02 February 2016

ews, raithlocke

the road that walks asleep, many of these, the story uses me, which that but of some sve alas the time unkempt and love redemption, those skyward souls and the blinding light, it resigns, that that, it is sceduled the ominous rex that ostensible match that cuts like a river on the ground running past a knife, red river deliver a sliver of time, that if i turn into a sleepr that the words will be replete or under another page, the blind risk at the troubles of the cold, there are never the lights floating in strange places the way taht paintings give faces in these dark rooms, the adultress rooms are connected for passengers to knock of course to service behind any of the banister aisle, the matresses decayed the dust lays abound, the sound of creeaking floroboards and the pusing nails square where deep sways were and are and sorto of n been, i am a leaf from a tree that falls in spring, the walls made of oak the moonlight filters into the summit storey, tribulations i hold the blood in my hand and bleeing out, i try too hard to tell to remember and bleak to dismember every thought, every call, supplanting the colors for the revengeance in the sunrise of valor, disvalourous wretch to paid in letcherous stretch of nestless kindling for trap and disaster break sthe master of dirges rage for the purges this latter home, i fill my eyes with the fading light, as the darkness takes my vision i give the night behind my eyes to the gods and the blood in my hand to the powerfull manna, the headboards are worn but smooth, the doors are carved and scratched and stained with faded dark reds and of cooler head the water from the river sends my faith to deliver crisp and mountain air with the scent of the breeze and flowers of mercy, a name like any other, it is given and taken like shadows and hearts, as from the ends and starts, yes, another memory of a haunting shadw and startles me, a scribbledfrenzy letters sporadically  mangled as they are tangled sticks among the mix of books agaisnt the bricks and strangled tapestries, i peak to see the strident masteries and as oft a new disasterpiece, the bloodful hand despite my wounds is not my blood, to heal my blood cells from the warlock by clearly shows and tells I am healing him, an instinct to protect my wounds i take back my spirit from the grist but the darkness in the mist belongs to my foe, the blood magicnow bonds me and by pennance this deathabsconds me all that my will power ceasesis now in another's control, by the ocean, where the ground is soft underfootfour or fice paces from me grasping the air, my desire torn from me likethis story disconnected and heroinne, and i beg for mercy, the bricks and mortarsare with dust, the doors fall from hinges as to hinges from swinging doors, this old and physical realm, i have no pacience for the lower levelsand to strongly fearof lowly devils and tothe top floor i will walk to that the moonlight thru the rafters and the drafts will i talk, there is more of me for the taking andthe forsaking in the dimness likethe slimness of the dust layer abound, around, a sound, the creak in the floor the stare at the door, a witch in the wardrobe that came with the home when both were living, it is my darkness i would be giving, shehad not been living nor had been seeing for some time, and i thought the decay would make the house fall and assumed that the dessication would make the wench stall, but leapt from the wall and I am bitten, she is young from each as I die by the drop and I am smitten, i am asked why to be in the diamond house and i have not written the awe and anxiety of inpropriety asa demoness vexesme, and without so much as that she also hexes me and drags me thru the halls, i do not see the palls of moonlit clouds thru the holes in the ceiling nor for dealing as dragged down stairs backwards do i see the walls and am now to be surely bleeding, she walks thru glass to feet of bleeding and my corpse she's surely leading and thus leaving by a stone, so she leaves me in mud and I the dud as she drinks from my wrist on the stone, waiting and watching and supplicating, ebbing and flowing and nauseating, my magic the creature i tear out her throat, the wound doesn't kill but the skill of madness for a demoness to laugh with no voice gives me the chills of a manifest line from me to the devil or his emmisary, and my life is commisary comierate and now come to the warlock before me, a knife lands in my heart, the blood flows from the wounda terrible sight the pulmonary font of the redness delight to the vampiress, she takes her throat from my hand and douses it in my blood before replacing it and healing before my fading eyes, she reminds that she warned me i would not win, i remind them that i would crawl from the grave to a song of sin, my blood parts around the blade, my magic bound by curse that the wampire demon witch daimond protecting ghsot isbound to the warlock and now I am too his host, i rise from the light of the heraldry, i pray to the memories of training and explanations, i use the blood magic that wasalways forbidden in that be unwritten, i am born in darkness of death, i have four eyes, the mistress of the warlock now my demon apprentice and extended vision, the warlock feels my power and unable to cower begins to bend against my very will, his mind focuses and he tearts the leather cord and the diamond blue from his kneck, he is free to attack me and the witch enslaved in depth, she ask me to condemnb him and I accetp, as she is talons on his standing i am daggerto his defense for the rest saved for the wicked i demand my ra trail by death, fire by my powres burns dark and black, the warlock now burns blue and his eyes almost human, she seems hating and replicating the hunger of the newley risen dead and I move to break his kneck and tear from him his head, i cannot stretch fast as if he was born of war and stab his kneck that the skin is tore, he takes the dagger and faster stabs the ghost priestess in the heart so i choke him with hands of fire until i am scorching scorn and marking mark and when she rises again to her feet she hands me the blade and I carve out the warlocks heart,