04 June 2009

The first fold of crystal excelsior

Everything that is true is half of what we know. The axiom of time does not exclude haste as we choose to remember the results and not the efforts. There are those among us that need to know that their life is among a majority of thrill seekers and charlatans. Amongst there are those who are the fairest, those who should edict all outward proposals as divine calamity and explanations to the dark. Bloody and brooding hearts overcome their own cages, the fire burns out the sun and the emptiness shares a hollow and bitter fate with the cold.

The first fold are lummox, good for nothing more than crushing seeds beneath soles. The second is ever slower but molded for a task. Their futures mingle occasionally saving a designing aspect removed from the existing pinnacle of spectacle. Once forward but now lost and traded to fate several times over, are in an awkward lapse, clinging to a societal superstructure based on light levels and threatening situations, begetting the failure that could not hold structural composition, as it were a wish and a prayer.

Inevitably and successfully, the lives of humanity will split into two, beast and rider. beast of burden and burdened by the beast they become less weary of the separation as they are unaware of its happening, the distance created slowly changing the soul, outward and in, drags the epitome of the holy one to a lowly fate affected by natural selection heading down a hellish nightmare void farther from the truth of capability.

These moral dilemmas are given to those with idle thoughts, age before beauty is something you will have to learn on your own, or my understanding of its significance may be lost forever, but your leaders need you remembering opinions and lacking your own. For my own kind, being in their memory as a negative space, a pale rapturous figure in depiction, is constantly having to explain your actions, being different than that is somehow never saying your different, but constantly reminding everyone of their inapplicability. Peace is not within justifying what you hate as it will never allow you your opinion yet their resolutions always contain their classification in and of difference from you, don't make judgments based only on appearances, as only time can tell the truth.

As lightning strikes, it expands our natural world, hate the sin and love the sinner. Mined until the forest cannot grow anymore, the nest became a ship and the light began to show the day. Time will bestow clairvoyant vision to the longest lifespan in a silhouette of infrasonic shades of blues invisible to the humans, the auld eyes, though they are the highest form of entertainment. Your theories must meet your realistic expectations of influential self-interest. One cannot live on borrowed time and broken dreams in efforts to succeed beyond your means. From conjecture will literal translation produce confusion before infamy, in the overtones of metallic sound, echoing through similar space, like the motion of the ocean, drawn unto the shore, energy is drawn from its source, the crystal excelsior, into our dark and negative space, as the eldest lords begin to seek the blood red fountain, gracefully and unwittingly.