16 May 2014


Neutering The Stupid Internet, Not Censoring It.

Really quick post - as summer approaches - all threads, stories active. I've been saving my lackluster tech posts because I've been saving my notes for my eventual dissertation since I learned that once you post something using it in a term paper can become plagiarism of oneself. You may be more familiar with the term, derivative. So here's this noise on net neutrality, which is a so-so taboo subject among nerds and other mörsêcöde experts, the way some can't talk about philosophical neanderthalism. (coughmainstreammedia) (coughstatists)

run: cmd > unfuckyourmind.exe > rencountering

Net neutrality, it's where ISPs aren't allowed to charge, larger mass media (also: raw data) providers, higher fees for the bandwidth they elicit. Like most things, and clumsily with the vision, I usually dislike things in regards to who likes them, young I agreed with those closest to me, sagely I agree with those not indoctrinating me. By the way, the people in support, or against it, it's confusing a term, labels are destructive to the simpler perception, anyway some opposed to the above practice (whom so brought this to my attention) were some lefty shills from shitty lame bands, so lets make a musicality comment, one was the guy from that repetitive brain-drill band from the 1990s who seems to have learned to play/scratch guitar from watching Primus videos with the sound off, another a backup dancer in a Weird Al video. If you don't know who they are, it's okay you're young, or waaaay in the future - so that part was anecdotal. Nonethemore, leftists oppose a lot of very benign shit, and opposing this could be "reverse psychology," which is evoking defiance thru haste and spite, very petty. Not the famous Tom Petty, now that guy can play guitar. Anyway, we all know communists are people, despite logic, who've never been asked to define, properly, what a successful business model is. Net neutrality, in its own manner, is two things. One, it is the equal-outcome paradigms that socialists have been shouting blue-in-the-face for years, and two, since communists cannot fund without fascism it blocks the child-brainwashing cluster-fucking vomit-bucket-fuckhole indoctrination crapsaccharine primal infancy that is puerile leftism, promising liberal democracy but with faux liberals and with faux democrats. I'm talking about Usa, of course. Fun fact, the RNC is part of the international democrat union, and the DNC isn't. National debt the state borrows from banks people have to pay under taxation for programs that didn't work and funded totalitarian dictatorships, go fuck yourselves. We know Cuba, N Korea, and slowly more so Venezuela, are prison states, where the fiction that becomes the future is absolutely nightmarish. I recently read a horrific article about Cuba, in that they need bring their own supplies to the hospital that must first be obtained on the black market, the healthcare my potus-with-the-leastest (of a clue) endorses, the article "A visit to the dystopian Havana that tourists never see" ; or, "Venezuela tops global misery Index" (cuba and nkorea aren't on the list because their suffering is greater than can be measured and they shoot foreign journalists on sight); or "North Korean official 'executed by flame-thrower'", which is always classy, except his only crime was not wanting to kill someone the dictator had already killed, the uncle of the now dictator, in the hegemony. Socialists are sociopaths, vote for psychopaths. There are some good stories btw, BJP in India takes 300+ seats from the commie douchebags and China soon to be the largest Christian nation within next ten years. On a new world order sort of idea, we should make it dangerous to support the dictator, make the dictator paranoid until he (dictators are usually dudes) kills everyone around him, hierarchical implosion protocol (throw a hip? idk.); Repel and expand borders into enemy territory, without asking nicely. Fairly standard procedure for deposing dictators really. Net neutrality would keep the "reeducation" of pinkos under wraps, and the fees of their existence are equal to the extortion they impose on the innocent people. Remember, betas always want democracy until their at the top of the hill, then they don't want to play anymore, well fuck that. We need liberty. We're in trouble as a people when we can't survive, and when we can't survive gov't (and its underlings) should be made sparse and endangered. You fuckers don't farm, you don't have callouses, you can't run or arithmetic, hide or teach, no amount of innocuous cordially moral repugnant lachrymal malarkey can protect you from karma or the shadow you cast. We know where you sleep. Just wait until satellite internet ruins your prison planet insanity. If by some chance, you think you've seen depravity and that's why you punish success to reward corpulence, you haven't seen the last of it. (spanglish: you ain't seen nothin yet) (español: tu no verás jamás ya).

It was witches.....