27 July 2013

The Talk of Shame

"I don’t think Jesus is into prostitutes." lmao. I don’t think you’ve read the bible.


"The Only True Knowledge, Consists In Knowing, That We Know Nothing." -- Socrates

That is excerpted from the shame link. You'll notice in the pic the "more" link, which allows the embedding of the tweet, as oppose to the slightly-analog screen capture. That should be an uppercase L, comma before I.

Thanks? I implied if one has uncertainty of abortion at 20 weeks, perhaps there's more to consider. Defeatist, what I think doesn't matter. I learned long ago that hyperbole argument is won with semantics. if you change the subject for the sake of conflict, I repeat what you said in synonymous terms and you disagree via spite, it's a gift called reverse psychology methinks. For me it's not exactly my favorite ratiocinate Socratic logic, but it'll do in a pinch. This my opine, is not a debate, but 'set in stone' as reality requires facts to be, I'll do it anyway - like I said, it's a gift.

It initially expounds with perhaps my favorite RW3NJ quote (I have three nuts):

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men (humans) are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

This would beg for the rights of the mother to dis-endow the child to its coming life. I like 'Heavy Metal' as much as the next dude, but not that much, and from a philanthropic aspect, abortion has become the proverbial cash cow. No one is or was preventing abortion, and on the record, Europe has 12-week limits, and in the other extreme China forces abortions. I should take the time to thank the bloggers for mentioning me, even in such a critical manner. Let's kill some babies...exclamation mark...some might say. A list of affirmations I should here make: I never meant to imply the little tart was/is a whore, I feel people who use "lol" are budding sociopaths as no one socially does that with any normalcy (maybe hyenas), and as for not reading the bible; Mary Magdalene is one of us. Accusing me of blasphemy/heresy is the impetus for this litany.

Jesus didn't put the hypothetical baby into your womb, and this isn't about the mighty Thor (Jesus's alter-ego). I had implicated the young-woman as unwitting to "making the sex" perhaps if 20 weeks isn't long enough to choose abortion, that we might have occasion to blame, let's say, public schools for not teaching her about the CAUSE and EFFECT of conception. Forgive me for overstepping my boundaries. I think Esther was a prostitute while we're on the topic. Paying for sex seems both cold while robotic, and over-resented in our modern age, but I'm a dude, so, ya know. The extremes of debate will always prove their name, but the majority of people just want to save the child. I apologize for everyone that offended your tinsel sensibilities. In the spirit of digressing (changing the subject slightly), if the bible bothers you, you're worse left than the zealots of the right who think "Harry Potter is the devil", ...or some this. It's a book, to oppose it is either an opposition to fiction, or a desperate cry for attention, let it fucking go already. Before this debate they screamed lies about forced vaginal sonograms, as if those are the only sonograms on the planet, I had said about that something to the effect 'if it seems uncomfortable, how'd the baby get there' most certainly not as couth, that was wrong of me, but so are the frantic emphatic torches and pitchforks (or used tampons and mason jars of shit) lies of an abortion industry, anticorporate leftist protestors ignoring how corporate abortion is. 

I don't think Jesus slept with, or in a manner of speaking paid, prostitutes, he was quite the libertarian and capitalist, I somewhat remember a story in The Book of Matthew (great name) telling of Jesus speaking to people around a fire, and men would visit with a prostitute, and the Son of Man spake of the importance of free will, the importance that she and her secular patron be allowed to choose to solicit and purchase sex, but that they would turn from such deeds if it was harmful, and then he did his Christ thing. He seemed like a very zen, forethought kind of character.

"If you meet the Buddha... kill him. (逢佛殺佛,逢祖殺祖)" ~ Linji

There were in those ancient times ways to prevent conception, I believe Pull-Out is the scientific term, and there are many abortifacients that can be used, herbal solutions, natural 'remedies' to the pregnancy condition, known for many centuries if not millennia, which in the distant past the 'working girls' of the oldest profession (yay capitalism!) could not afford to wait 20 weeks to stock the shelves, hit the streets, clean the sheets, or my favorite, pussy patrol, they didn't throw themselves down a flight of Godless stairs at 40 weeks. If you still think I'm objectifying you, at least I'm done subjectifying you.