07 March 2015

Wisdom Mend

Wisdom Mend

“Hell, there are no rules here - we're trying to accomplish something.”
Thomas A. Edison

Majorly a situation refers to all that is made thereof now goes to a level of new technology, computational logic allowing creation of advanced forms of social communication, fantasies of the imagination that make the successor seem to let nothing live. Afterwhich the culture of society is capable to arrange stop to us. Our existence, being enslaved in the service of posers, content to take the dress look and the issue of the mind, ignore the measures that actively keep control. A pairing in the mind of our mission to be corresponds to something distinct, what we should think that we are in this world. Individuality immerses us in this world from the projection of our narcissistic saturated genetic existence.

Even tho we do not make all things, nonetheless, this exemplifies the scribe of knowing more, our instinct appears to simulate innocence, undefiled and standing, a source of spirituality. Despite it being in our nature, this tries to reunite protection and our impulses to animate should we protect the nature of malevolence and that despised politicians can naturally exist without ever living.

The feelings that conclude by design of nature and make not truth signify poison and the experience of artful fiction. Wild and absurd imagination, should not surprise, avoiding complexity, rife with contradictions in statement, issues at large, a game of chance that exercises powers, of and for our own complex mission, success and love is revealed. Free will our good works, without prejudice of a natural heroic integrity in the instinct of evil ones, despite the good.

Notice the publicity falsified, the letter of the rhetoric, and similar things have vanished, each to their own. Including a well-known lie, the visions or the events take many forms, so to always provide a nos vemos protocol, to falsify the world. As I say, respectfully, there has been a game created to play in the ethical election to affect offerings to the vision of nature, and in society possibly be something better. A new time, stories of the kindly society in sight of our pursuit, is a better recreation instead of a better creation. A lie is spoken, cultural creatures view the false is going to dissolve, but treachery can will truth because it is sensational. If we want to know we must change the affected time.