23 June 2013

Ex Filtration

So there's this immigration debate and I have no answers, call me a liberal. What I do know is an amnesty agenda would not help anyone trying to work, to say it would be is a lie. It really shouldn't be an immigration debate, use the front door, migration. Get legal-status papers, or, vacation here, and just stay. Enjoy your spirit animal. So much can be said about America, but since I'm not a politician, I'll talk-about what we're talking-about. No, fuck that, let's digress, for the record, if your politician won't answer the question asked, fire him for incompetence. What legal immigration needs is to widen the allowance, not the dole, I'll touch on that soon by the by, using an application that adds people, with questions such as, "Would you change your name to sound more American? If yes, what would it be?" if they answer that question, it becomes a free 'extra' point toward their immigration approval.

Now that was very political, because it didn't answer any questions, it didn't give any answers, and it didn't touch on the reality of what the real issue is. The career-politicians have a way of saying "You got problems, i want to solve them, my opponents hate success, now kneel before me, I am your leader," which is a saying hard to forget as 44 has repeated it so many times with so little withal. I have to add, there was a country called the "Soviet Union" and it was the second largest country on the planet, that's the big round marble where you live, and it tried all these failures of making people pay for protected professional victims, subsidizing farms to not grow, when that food gets more expensive they print money for 'food stamps' or whatever it's called these days, taxing the workers until they subjugated to minimum wages and the dole, and now a tax for not buying insurance because I might use the healthcare that I'm already buying with my "Social Security" tax (the irony abounds, they're thick on the ground), the tax brackets that keep bourgeois from becoming rich, the small amount of inflation every year that is trivialized by bureaucrats as it annually increases the cost of everything while the collectors and the movers/shakers become one though payers cannot afford much. It worsens with the taxes on all business and the politicos that attack the wrong businesses, aggro demanding food stamps fueled by that monetary inflation from the costs they raised by lobbying for subsidies to not grow fuck all (subsidy to pay for lobbying), and the MSM lefties who doesn't know bad news with their head up their asses because their spoiled suburbanites who thinks their shit doesn't stink - and by the way THAT COUNTRY ISN'T EVEN FUCKING THERE ANYMORE.

Whew, that was a rant, it laid a backstory, it wasn't random, remember those immigrants, striving for a free society, they're also not going to have it if the libs continue their reckless abandon. The reason some citizens don't want to increase the population, be it by status or dole, by %15/50million (for ex) overnight is because of the socialism this country already has. All those problems exacerbate overnight if a shamnesty bill passes, it would be all for naught. I alluded to this not being a politician's platform, so let's face facts and not platitudes.

There are illegal immigrants who's caste only saw electricity 20 years ago, their employers hold the ability to make their lives hell. A threat of deportation keeps a servant a slave, slave labor is what we're talking-about, not immigration. It's why Republicans keep wanting taxes cut, to pay workers, to keep money in the hands of men and not the bureaucrats, (never all men, never none), and it seems why Democrats want amnesty. Blanket amnesty would destroy the job market, unemployment would at least triple overnight, and even the most documented man/woman would have that terrible leash of slave labor. I see things more surreal than you, for all our technology, the state still takes what isn't its. We've seen a disappointing first term and lame duck second term administration, create those minimum wage jobs while all-out leeching the private sector, and those of you offended liberals reading this in disbelief would know that, if you knew anything about feudalism. The monarchs and their dynasties enslave the world, not the corporations, not the businesses, not the capitalists, the thieves are ruination. The workers can't pay for the old, the new, and the benchwarmers.

Immigrants come to this country to escape totalitarianism, liberals are born free not knowing what it is, the conservatives have capitalist zen that even by this some of you will never understand. There are traitors in every midst, in every collective, for them there are enforcers or peace and the downward cycle continues as the protectors can be corrupt. It is important to play, dreaming is done while you're sleeping. If life is a game, I hope none of you were surprised when Polpot killed 2 million while Mussolini killed 5 million, while Hitler killed 10 million while stalling killed 20 million while Mao killed 50 million, yes this all happened in only 50 years and it all happened because of degenerate sociopaths who hated capitalism, simultaneously. Those aren't exaggerated numbers, so don't be surprised when it happens again.

Some dictator hates capitalism, so he steals everyone else's shit and kills them, so that he has the only capitalism, this is not a metaphor. North Korea hates capitalism and I hear in a recent year that passed 1 million people died of starvation, 21st century event, so don't come crying to me when your neighbor is trying to eat you, tears are just salted meat. Disgusting I know & I'm trying to close this blog session. So I leave you with my final thought of the day, communists are nothing more than secret pervy dynasties with recluse monarchs (no, not me) who don't want poor people to touch them, and for all their fight against capitalism they are fighting against nature. It is natural to have a collective, very much so, if society wasn't natural we'd live in holes in the ground and fight anyone we see, and kill and rape and steal like the last decades of the Viking hordes or modern-day terrorists, and if capitalism wasn't natural, I think we'd be fish, eating, and eating other fish, and sleeping with our eyes open, and higher lifeforms would say we sense not pain and I would say we had no sense, that much at mercy.

Maybe I've said it before now, cops are for the straights, there isn't any need to make your politicians take taxes b/c you couldn't join the commune that you scream until you're blue in the face to have, the people telling you how to think aren't teaching you anything, money doesn't grow on tree, but trees grow and that's all that's important, the entire overpopulation idea is a myth, there are many in cities, and none in the fields, except the slave labor that needs freedom first, citizenship second, respect to be earned third. Go, multiply, prosper, don't sin. Before I leave you with my new favorite quote, I want to remind you, there are a group of degenerate gamblers who have perverted clear thought and spill it into the minds of capitalists hoping to subjugate the world in total destructive domination, while they rush to horde power in bureaucracy, the groups of free will and private property and choice and sex and rocknroll, grow exponentially faster with every recursive counterproductive naive/liberal threat, that they were once the free thinkers who in their solitude from education and duty decided to become representative of cynicism the world thruout, then they were the people who told us "never trust anyone over 30" and now they're telling us (despite being bankrupt, as a nation, morally and physically) that if we don't trust everyone over 30 with absolute subservience, that we will all die.

Fuck, I always leave these on a bad note. There must always be something more powerful than you and you must always have a family that believes what you believe, but no cults, seriously, not cults. God is greater than that which can be most and greatest, a sharing faith is better than the golden calf. There were people smoking bath salts then eating faces of innocent strangers, tell me that's not a government plot to start a zombie apocalypse. Funny, you can also buy a pack of lips with your bath salts, because equality or some bullshit. Cops are for the straights, I don't like cartel violence and drug wars, but it is capitalism, so don't kill the innocents, or I'll have to burn your little town that smells like piss. We call it flushing out the game. Religious terrorists are best served with oregano, delicious.

Kill the communist, save the man.