24 January 2015


The balance deficiency of liquidity within society, a part important to study, to include change of free trade that the balance of payments have established naturally entasked, as power was sought in bartering, so is it sought by neophytes and populists.

With the end of the calculated statistics and appropriate campaigns, it is necessary to determine cost by arbitrary means in an arena, importantly essential and utmost freely open, or that line of decency becomes an invisible AND malicious hindrance. Following the obstetric values, regarding our shining interests, empires of state made from imposition of a collective of countries saw the value of the almost art of capitalism, but still thought the concept of balance and liquidity should be kept confined with the illusion of freedom. A free market in a space as such reduced by borders and boundaries helping those who prefer the cage to sleep, some creatures more dangerous in captivity than ever reaching for the heavens.

As those imperial borders, imposing at a constant, drinking and reading, but each time buying from the city, incriminating itself by the crimes it accuses others unto the arbitrary space. Each time that anyone is you, sold to those inhabitants of the bureaucratic status.

Despite the obvious titles, telling the miracle of times altered by balancing liquidity, but by creating a flood. It is not the change that can be seen, but the inconsiderate usefulness of statistics by bureaucrats to recover them from disproof.

Consequential, to long without difference, to all the same allies, unable to be in the balance of the sea, but a commodity without much of any important commodities or rationale among neighbors, as they sink outside the island of dictatorship. Many deliver empty boxes to be distant from the tyrants.

This correct reason for the force and source balance of currency, to some unique existence of a free world, the monarchs balance a nation according to our form of thought.

What we buy and sell is a necessary consequence of a balancing currency redundantly superfluous, our words give color to our economy and dictatorship paints us all as slaves. There are some things succeeding in the reign of the neophytes, normality that is known by other manner, the quota of privacy and judgement, the study of ideas of liberty, a natural result of imperialism maintaining dominion over ourselves.

Y buen lo libramiento. #Vzla

"Truth is the most valuable thing we have. Let us economize it." ~ Mark Twain