11 November 2014


Un cuento para el sueño
a su disposición que tengamos
aceptamos pagos ya y a nos mintió
un grito de cruzados
pronto se pueden romper cadenas lo mismos
olviden el perfecto cambio de las cosas, de la vida
odiamos, y la muerte esperen
el cambio se golpearon una fortaleza del mal
no te quedes quieto mientras la vida no sigue
al gobierno no pedirán que el escrito de nuestras vidas
y a cambio nos dará muerte
unido jamás nos vayan a separar
libertad que no creisteis
sociedad es un cosa en que prueba
para les pequeña por mentiras que son
entregar por ustedes métodos
entregado a usted
cielo antes de la sangre
nuestra ignorancia nos ha hecho así
vi a donde nos lleva
una vida torturada mientras nos reíamos
nos suplicar tras las historias se que vos reís cuando allí
viviendo la resistencia

To Infinitely Split

I'll write about cyborgs next post, but let's do the math on something first....
Food Stamp Recipients Top 46 Million for 36th Straight Month | CNS News"The 46,484,828 people getting food stamps in the United States in August continued to outnumber the entire populations of Poland (38,346,279), Argentina (43,024,374) and Ukraine (22,291,413)."
When I hear someone hate the wars that stop terrorists, I blush, flattered, I never knew they wanted we crazies to have to answer 'the call amongst the masses' sortaspeak, and it's likely that wars abroad are for control. Dole bigger than nations with armies, whose own actions themselves could not raise socialism to one hundred percent their own, and yet we try it here. It is a madness that can be seen and a shadow in its place. We could use the dole to feed the ravaged world, such high levels only bait us, or the outsiders, at the most base of emotions, from the depths of depravity, lured by the question - is accepting charity better than saving our home. Yes, dolt, some people need it. These are questions opened oft, apt, and intrepidly, save but our answers some say what they see, even if only to the voices. Note that the mentioned countries are ordered having undergone, recession, default, and internecine war. The policy of dole for dilettantism had outright invaded, collapsed, and attacked to kill, in all available combinations of atrocity. The suffering need it, charity and blessing, and those taking it for granted don't. I've seen the grocer's on the day the dole is paid, behemoths and reprobates litter the isles mimicking and mocking, each with an excess of chromosomes heritage to remnant animalia, unevolved to simplify and advanced genetics. They're not the chimeras we are, they're the dregs of society, and the ravaged world goes unnoticed. The prison states were built on such myopic and bureaucratic feudalism, they saved their own by enslaving all, now eyes wide shut to freedom with lies painted inside their eyelids. So free they cannot leave is a room in hell. As the inflation comes before holidays that we may suffer else the year saving to punish ourselves again, plagues instead of plotters. Trapping muses to sit idle convinced that fiefdom and vapidity had been wisdom when startled wakened from resting in seas of stolen gold, blame property not. No person should be owned by a politician of any title. Also, the next socialist catholic I meet, I'm going to call a red herring. If you don't get the references that's okay.

Almost forgot... Obama, the food-(rubber)stamp president, said the midterm elections should serve as a referendum on his policies, then nobody voted for his policies, or everybody voted against his policies. Let that be a lesson by itself. Go against these people and be lost or forgotten. I think he just wants to harbor no ill will. That's nice. Maybe now he can put his feet up while the jobs bills finally go to a vote and then to his desk. To begrudgingly pass. I won't praise funding programs that needed funding, if the econ (of the world) would hold to the right that process would be automated anyway, so no points for self-aggrandizement and persecution of taxpayers. I think the election shows that much, as will others. Not that the izquierdistas know what a jobs bill is, but I think they were hoping to pass their own after winning the midterms vís a vís the lower house, which soo didn't happen, now not only art they güano, but now everyone knows it.......and the agrarian vs plutocrat imbalance, what the Johann Sebastian Bach?

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