10 March 2009

the democrat

For his entire campaign, it was change you can believe in. anyone who is faithful to a religion knows that what you need to believe in visible. For almost two years progressives wanted change change change, but today the mantra is hope hope hope. We’ve been constantly reminded to 'tighten our belts' 'hope for a cure' and 'be patient'. As institutions responsible for our plight begin to fail, they are lifted up but not healed. As industry is overwhelmed, outsourced and overlooked, it becomes taxed and punished. I would like to denigrate the president, but where are all the words?

If I wanted to be racist I would focus on ousting him for his failures but before I waste the efforts on teaching an old dog new tricks, I’m distracted by the principles of amnesty of the democrats who are here to represent the laborers of America who are already here, the neglect of American labor rights, the deflection of focus unto radio fatfaces and unforeseen medical miracles as bureaucratic misrepresentation continues not only by the commander in chief but the entire body of representation for citizens of this once greatly industrious land, the appeasement of the hands of entire cities of welfare society, special projects for population dead zones, which comprised the majority of the presidential campaign and the never ending printing of money that pours hand over fist in Washington to create a debt of generational magnitude. Where did all the humans go?

There are too many reasons to fight for life, but there is only one reason to defend it and that is treason against my homeland. Give me my country back if you cannot respect it or it will end like an empire. I will survive with the wise as your spoiled children ask for help from other spoiled children out on their ass in the collapse of civilization.