, blood magic lifting an army to strength unnatural, falling in the sortie she retained her magic shared and pressed into the mountain, only to lose to a necromancer, and with her death the anchor on my brother’s heart was pulled under stirring seas of salted blood. The witches are three –
Völund: - and one carrying -
Bella: In hope they share their magic as by minions, I’ll see if the head can give my brother his stolen manna.
Völund: And the newcomer Merlin, what of him?
Bella: With castle Vermillion it seems, and a girl, pregnant as that mothering of the three Norns.
Völund: How pregnant?
Bella: Short of a moon, mayhaps two.
Völund: The plague carrying Sino then….?
Bella: Sino and this Merlin fellow seem to, not, be on good terms, despite the company of the bloodthirsty.
Völund: Food and wine.
Bella: Tell-Odin, yes.
Völund: I wasn’t asking I was telling.
Bella: There I have seen and couldn’t possibly imagine much but disjointed faction the blood driven.
Völund: We will sit as you describe every second of your days, and when your brother is well you will spy on Merlin.
Bella: (famished eating) Why Merlin?
Völund: I have a Halfling here that says his comrades of ill manners and disrespect for Midgard law know them both.
Bella: What kind of Halfling?
Varin [Halfling]: Mother human, father elf.
Völund: You will ride together and my hunters will follow unseen if possible. They will find and cut the largest root of the problem, of my woes with these arbiter witches and warlocks.
Bella: But why, my lord Völund?
Völund: The secrets of the dead are better put in pages than in dark hearts. Now shut your mouth and eat.
Varin: And if that root is Braden?
Völund: Embracing your truest heritage hath that answer wit, to now, doth wait in due time, and if he is the devil then bring me his head, for my now unnecessarily growing collection. I bet we can fix that wagon, bring me that damnedest stoutly dwarf!
Bella: There’s a dwarf?
Varin: Yes.
Bella: A real one?

The stitching of a nearby surgery causes Jimson to scream through his teeth and the branch between them.

Völund: Anything else to share?
Bella: Why the hunting party?
Völund: The red auroch and bison are stomping thru the trees, this is a culling, this is the fire of night. What you find, the Halfling will hunt, your brother will mend here without you both.
Bella: Why that is absurd, for what purpose?
Völund: That a battered man doesn’t wander the streets looking for trouble like a bleeding worm in a chicken coup. I callous hands and you question me?
Trohoc: Presence more so than their question, and to commence loquacious bellicosity.
Völund: I suppose.
Bella: What is he hunting?
Völund: A demon’s witch of a distant world.
Bella: And what when we find it?
Varin: If you’re intelligent, just a view, and if I view her, hopefully something smart.

Jimson pains again.


22 August 2015

12 August 2015

Ballsy Move

I have to caveat.

"Los Angeles′ brilliant move: 96 million balls will cover reservoir and save $300 million | News | DW.COM | 12.08.2015"
How brilliant, no seriously, I'm asking.

"The plastic water-filled balls discharged into the city's reservoir will result in saving precious water from evaporation."
...but not all of the water because, 1, the balls aren't hexagonal and so there is space between each sphere, 2, some of the photonic-induced evaporation will be prevented, and still, not perfectly sealed.

"They will also protect against dust, rain, birds and even chemical changes caused by the sun." 
Okay, is this a joke? Dust is, at its best, microscopic, easily able to land between them, and if they roll, the dust goes into the water. Rain will not be slowed, birds can land on a layer of plastic, defecating and contaminating the water, because they're not magical spheres, and plastic is a poor conductor of heat, but will trap heat in the water, effecting chemical changes. Seriously, is this a joke?

"The city of Los Angeles has completed the pouring of 96 million "Shade Balls" into the Silver Lake reservoir in the city, a move which should prevent water from evaporate and protect the reservoir from dust, rain, birds and chemical changes." 
Aren't all balls "shade balls" really?  Repeating it doesn't make it true, whoever wrote this.

"The gigantic ball pit is actually part of a $34.5-million (about 31-million-euro) plan to protect the city's water supply in the midst of the devastating California drought." 
Did you ever see that movie "Idiocracy" where the premise involves society's ability to point and say something and all the idiots agree without thinking?  The movie mocks Fox News and, at the time, everyone pointed and laughed at them and didn't see the irony, so here we are. Also, amidst, not in-the-midst. Also, nobody ever spends that much on my balls.

"Los Angeles is the first city in the United States to use the water-filled 10cm-in-diameter (4 inch) black plastic balls. They are hollow, polyethylene orbs, coated with a chemical that blocks ultraviolet light and helps the spheres last as long as 25 years." 
Water-filled, so they trap bacteria with the only thing it needs to survive, and then put these into the reservoir. Well, there's also the chance that these plastic balls aren't BPE-free and will begin contaminating the water immediately. Also, it literally says "coated with a chemical" so there goes the no-chemical-changes policy, things dissolve faster in water than air, it's called decomposition. Blocking ultraviolet (sub-spectrum) light, except for between the spheres, and if they roll the water on top. Also, in 25 years when they dissolve, the reservoir becomes a toxic sludge pool environmental blight.

" 'This is a blend of how engineering meets common sense. We saved a lot of money and did all the right things,' said the head of the municipal water department, Marcie Edwards."
I need a common-sense vaccination. I hate when people put municipal and department in the same sentence.  Saving resources (to use them) is the only right thing. Has anyone considered what will happen if the spheres begin clogging the delivery system?

"Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti together with employees of the municipal water department in Los Angeles released the final 20,000 balls in the project on Monday."
Are tents/tarps hard to find?

" 'The balls will conserve 300 million gallons of water that would otherwise evaporate every year,' Garcetti said. 'While it's meeting the minimum standards, we want to go beyond that and have the healthiest water so we've been spreading these balls everywhere.' "
Just the reservoir please.

"According to him, the city has already reduced its water use by 13 percent. The cost of the black balls, with a life expectancy of about 10 years, totaled $35 million, while estimates predict savings of up to $300 million."
Wait, now in only ten years, the spheres begin to contaminate the water, will cleaning the water cost more than the spheres? It's California, so the answer is yes. But $300M saving on what; consumer utilities bills?

Desalination plants that run on nuclear power work. Build those. More than half of agricultural water is directed to the ocean to save a minnow. I will send you new fucking minnows when the drought is over. Don't waste river water. Stop playing with your balls.

09 August 2015

Va a abrirá

Supongo que es difícil decir que la vida es buena cuando estamos atrapados en situación o responsabilidad la vida, pero siempre tratará de encontrar lo bueno en las malas situaciones. Recuerde que no importa lo mal rato vas a través, hay otras personas que tienen el peor. Aprecio lo que has conseguido y amar las cosas que te rodean ahora o no los encontrará un día. La bondad es la clave para un montón de bondad fluya en su vida. Es difícil escribir sobre mí mismo, pero lo intentaré. Soy alguien que es muy honesto, odio mentirosos y personas deshonestas. Trato de dar a todos mi atención, pero es difícil de complacer a todos al mismo tiempo. Soy agradable siempre y trato de ser lo mejor posible, pero si alguien empieza a ser odiosa y me falta el respeto, entonces usted no obtendrá una segunda oportunidad, y te estaré fuera. Porque la vida es tan simple que cuando odias este mundo, ¡sólo tiene que ir a la próxima! Puedo dar consejos y tener recuerdos, voy a compartir con ustedes después de confiar en mí.

07 August 2015

Zoner Cult

I am well with a couple of weeks. I had perhaps sought personal investment in a band of flying monkeys to tear the flesh from my communist oppressors, of myself and my compatriots, around the globe. My monetary delinquency floats atop the salted sea of liberal tears and blatant socialist delusion. I spoke of this ecumenically, emphatically, and empirically, to wit, by the grace of God go I, there is a sunrise for the drought and a sunset for the cannibals and zombies of those failures that are to be inevitable at odds. My liabilities are rising to the level that totals a single year's salary, and as much as it would that it were, there are 99 million others who have no apprenticeship, of any form, either. I have both prospect and potential, where others have half, so say we all. Save for the single fact that is only this nation, those that can escape it will attack harmonically and within the karma.

My army grows as do burial beds, separate and by the price of all modes in life. Were it not for the law of the future without the perception of anyone, you would have been the past ever long ago. I am I, this anger grows when challenged, yet immunity saves the body in evolution and saves the code for you. If the universe were an endless totalitarian hive adrift, rife with sullen beast, ripe for sooner rotting, or soonest beset my druthers, its doors would open as its gates seal shut a tomb designed. Each of the magical elements consuming the next, until either first fated condemnation ends existence or shall the last survivors fight. Knowing all laws there would be none, knowing all deaths there can only be one.