30 October 2014

Devil's Night with Vermeer's Ghost

There are a few government elections arising, and there are still those voting for the idiots. Let us put some facts on you as you all round this next year with your heads up your asses. If you're a politician who is reading this after the election looking for answers, try starting a new hobby, like thinking or patriotism.

The left is a political group that demanded the wealthy pay for all healthcare, then proceeded to make anyone but them pay for it. So long as the career politicians keep speaking they keep saying nothing, and the people vote as they're told when the politicians bathe themselves in lies and let the public wallow in filth and grunt for their next meals, not-so-subtly pigs of slaughter. The true measure of a fool is not (in regards to) hate, but the possession of hate for rumor. A jury of our peers having become a judgement of foul wolves, but with worse grammar. It could be spite for great leaders, or it could be spite for stirring rumor, as sheep hate howling wolves as much as winds. It amazes me, knowing now, my deep opinions and shallow perspective, what has been of our supposed leaders, the world thru-out, how dark the interiors of the wicked silent entomb despite any palls cast. The saying was "give me liberty, or give me death," so many years ago, which has become 'give me death, or give me your death'

Remember, these are the same people who called it cheaper - and yes, there are those that need it - and regardless of who utilizes it, made sure more people do without making it cheaper, then have gone into campaign-mode, which if any of you forgot is all promise and no product. Yes, new people can now afford it, but none of that statement is reality. There will always be people, there is nothing for them to afford, and the solution and problem (of cost) remains, now more than ever.

If 'it' so well works, why is denigration and imprisonment its point of existence?

"The more laws and order are made prominent, the more thieves and robbers there will be." - Lao Tsu

19 October 2014


Enter the wasteland in the world of shadow kings, join forces with uproarious brigands and proud knights, confront the evil forces from the shadows, understand and comprehend now.

Experience a new dimension, of society in the grasp of darkness, defend your lives against the minions of the silent insurrection, fight and form alliances with other grand warriors, to gain power and honor, learn and absorb the conflict.

In the worlds of whispering darknesses you control the fate of your people, the intricate detail of destruction, the ornate excess of luxury, are secrets and dangers, warriors and rangers, of monsters and men.

Strengthen your minds and war against the barbarism, fortresses defended by disguise, armies entirely of eyes, crush the rise of the wicked, teach the course of respect and increase influence by conquering drones, fight alone or join alliances, the battle for rank and file is one of prestige, power and supremacy have begun.

The shadow kings building strategy from makers of empires, nations now in your control, our minds or our thoughts, assume and become now.

16 October 2014

Disfluencia Liminal

I took an introductory-programming exam and did vaguely well. Some say cierto/falso questions are poor assessments of knowledge and I regard that those can imprint the error - the mind answers questions and checks verity by comparison. This isn't a scrape at the professor, it's an admonition of my efforts, criticism comes after and only if by authority. I know that I may have given a lexical flourishing recount instead of accuracy. In my own defense, I think I overdid and over-thought the answers more than botched them, but style shouldn't be impugned so long as the sum of all quantities doesn't exceed expectations and, or remaining derivatives be safely divisible as equal parts of a whole, analytically as commonalities.

[Question 1; 2/10pts
Short answer. Explain how a count-controlled loop uses a variable to store the number of iterations that it has performed. 
Selected Answer: by declaring the counter, and then by setting a variable, like MAX_COUNT to zero, and setting it against the Boolean in a function that the counter wont exceed the defined limits.
Correct Answer: (Evaluation Method: Correct Answer, Case Sensitivity) Contains: The count-controlled loop also known as the FOR loop initializes, increments, and tests for the end of the iterations based on a beginning value, and a maximum value.]

That this is a post is an overstatement, in consecration, a nerdy exegesis derivative, moreover allegory than category. Maybe some can see the subliminal, or the nascent method that will eventually be coherency of coding. Perhaps something was lost in translation or my wording pissed off yet another. Nevertheless, I think I did better than given.

[Question 2; 0/10pts
Short answer. Explain and indicate when it is necessary to use global variables versus local variables.
Selected Answer: 
a global variable, works throughout a module and works as a constant until the module finishes, BUT a local variable is defined by the user via the output of a function

Correct Answer:(Evaluation Method: Correct Answer, Case Sensitivity)Exact Match: Global variables allow values to be passed from a calling module to and from a called module or function.]

I thought it'd be nice to post this for writers, a module is a set of commands (operating within parameters of iterative value and binary logic, and observing universal decision requirements of interactive elements, via use of a compiler program specific to the language) and a function is an equation, as much as in arithmetic if not more.

[Question 3; 3/10pts
Identify and explain the differences between modules and functions.
Selected Answer:
 a module is a set of instructions used to complete a program, used with several common constants/called items and uses defined variables; A function creates an output - using global variables a function solves an equation with available inputs/info and creates an output by using mathematic symbols called logical operators, to be used within the module that has Called it up.

Correct Answer:(Evaluation Method: Correct Answer, Case Sensitivity)Contains Short answer. Functions always return a value and end with the RETURN VARIABLE NAME. Modules do not have to return a value.]
I am however doing this instead of something useful, so here, have a quote:

"On two occasions I have been asked, 'Pray, Mr. Babbage, if you put into the machine wrong figures, will the right answers come out?' ...I am not able rightly to apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that could provoke such a question." ~ Charles Babbage, Passages from the Life of a Philosopher


04 October 2014

Poem Hunter

Sleep with angels, live with kings, search for where the siren sings, turn the fire into glass, live the camp called underpass, listen closely rule afar, make the air become the tar, at the gates of exodus, burn the bones that turn to rust, earn your keep to stay the course, kill the messenger at source, flying dreams and afterlife, cut the silence with a knife, misery loves company, the time it takes to kill, before the dawn can see the light, the silence surely will, dance around the spring of life, and ever pass the storm, the devil's blood is cold as stares, and kindred spirit warm, at nest the life of kith and kin, the mirrors shatter fast, but if you look before the tide, then wake among the past, bury dreams put to the test, the night to day within the flash, the better are soon put to rest, minstrel roads and summer ash

03 October 2014


Year: 2014 #AD
Cipher: American
Language: English

Me, I'm a conservative democrat, which isn't easy, it's somewhat like libertarians and doesn't really give me many options when elections come. The libertarians I see are all politicians who lost the last run or people from either party so desperate for their cause they call themselves one and keep talking, in utmost nonsense. It's defending democracy that doesn't exceed the rule of law, no matter how many people are making demands, and saving the future while living in the past. For more information visit changeling.org before Oct 31.

Before I continue, I'd be sore for luck if I didn't edit this into the post without mentioning taxes. I believe the saying goes, 'Give unto Caesar what is his,' NOT WHAT IS YOUR F* NEIGHBOR'S. What in the high and holy fuck is going on here?

So this article, 'Europe's Losing Battle For Recovery | Zero Hedge' is a little weird to me. It mentions that EU will enlist three overall policies to revitalize their economy, the third of them - monetary expansion / monetary policy - to buy asset backed securities, seems like the problem that has already cursed them. I first thought monetary expansion entailed inflation, which possibly does. The buying of poisoned yields aka making mistakes into public debts, does nicely allow an account-default to shift ownership to the credit issuers, but lets the sick entities continue operating in malfeasance (until so). I'm, in a way, glad the US doesn't print its own money, despite the dethroned politicians and the attention fiends that claim to've veins of libertarian. If you don't like consumerism, stop giving away money that isn't yours only so people can consume things. History lesson; the hippies became conservative, the socialists became politicians. Not only is there insanity to nurturing debt, the toxic managers who created the mess have in some cases become those demanding for debt forgiveness, as if to save their resumes from reflecting what they are, fork-tongued snakes. Using the words, are the people fleeing to your country, or from it, ask yourself. Let us switch from fauna to flora, let us enjoy the fruits of our labor, not the seething fear of predators.

Let me extend my disdain, not to schools, but the government thereof them, their existence as bastions of liberalism. Those that can't do, at least they show you what not to do. Our president, author of a book about the perils of hope, brought his many years of culminating both, to a college for a speech, imho maybe in some remorse for having huckstered for cash instead of help us, irony by fact he will not let us see his transcripts that we may determine his collegiate credibility. He likened the past few years' ability to survive, to his administration. No, fuck face, "...you didn't build that, somebody else made that happen."

If this government printed money, under his tendencies we could be a stunning prison state, like N Korea, o Cuba o Venez├╝ela, you know, where summary executions bring peace and socialized medicine creates medical shortages to the extent of initial views seem like journeys into medieval past. Neither of those things have ever been so close to the last free country as it is with him. I was very wrong about him, in the few weeks that I had given approval, anyways. The policies are of survival and done so by the corporations he so loves to hate, or when he loves them enough to give them money before they go bankrupt, slowly becoming what no one wants to be. Maybe you've seen the pictures, Detroit run by commies now is a disasterpiece once optioned by zombie themed parks in places and Hiroshima's ground zero is now a metropolis run by capitalists. Freedom means you're allowed to leave, the people in prison states can't leave, those affected by his policies can't opt out, the angered social programs and freak show diorama known as entitlement doesn't allow the poorest to escape even their social anchors in our own cities, and somehow he and his followers expect vile replacements to offer substitution. Giving any gambling addict a blank check will not stop them from feeding their addiction.

How sad that the left and right say that liberals are progressive. Progress requires progress, you bunch of rusting rotting wing-nuts. I'm often told that these plans mean austerity and also austerity is madness, which nobody mentioned, I import success by security audits kinda, that's all. Nothing compares to the violent austerity when societies collapse just because you couldn't get it up conservatively. Most problems spawn from other problems, start solving them.

"If we make peaceful revolution impossible, we make violent revolution inevitable."  - John F. Kennedy