30 April 2013

Et tu, Brute?

Disc Ass #8

"For your discussion assignment this time, share with the other members of the class any interesting facts or other information you have uncovered as you search for relevant job descriptions. Keep in mind that many other students in this class may share the same professional interests as you."

I'm in IT and employers are looking for professionals, I may not be alone in having discovered the amount of experience employers require and the anxiety this brings me since I'm still in school, and without certifications, which are a must in my career field. Nonetheless, I'm determined to put the best foot forward, which entails acquiring what employers seek as well as learning what that is by reading job-postings.

"What advice about finding employment have you heard or read about that you think others may want to know?"

Have a specific resume that presents fact and not fiction, that offers more legitimacy and less opinions and conjecture; not only dress for the job, but be prepared for the job, for the career you desire.

"What sorts of experiences (positive or negative) have you had in the past when seeking employment?"

Keeping optimistic, slow but steady, at all costs wins the race, a handshake and a smile goes a long way. Answering honestly, showing interest in the interview instead of putting faith in merely placing an application, and knowing what you want while keeping a level of composure that gives respect and takes responsibility, a good first impression.

"How do you think social media could help you find a job?"

Some temporary hiring agencies post job listings, some of which might have part-time to transitional full-time work. Companies thus use social media in the same manner, broadcasting new job openings or in some instances issues that lead to job opportunities in the manner of innovation/security, particularly in IT.

"What do you think are the benefits of becoming familiar with social media in the workplace?"

Networking is essential to gainful employment, social media is another way to learn, asses, study, and network with companies in a digital sense.

"Which keywords will your audience be looking for in your resume?"

I assume something that intrigues them that they interpret as integral or practical. Such as "diligent" or "attentive" or maybe "efficient/proficient" and I'm sure in IT the world "Certified" is nearly most sought.

"Has this research process changed your opinion or perception of your future career?"

I have a certain perception of employment in my intended field of study, some jobs we're overqualified and competing against other professionals, some we're in demand but unqualified. It seems to me that the numbers of applicants in both demographics are growing faster than I remember.