11 July 2011

Deep Space, Shallow Dreams

The Stars at Hand
Act 1, Scene 1
Deep Space, Shallow Dreams

I have fantastical dreams of the skies
Statistics show a life hazard of task
There but once a dream has settled on me
A synesthesia with sounds of rain
In time to slip the malice by the yore
Lamentation concern for the wise to sell
Fires bathing glory of the process
To which season pains my subtle dismay
Blistering emotions dying sunshine
Trees of light in rivers of dreams content
Where solitude becomes system solution
Gifts of solidarity consumes soul
In sight becomes the chance to fly through walls
Found in a storm lost in the alchemy
Then next to drift in seas of memory
Preying on fragments of eternity
Souls to break the treatise on horizon
In tragedy, the wings push a storm
From latter woes to lesser winds of change
The structure blinding holes in self-control
Binding traces finding missing problems
Silence lifted opens the tragic void
A flood combined with destructive current
Away from force the tepid river flows
Constellation maps the homes of the gods
Battle swiftly heaven storms the thunder
Surgery immortal sabotage death
Purity is waste the sooner kingdom
Solar stellar tidal wave origin
Contrived of stone the winter waters blow
To rake the depths of channel over trees
To be torn from a running hope complete
And thrown from death to incomplete the source
Tearing my soul to tell to hell so stark
To throw me through the ground into my grave
Protect and fight the same as those before
The lash in rhythmic score of rhyme and prose
Concern the lucid thoughts that some call home
Prepare lighted to path no never-mind
Thus, wager spoils to teem in lost return
Convincingly the grace that users flee
Taxes from the scale by heavy scorn
Illicit is the wake that sends you home
Prepared for all the lust and toil of roam
Fevered sick contagion in the nightmare
Partner isolation hypocrisy
Ethereal wrenching escaping soul
A manifest by destiny exhumes
Budding life complete illumines the net
Cast upon the darkened thoughts indurate
A curiosity not what it seems
The voice you hear my conscious in a dream

Conspiracy Tea

I'm sure this will affect me negatively later in life - this is what can be done in a weekend, in isolation because i have seen first hand how blind and destructive the liberal have become, i have experienced unemployment with a college degree, and the blessing of whatever has shined on me, take your pick - I wrote as things came to mind - therefore, my opposition has no mind, for they contribute nothing

Barack Obama says tax rates are lowest since 1950s for CEOs, hedge fund managers - but the corporate tax rate is the highest in the world, more than 14 trillion dollars looms in deficit, mandated purchase of healthcare dauntingly inadequate and burdensome - 'they' scare us by fear mongering on the subject of our elders, who will not be affected by the sole AND republican plan I've seen, the opposition cannot pay - I've argued until I'm blue in the face that those high earners can afford but are pulling all the political weight - I call it political because without tax hikes Democrats cant get their share of the fifty percent of this country that pays no taxes - a mix of corporate and communist welfare states - awhile the 10th Amendment rights are violated with legislation of imposed levied state taxes for federal medical provider/exchange purposes for a healthcare law that breaks the 1st and 10th Amendment autonomic liberty - The Congress shall make no law mandating the non-volitional purchase by individuals of products nor services. - what is to stop 'them' from making me buy tickets to lame liberal shows - what happens if you fuck a liberal liberally? they cry but never tell anyone, their pride is hurt - and what about tax dollars that go to public unions, only to be contributed to the politicians that acquired said funds?

In 2011 - 10 states passed legislation for opposition to the federally mandated healthcare law, 18 additional in filling processes, 13 more failed to pass opposition legislation (but can always try again), and 7 more bowed in subservience (http://www.ncsl.org/?tabid=18906)(those would be the affluent you could tax, old money and new ideas) - the words 'fair share' regard a flat tax - why would you call yourself a liberal ("high, i need to do things in excess, to the point of chaos...") it's nonsensical? HOW DO TAX HIKES STOP SPENDING ADDICTIONS? so the businesspersons pave the way to success and are penalized by democrats - so the tax payer thrives and the politician wants their money - the Romans tried it, and failed - the Russians tried it, and failed - the United Kingdom tried it, and caused an American Revolution - China and Venezuela are at the brink of socialist point-of-no-return - in these disillusioned and romantically compulsive times our great village has seen people tie themselves to trees (long live the EPA...) when commercial paper plants more trees than 'they' cut and has planted millions of acres of badlands with new forests - but when it comes to serfdom, they shrug ad ambivalence - Satan lives, but God knows - it's not about the order of the hats - if your a follower than you are quick to obey, if you cannot provide than you steal to become a demagog, if you are good than you cannot stop to smell the roses, if you are alone than you cannot wait to tell the truth - some people are waiting to be heard, others are waiting to speak -

fascism will not only ruin our democratic free system, but it WILL put U.S. into a debt from which freedom could not recover - i had heard the previous speaker of the house say "We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it" open the hearts and minds of the blessed, and you will find a great opposition to totalitarianism - we know of propagation though bureaucrats are impetuous and confounded, often wrong but never unsure, creation provides success, redistribution lacks thereof an eternal prosperity, when the blades of grass grow the niches are created for the lackluster plants, these will evolve or perish, this is competition, this is the way, I'm sure knowledge of insight is mandatory thus are these words intrinsic to this principle - a politician promises themselves too thin - liberal and dispassionate the infatuated person can become blind - there is a Koan, a parable and question of enlightenment, 'if a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it fall, does it make a sound?" regardless of situation a liberal will continue to demand you acknowledge the tree, in the debate - a conservative admonishes the adage, setting priorities according to relevance -

How dare a liberal do anything but become an Olympian, how dare a conservative be anything but a Republican?

“Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.” William F. Buckley, Jr

imperialism can reside in the empty soul, likewise considerably it will consume what it believes is a reflection as opposed to a separate entity - the tragedy of discourse must be black and white, the only thing in shades of grey are the ashes of insanity, sardonic pragmatism can find redemption, but may lead to rhetoric and incomprehension, denigrating the rubric - churl and well spoken the abrasive truth wins arguments and heralds the truth, your friends close, your enemies closer, and your secrets close to the heart - when the left-political mind returns to center, in attempt to be conservative or perhaps rino, they become objectivists, likely patrons of haste or communism, facets of socialism, - fatal sentencing will derivate from amnesty, it would certainly disconcert - console havoc for those who wish amnesty will never praise death as a punishment, save that of abortion, whereas a conservative fights for liberty at all costs preserving providence, even for those of the unborn, a persistent indignant battle for choice seeks irony as it removes it from the defenseless, the ideologues touted of their very labels - grace is victory, very many can say nothing cannot - should you be liberal, yes, should you be conservative, yes - a new conservation adhering to an old genre cannot tame the muses of our idiosyncratic existence - you are the ruler of distance - if ere hopes become a need for a dream manifest aptly wit and naive power is fickle above or below the hourglass - end a war then become corrupt, you cant have more if you haven't had any - one despot can ruin countless lives - if principles are folly, denial is pointless - if you admonish attrition, candidacy for retribution accrues wherewithal and intelligible by volition, reality is antithetical incomprehension -
intervention of fate impedes the interdiction of rigid calculation, abject isolation unwittingly attempts identical solutions to every dilemma within the confines of immortality - religion and politics are familial, a junta even accommodates a hierarchy of hats, the old will claw at the young while the weak will obliviously offer opinions to those refusing to listen - my faith is not of question, for there is no answer to a life without it - a bad idea is never unknown - completely nourishing and fabricated, social justice is not what you call slander - question everything, everybody else does - it's impossible not to cheat on your taxes, but you shouldn't try - a flat tax levels the playing field, marginally via percentage, not categorically per quantified amount - earache my eye - 1 part bourbon, 5 parts dry mead, is a Merlin - any alternative is postmodern - the price of everything, and the value of nothing - classical liberalism is free-market capitalism, national-socialism is suicide; there is no certainty with economics, and there is no solution - live, let, and love, but not all at once - if you spend money you don't have, you should realize the costs and repercussions, monetary inflation can lead to some serious upheavals - this is a liberal market capitalization, surmising the future, with time I have not lost - that's not sarcasm, this is sarcasm - some act like asses, others make it a political career.

lately I've noticed an astonishing amount of democrats/liberals in Usa that want more jobs for the economy, but do all in their power to raise taxes and with restrictive regulation impede or diminish jobs, outright nonsense, like crazy babies cutting fires and lighting fires but demanding, in a wobbly tantrum, more air - they've requested that, as Americans mind you, we invest in our ingenuity, then they want to raise taxes and fire people - couldn't we be solvent with stronger currency - aren't we safer without peril - they've been grandstanding this benign principle that any more greedy than a poor man is a devil and that simply isn't true, "a penny saved, is a penny earned," also, the affluent have saved their money for the rainy day that pisses on your parade - perhaps freedom rests over confident, if fairness were certain we'd be equally dead, perhaps even frozen in time, if the hack to our tax system needs to be removed, then remove it lazy unimaginative democrats (did anyone forget their democracy this morning?) the liberal art of denial, don't condemn the workers of this country simply to disparage the hard-working citizens with a concept that eludes your comprehension, it is inhumane to take from one class or another, some call it class warfare - i believe robin hood stole from the rich and gave to the poor, because the commoners had no vote, it reminds me of compulsory public unions, the rich can vote to keep taxes as high as they need to pay the usury debts of a corrupt politician (the sheriff per say) and have no qualms about their elitism - elite is a distinction given by observation, destroyed by comprehension, and lost by any aspiration, no more an award than an idea -

its summer, all the political zombies are care-free sheeple, among us are despots and deceivers, all gaffing the words democrat and demagogue because they cant tell you the meaning of either - in the highest court of the land corruption, chief justice Kagan defends unconstitutional conscription to bureaucracy, obvious how flawed her judgement is, but it worsens as our greatest fears mirror the conflicts echoed in epic tales, death at our doorstep - she was/is an adamant supporter of Obamacare (*mandated purchase of healthcare at extortion level rates, where subsidy to implementation can and is causing bankrupt to affect entire states) as political favors of backroom blowhards go, circa President Obama appointed her to her position in the Supreme Court of the United States - 27 states have joined in lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of Obamacare, several others have legislated it as illegal as a provision of the tenth amendment - Mr?Mrs Kagan boldly or idiotically incriminates herself, if she does not recuse she sits as leading primary judge to the president's sole achievement, though it is fascist, as her support to the legislation prior to ratification conflicts with ethical judgment required of this position, however convenient for any parties involved it is a pay-to-play ponzi scheme with a communist amnesty-minion at the gates of evil - the white house has become a dark place - a campaign of transparency has produced nothing but vapid politics - a nest of democrats crying 'foul' and 'vitriol' for hours after seeing a republican - short term memories in control of our legacies - kagan was solicitor general which in lay means royal lobbyist - not a surprise when the campaign promised "an end to special interests" - the attorney general discombobulates me, after he hardheartedly slaps the last two 1960's black panthers on the wrist, attempted a sheepish support for amnesty and international subservience - lest we forget a progressive party caucus, not progression but kinda, defends wild ideas such as sharia law and proven war criminals be transported to civilian court - the judiciary committee should intervene to eliminate blatant conflicts with the modern judicial system - should there not be open discussion, honest debate, with those who cannot call the evils what they truly are, in order to educate them how to defeat the enemy, I think it is called democracy, for fuck's sake, - pardon my English...

this president has given prayers with Muslims, and cancels the national day of prayer, does this not let one church drift apart and an another gather militant strength - ...homosexuals should have the same rights as everyone else, but only if when they make a mistake I can call them a fag, no special treatment, equality! - where was I - smiles when he greets them with the holy greeting a salami make hem - or - a salami may come - who's to say really - a spawn of the culture, generations in length without law, a childhood in islands that had become so violent a cleansing occurred, all the world has seen him admit a muslim faith his own, not that muslims are socialists, far from it, it's a book of war poems plagiarized from 'the bible'/'the book', he has quoted it, he has believed it teaches, but never the fear of god put to him, a book and not the message of the almighty - i don't mean to get religious or political it just happens - Christianity is a guiding light to a peaceful existence, islam is a guiding light to self righteousness, these days perhaps it is significant, but certainly not justifiable, i cannot praise and glorify religion, i can only offer these things to faith, of the spirit, in reverence to a mighty god and not the immanent wrath therein - he beseeches trust of the worst people and claimed that Iran has earned respect of the world on behalf of all others -

i could be hateful indefinitely - you could put me on a liberal news outlet and i could berate, deride, and slander all day long for 12 figures a year, and when I'm wrong, liberals wont mind as long as I'm evil and malign - i don't want squares, bounce on the sides in dismay a straight line always ends in the corner, i don't want circles, redundant menial repetition ad nausea even fractals are an endless loop for the reflection cycles - if lightning leaves the ground, then energy is being transferred into space perpetually until all matter is energy condensed, a single plain of existence with two sides and the dark - they weren't always called liberals, they were sensationalists and eccentrics, eclectics and radicals, it's only recently in this era of convenience and lethargy that progressives and democrats have surfaced in a world that cannot survive without progress and democracy, regardless of whom it shall patron and bestow - in the times of revelation even beneath shadows there is earth granted us -

they buy the minds and the votes and the best protection that money can buy, to defend their treason, a quite serious accusation but this day is daily of more than weeds and water, they are not ignorant to their trite and proved devious when they declared conflict "inevitable" - you do not want final judgment to be a foregone conclusion, you want freedom or is it security or is it liberty or is it love - hell I'll take the lot - never mistake faith or good health - have faith that everyone has faith in something - if you're paranoid, you have journalistic integrity, offensive people are a challenge to offend - the secretive are not lying, merely completely omitting the truth - did you see him bow to a Muslim king, but not to British royalty, or hear the one where he returned a gift, given to The White House - NEVER FORGET -

some say that they want to help and bolster the economy, but I propose they want to boost morale, like some liberal parent, this I know full well, always wanting us to fell good about ourselves before attaining any practical advice - the left has right children, the right has left children, but we could leave a strong legacy and stable environment however the outcome results - if bourgeois autocrats and liberal hawks want to bureaucratize the system and help the economy, why don't they cut taxes, a tentative two tiered stimulus project with a two tiered Quantitative Easing initiative came to a close when the unemployment rate (*unemployed, but only those being payed insurance; socialist) went from 9.7% to a meek 9.4, they thought it was ok but the cost is 14 trillion dollars and growing, interest and expanding entitlements, when supply-side economics could fix this, no amount of federal monetary inflation will fix this broken system of liberals and liars - supply-side, liaises-fair (egalitarian for liaisons) economics or free-market trade (but with EPA and Labor Laws) and not communism, no czar to murder who does not prove results in a demand-side economic zone, only the consumer should choose what is to survive, because it is the only logical solution - tax cut losses are replaced by economic growth, stimulus efforts are irresponsible and mute - do not defend me, I like being independent, it is the patriotic duty, success and liberty bolstering national pride without anarchy -

some people want more than their paychecks to do only their job - unions - ICE employees have a union, when federal employees are prohibited by law from unions, it's not a matter of pro or anti union sentiment, and we can argue this fact until both sides are dust, it is a matter of national security, you are representing the people, a condition that is nonnegotiable, an implacable position that is required of civilization - no raises for federal employees who have formed a union, ever, in secrecy conflict will brew of deceit - if immigration officers wont do their job, then the military will be summoned, and ICE wont be paid at all - facts are incontrovertible, does anyone want to be fired and have their prospective employers given tax increases, if they do fire them and tax their house of ill repute - if they want socialism, share your opinion, if they attempt to silence you, abandon them - today the average time an American has spent unemployed consecutive is 40 weeks - the liberal polices, in one aspect or another, have caused great decay of this once great nation - I could say that the flaws consistent in the same line of evil are symptoms of the latter two presidencies, and it would be true, but the error has plagued us many years - i like living at the verge, i think at the end of things this could be partially true as known of me, i even like excise, you could not take from these very words if there were not, taxes are not collected from the poor, but it should forever be known that sin, deceit, chaos, anarchy are not the byproduct of courage and success, they are a dead limb on the tree of life - be that as it may, deceit is a literary favorite but when used against the enemy the lies are no longer mentioned, only the victory, because we do not gloat lest we forget the endless battle of freedom -

Stephen Colbert: "Knock Knock"
Crowd: "Who's there?"
Stephen Colbert: "Unlimited union and corporate campaign contributions"
Crowd: "Unlimited union and corporate campaign contributions, who?"
Stephen Colbert: "That's the thing. I don't think I should have to tell you."

corporate cash, including unions, can contribute without restrictions, a CEO can dump money on a campaign, states would be able to fund candidates who keep within spending limits (especially if opponents exceed these limits), but the Supreme Court overruled this decision possibly due to the fact there is no limit, and states could throw full support to keep a political-party in power using tax dollars, such a conflict of interest supersedes democracy - as does allowing unlimited campaign contributions from a company/union that receives federal subsidy - if you didn't know that, you're a national-socialist who needs to stop living in the dream world - 'clean election' acts of legislation must first and foremost consider an informed public must be notified, and that takes a bit of cold hard cash - separation of church and state, state stays out of faith, faith (including sociopolitical movements) stays out of elections, this is the first amendment principle, expounded this is the right to express support for a candidate and the right to practice faith anywhere at any time, and in-between the two shall never meet - see the federalist papers - religion combined with politics creates liberal radicalism - will corporate influence marginalize democracy, consider that we are a country of great people, "of, by, and for the people," taking particular important note/mark of 'BY', we must make our place to rest, not sulking in our apathy, to make this island beautiful

so if the 'stimulus' was even a minor success, the same effect could-have-been attained with tax alleviation, do you need stimulus if you have a job, do you need irrigation if it's raining, do you need mind altering drugs to write a masterpiece if assholes don't ruin your day - you don't need to go into debt to spend more money, that's called gambling addiction, you don't need someone to spend your money for you, that's called an excuse of a gambling addict - record profits speak for capitalism, record tax rates (corporate and individual) speak for communism, death and taxes are certain, but no one wants them to get bigger - for your pleasure a fight to the death while you listen to hardcore alternative postmodern neoconservative grunge while demons spray you with the blood of sinners - we're all entitled to our opinions, but placated they can easily be bad ideas with no function -

states mandate things all the time, school etc, when the federal system begins mandates, it's time to reclaim the office that is supposed to protect the people, not create imposition - it is against the tenet of treaty within federalism to secede, but if the governing body (executive, judiciary, legislative) is fascist/communist, it is time to sever ties and conquer - state laws remain unable to block consumerism from imposing public boycott, within a federation the people can promote conditions and accept conducive law, regulations binding will soon come undone if not respecting the bill of rights - a budget must be drawn before the time allotted/allocating -

let us forget the tax cutting scenario and the coinciding Laffer curve, and suppose that both sides of the economic argument faithfully believe in capitalism - (the current unemployment insurance payout by the Usa government is 10%, the actual unemployment number could easily be close to 20%) lets say the population is 310300000 people, and today the unemployment rate jumped from 9.1% to 9.2% (presupposing that it was promised to never advance passed 8% on the day it was 7.6% / HolyWTF) 310300 new people filed as  unemployed, the same month that merely 18000 new jobs were created (in a diminished economy these aren't anyone's favorite employments, nor competitive salary incentives, in fact quite the opposite)  17238.88 dollars would have to be spent for every dollar the government collects in tax revenue to create one job - keep in mind that spending anything more than you collect is a failing practice, a bad idea, and causes monetary inflation - raising the debt ceiling without correcting these practices and these beliefs creates the dilemma that is communism - raising the debt ceiling will not provide comfort to the investing free market, dealing with debt and deficit will, not promises but actual solutions, allowing those who believe and promise irresponsible policy and deficit spending will correct the equation, to eat their words - they hope, promise, and believe confidence, within and abroad, will return because to them a blank check has created their hyper socialist utopia forcing the narrow comprehension that it will help all else disregarding the costs -

when you loan money to yourself you save, because you can't print funds - if you try to give a loan to yourself, you cannot pay the interest, because you don't have more than you have, this is beyond math, now were into physics, a ton of feathers, a ton of bricks, falls the same, both are a fucking ton - this is how things work when you cannot print your own money - if you want to give yourself a loan you first must save cash, doing so with the assistance of a second party, in this case a bank, printing money and loaning it to yourself makes the bank in use a federal agency subject to internal audit, and not a private bank - partially the current failed economic situation is probable suspect and caused by not involving the treasury as sole proprietor of currency creation - my conspiracy theory is that the Federal Reserve killed a sitting president for this very knowledge - a balanced budget allows freedom of responsibility, this elusive principle is best the understanding of conservatives and intellectuals alike - as for a course correction, in an era of granted entitlements to special interests (ex. free houses, amnesty, mortgage furlough) the use of a bank or/and treasury must be used respectful to balanced budgets - between intellectuals and conservatives are the liberals, you may know them as kids, bourgeoisie, spoiled, irreverent, flippant, naive, ignorant little pricks, who are to be dealt with as are children -

so a woman was on trial, for murder and aggravated manslaughter, after a lengthy trial where she confessed to the accident they gave her not guilty on both counts, ahem, after her attorney uses the accident as the defense position, the jury still found her not guilty of manslaughter, a free world takes patience and proper justice has been overlooked, a tragic ideology has been given the opportunity that is freedom, all because the leaders of this verdict were bored and ambivalent - if you don't believe me, look-it-up -

whatever association i choose, if told the gains, without the losses to balance it is distraction - for instance if you tell me that taxes haven't been lower in a half-century do you consider that there are fewer taxpayers then ever before and general inflation marks the dollar as less then dollar only but a year ago - wishful thinking becomes a new idea becomes biased naivety - stick with what works, the advancement of civilization rest within these bounds, but innovation comes not from resources, it comes from ingenuity and aptitude -

why is the first lady trying to make people thin and the president trying to create a socialist utopia that will inevitably make people fat - attaching them to the welfare state - dunno, wutcha doin'? - just sittin' over at the haus waitin' for the communists to get out of american politics, wutchu doin'? - same - we should totally overrule the welfare state - cant...[I'm] waitin' on my welfare check - an exaggerated metaphor? -

so I've discussed the logical positions to a balanced budget, but what about the ethical aspects - if in the time of fiscal accountability, honesty, the shear matter of responsibility is avoided, then the rights of those unequaled by an immense welfare state will bear the burden of taxes, without representation - if the window of opportunity to have order is blatantly missed then those in power will use power and corruption to support their political party - the systematic treason that is communism, to retreat at any point to the abuses of power establishes and proves the incompetency of the despot - cowards resort to violence, heroes resort to vengeance - totalitarians are unable to justify their absurdities with reason or communicative idea - just as this communique is true according to relevance, it is just as imbecilic as fervent among extrinsic objectivity - there is no truth in a book of lies - lies are ignorance, a flawed logic has no room for accusations, amnesty before indecency but friend before foe - how many truths are there on your world, are the spiritual who search for sereneness prepared for severeness (karmic retribution is righteous adversity), what is true for thyself cannot be the same for all others, pure unadulterated intrinsic profound emotion leads to utmost logic, that what has truth is witness to fate before controlling time - your situation is secondary to fate and emotion - there is nothing you can do to alter the past, there is nothing you can do, make the most of life before it is death - there is only magic in this world - a stimulus project puts people to work but never stabilizes an economy - buy low, sell high, when politicians are with the people elect them, when their ego is in the clouds remove them -

[would you like some levity? why is QuickTime the size of an elephant? why is the freeway paved with tax money? why is the highway on the ground? if it's free speech, then why do i have to ask people for their ideas? why isn't tea called bush? why isn't paper called tree? it's called wireless, but it's really wire-not-at-all. why aren't immigrants properly called emigrants? life is close to love, but there's a war everyday. what do soccer countries call football? pictures are in books, yet trees have rings?]

every act of forgiving debt and forgetting debt, by the taxpayers, allows a corporately influenced government (all parties susceptible) to print money and cause monetary inflation - inflation creates a need for higher collection interest rates, causing a difficulty in repaying loans (a dry credit market, sign of depression, not recession) and hardships gathering the cash to do so - devalued money, devalued economy - nationalist parties, popular or public or naught, are begging to escape the socialist unions that have gone all for broke - when the federal reserve solidified a consensus and opinion that it was not a federal institution but merely its bank, a capitalist system thus became exploited, welfare states, special interests, when the Euro-zone became ratified, a capitalist system became exploited, Greece (retiring at age 53 with 80% pay), Spain with overwhelming investment of monopoly money for unsustainable idealistic projects, Ireland with intense housing liquidation/nationalization (as happened the same to Usa, among other things), easy money has meant easy problems, the aversion to character, experience, and hard work has put progress into convulsion, and patrons into revolt - the welfare state causes international dependency and complacency and ignorance - we know to help those in need, but not to help all those who ask - give a man a fish, feed him for a day, teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime, give a man a fish a day for a lifetime, starve to death - from conservatives you are getting responsible leaders - from liberals you are getting deceitful and simple lies to share a blame that does not belong to all parties involved - if you believe unto any other thought, you are fanatical or blackmailed - liberalism doesn't know when to quit, democrats are impetuous and compulsive not knowing who to defend only knowing to do so driven by emotional principle, republicans are moral and focused while in conflict ending wars and ousting evil that opposes eager to solve restriction and regulation but ignorant to idiosyncratic formalities - democrats for laws, republicans for life, both good, both nothing without the other, both a lie unto itself, sectarian and solemn - disrespect is inhumane, division is close to treason - a dead credit market and conjoined depression, the president kicked its ass, you've got to give him that - there should be a comedy 'routine' that involves taking audio clips from politicians and playing it with porno music, the good slow jams, brass, guitar, bass, strings at the end, called 'sweet talk the press', way funny - the mediators of positive change should be supported, the opponents should be informed, the ambivalent should be awakened, and the agents of chaos should not be elected to 'professional politics' as i heard it called today - career politicians aren't in it for the people, thus by the fact not in it for themselves in a future they did not cultivate - we have control over what happens to us in the future - habla luego, problema ahora - like a political caricature, career politicians can wallow in their accomplishments until they starve - a recession does not end with hope - tourniquets do not heal wounds, amputations and and physicians soon to fall from favor, bandages to not stop infection -

inexplicable debt negotiations - how is this an issue, who wants debt and default - we need to create capital, labor, and a supportive economy - an odd proposition has been to tax the wealthy, an ample source of funds, I write this insomuch as beating a dead horse to run, that well has been tapped - 5% of the people pay an increasing 55% of the taxes, of people 50% pay nothing, if everyone were paying taxes, a dollar here, one percent from the creme de la creme of tax-free citizens there, and this problem would be obsolete and null - lobbyist money is beginning to wane, eventually energy companies will be lobbying laws to exploit vast resources with much negative result - it happened in the supposed third world, had they enough money, they could get medical services desperately needed, instead greed drove them to let exploitation begin, the benefits spent on gosh luxury - if business are sitting on cash, the economy waits for current and impending costs of benefits to be defined, tested, and lowered - to say that there are trillions of dollars hoarded yet no hiring, what if operation costs provide headway of less than one percent, such is not a friendly tax environment -

operation fast and furious - gave guns to cartels in war ridden Mexico - this was a cluster-fuck - they were going to tack the weapons, but didn't use solar technology and gave them working tools of death - this is the time in which we live - weapons create death, it is casualty defined, on both sides, yet was allowed to happen - the ancient Romans settled war with death, where they did not conquer the violence subsided, or was unapparent, in their wake at peaceful places, their children carried this heavy handed death, it is everywhere now, alongside the tribes that never left a place of war for peaceful life - i am willing to destroy all and begin a new assault, to give birth to war, to sever the weeds forsaking better seeds, to those who will not quiet to hear the wind, and soon enrapture death -

when you like and slander, when they tell you horror tales of what the quiet ones will do, demons run when a good soul goes to war, without effort the insane will feed on the ignorant, Americans are of the best breeding and by choice lowered a heavenly government on themselves, with a lack of order the hunters will reclaim their homes from the field - we give you our taxes, all is lost, we will replace you - if there is monetary inflation, those who feel safe buying their credibility in life, will be forsaken - i had thought of a blade against the back of my hand, the blade toward the thumb, so that if i punched someone they would not be cut, but if i swung inward, or someone tries to grab my hands, they would find how foolish that could be, it would fit in my sleeves, or not - to the unions and the recall elections, because you didn't get to exploit the system, because you didn't get to bankrupt your zone, eyes of darkness do not sleep, and when your exploits do just that, you'll hear nothing but laughter as you cry because you've been fired and replaced - blaming conservatives is simply rumor -

a lefty says sarcastically that the right believes in conspiracy that doesn't exists, but I say it does exist, everyday, people denouncing responsibility, others renouncing freedom, elitist hypocrisy - you might not believe me, but, heavy metal will save your soul - violence begins in the streets where socialism provides exploitation, some need welfare, many don't - I'm very and veritably blond, so you know what I believe and simultaneously why I'm telling you this - safety and security - if you would drug test an employee, why wouldn't you drug test a state funds recipient - and what of our old friend racism, it plagues humanity, it plagues any label that contains all of us as one people, despite color and creed, forsaking self and many - language can be lost in translation, we call this cultural differences at Avalon, it encompasses abuse, fascism is not culture it is fear, communism is not culture it is control (don't argue commie pigs), theft is not culture it is theology, murder is not culture it is malice, treasury is not culture it is treason, welfare is not culture it is worthlessness - the weak are being deceived by the weak and deceitful - the world watches ILLEGAL immigration in other country happen to the apathetic as they hope it doesn't happen to their own realms - they say the distance between us grows farther everyday - like the obese, a mental picture of perfection clouds reality - prisons of migrants, without an example of innocence - why has this happened to this world, lenience where it does not suffice - now i know why the mind explodes - my worst enemy, championing forgiveness - masochist leaders must hate humanity - liberal and impetuous media of all ranks, as if possessed, hunts the specter of human innovation, as if it were a neanderthal, but would the innocent fight-back against the tide of evil, they are soon to slander them - implacable terror against the honest, forsaken souls renounce the lord when fighting those who will soon cry for salvation - your name is not on st. peter's list at your request, of this i am certain - for every eye, a thousand eyes, until eternal damnation - democracies need more than lullabies, we bomb entire countries these days to prove a point, don't think american exceptionalism means i'm hurting you by taking your loved ones, you're going with them, they're just going first if possible - foreign assault is a call to arms, no quarter for invaders - who won the inquisition, have another, it is inevitable, they're killing you not because they hate you, they just want your land, if you were Celtic you'd know that already - for in their homelands invaders would be shot on site, yet socialist lands walk them to a cell and feed them for months only to release them with an intricate knowledge of the legal system - do not let the restless sleep, for they bring epithets and records of hatred - nationalist parties have been formed for less -

so you like comparisons do you, well it's my turn - Hitler and Obama have both been on time magazine, couldn't balance a budget despite their attacks on the the wealthy, and had a youth volunteer program as a solution to a piss-poor economy - Usa is so homogenized who was he attacking, the well dressed or the well groomed - oh the wealthy, that's right, "I just want to spread the wealth around." he said - if mistakenly comprehended, he is not the elocutionist - more funny, the peace sign is an upside-down symbol of life, God damn liberal hippies, and dirty hippies! - the letters, are old symbols representing different trees, each a symbol of existence, yet liberals hate trickle-down economics, what growth can come without the rain - criminal aliens should not be respected, deport all, punish felons, lifetime banishment, especially if they'll be punished when they get home - no stowaways - amnesty costs and integration only teaches to hate newcomers, not respect for those who provide home for assimilation, let them stay and they despise illegal immigration and their new caretakers - do you ever worry that you're being bred-out by felons - foreign repatriation program - why does the press condone and conceal crimes of foreign origin - foreigner crime is not complicit, but it not a lie, immigrant crime plagues every major city, should this be resolved, trade can resume - well into the anarchy aspect of any article - be logical, survivalists are willing to apply capital punishment and revoke privileges from migrants, and remove affiliation from ideologies of expensive (and often detrimental) integration - in places around the world, bullfighting was abolished because it was inhumane, this includes Spain, where for a week every year, "The Running Of The Bulls" with totally sharp horns is inhumane to humans, who eat hamburger (beef, not ham despite the name) - not every idea is a good idea - like all who argue, I'm good at it, for my obstinacy i must mention I've heard democrats say that republicans aren't putting everything on the table, but i think the democrats prefer to fear-monger and put nothing on the table, the d bags have nothing to bring, hence no argument thus no debate - I'm neither of those, I'm an actual conservative party member, yes they do exist, should the debt ceiling not be raised then easy money wont be so easy to acquire, democrats will cause inflation and I'm not worried, I'm not pro union, but the union dues aren't that high for what i do and i pay them anyway, but i wont break the system that supports me (don't bite the hand that feeds), and I'm fortunate because I'm not the politician who can't balance a simple fucking budget and lower taxes to bolster the economy! - people seem surprised when i ask if there's more than two political parties - you get to teach, when you earn your degree, just the same, if you can't learn from your mistakes, why should anyone let you run a country