27 July 2014

Threnody on the Rise

I had spoken with a person this morn on the internetwork, which should never be done because conversations in that place are likely not to be with functional people, but a lesser version of themselves clinging to subjugation in delusional grandeur, we can blame this on their overlords imprinting the fascist cote, but this in turn requires them to be people insomuch our bystanding. Case in point. It had seemed her goal of our parley was an opposition to military realized only by her plan to release militants. Her idea of libertarianism was to release the demons, so I will call her Jezebel, as the demon of the same motive, until another claims the title, which may actually have been her, nonetheless.

I haven't eaten since the talk due to a hollowness, if you can imagine losing sight of darkness as the sunlight falls, then you can imagine me losing just a little more of my faith in humanity by her disturbing footing. Some discursive wretch with an idea of liberty being a freedom from necessities, from duty or responsibility, by sacrificing desire at the alter of ignorance. Needless to mention as is my favored tradition, I may abstain from that forum for a year, to see the way it bids me welcome to people with more of a mind. I do love a fight, perhaps hell on earth, as much as the next man, perhaps child in this world of monsters, but I do not seek to destroy someone something I have never fathomed. That is called hunting, the bloodlust, something that if never controlled is the habit of dementia, destruction in the form of growth, or perhaps the opposite phrasing, as any naive politician would have the world become.

What piqued my interest was the many reverses of reality, as if I was arguing with myself, so capable of such am I, on withered tether have I planted prisons of dreams and soldiers of grief in my psyche, lacking intrigue for such common pettiness. Beg your eyes that this, is no boundary of sundry failings, that truly borders are for the fiefdom the wolves and sheep have come to knowingly adore, farming people as animals stirs insatiable hungers unstoppable by element or risen storm, to keep walls with lies and promise skies infinite to any new arrival in the despotism and shellacked sincerity of inbred politicians, at the cost of any loss on the shoulders of the unborn, may that be the line you wish dissolved, for the hungered do not always feed upon choice sustenance.

It had harmed me utmost from an aversion to conflict that the liberal speaker, she, had not an instance singly of responsibility, but that at hearing my beloved cousins were defending themselves simply agonized her protestant ear. I think so many, hear a hate and it breeds in them, confined by closed eyes and unmetabolized by cold hearts of stagnant perpetual observation, and slowly simmers their sins, almost for sale to the demons themselves, by their burning tortured souls, an endless hierarchy of useless hegemony and politics, as if my metaphor must be in emphasis of insectal tics feeding on the carapaces of obedient statue pawns. I hope you are strangled by a statue then dragged to the river that flows to hell there sorted by countless slaves of communism's habitation, taken to your reserved allocation for endless demise.