27 May 2011

For Future Reference

For Future Reference, Consider the Vote

Do you hold your breath in a lead bath or were you just born this stupid? I was reading that a medical director for a California prison makes 300,000 a year, retires at 55. is it a mob doctor? i didn't want convicts getting medical care of that high a quality, i shudder to say caliber. the prison is overpopulated and for years people have suggested abolishing mandatory minimum sentencing, but then most people would be sentenced for one day after the bribes roll-out. while we’re on the topic, if bribery of judges and police-persons is illegal, then why do lobbyists get to do it? yea, so how are things? good, that's nice. still allergic to irony? than seal your house with duck-tape for this one. the supreme court of USA orders the release of sentenced prisoners. let that one soak-in for a sec. i suppose they couldn't build more prisons, or add more police, or sponsor an environment of change because they pay - a government union, which i thought was illegal, that only the private sector could have unions - way too much money on liberal hard-ons. be careful protégés, choose your entendre wisely. and while you little princes and princesses sleep in your beds, be relieved that the tooth fairy crawling through your window is a vile criminal most felonious - and that a liberal is probably going to tell you the burglars do it for attention - or some shit - i can never remember how they put it, because i tend not to remember lies - usually after i reckon my own coincidence without being told what to think -

hey Vikings, if you like stuff, than you're going to love things! so if you weren't full of battle from the 1000 years of constant war, there's always politics - did you get your news on how 49/50 states are running budget deficits? that was wicked - than of course a country in whole that has debt, deficits, and deficiency - it’s enough to make you wonder if the convenience of society has kept the invalids from being eaten at the river - I’m sure it’s enough to be called cynical - but sir i need health care, i might die - hilarious - instead of training like a Shaolin warrior every day we scheme on ways to cheat death - oh and bad sample rap music sounds like it should replace the audio for Barney the purple dinosaur shows - hysterical -

is it me or do teleprompters make the president's minimization denials and blames seem insincere - so a bank, a business owns our money as a country and we expect them to not want us paying a loan/debt with a high a.p.r. - w/o antitrust issues Fannie and Freddie - as we call them - for a Dodd/frank bill - gave mandated loans no one deserved - but I’m actually careless, where are my manners - or actually exploited by fraudulent consumers, who knew? - credit default swaps which were fragments of bad ideas, such as home loans and other types of loans - shuffled and traded, used as leverage in 'hedge' funds - aren't you supposed to trim the hedges - yea but wait - ok - used in bad deals to bet against even bigger bad deals - fiscal convolution - and doubling the bet at the sign of debt - you have the right to work - public employee unions waste their own jobs by asking for too much not allowing the hiring of more coworkers to increase production or build more factories etc., they exploit more than private sector, but their numbers keep falling - "The Party" is communism, even in the free world - and the private sector keeps growing stronger - it’s not democracy if everyone cannot contribute and have an opinion - and if you intentionally leave post you're holding democracy hostage - its good spirit to have a healthy distrust of government, it’s a good thing - some - anarchy is had

did you know the greasy palms of unions and democrats - pay attention - communists and communism, democrats and democracy - you are a citizen, then partisan, - can we consider that a union damages the middle class, one that climbs the ladder of corporate society - but what about you, if not pleased - fuck off, make your own mind, - yesterday the 'resident' of Iran accused Europe of stealing rain - it’s all the rage in the land of rage - wounds like a descent opener for a movie script or a pick-up line - no worries, do you ever use your burka to wash the car? - maybe it's a war of hats, little tiny yarmulkes versus full body robes in the hellish desert, hmm, everybody gets hats - this message brought to you by Satan and bacon - thanks free press - for what - rain man - you're welcome pagan friend - hatred without negotiation - is not good - so why do union dues not go to candidates who want to build union-shops and businesses - dunno - so the debt is stupid, if half don’t pay at all its a bit unfair, if everyone paid 100% it wouldn't be enough; waste fraud and abuse are rampant

social programs are not only going bankrupt, but doing so in true liberal fashion by running in deficit - and they won’t audit or verify - you should be 21 to vote - drug tested for welfare plus your kids should be getting D's, it's public school, it's not that hard - and a Democrat winds minority votes by releasing illegal immigrant convicted felons before deportation, when killers should be killed -

guilt by omission? - passive aggression pollutes the human gene pool - so we bargain with communists, it is only fair, and they won’t pay half of the cheapest tax rate in the nation - cordoned by overlapping programs ( not this is not a call for absolute monarchy ) paired with ineffective tactics - $6 billion to increase ethanol circa, when it is cost negative, more to make than to use, -

middle east needs democracy, without dictators killing their own people - it’s not overwhelming if you do one thing at a time - and what is with this lame healthcare mandate - anti-car protest, walk fat ass now, - why is single-payer healthcare paid by someone else? - NHS or bust - ewe - social justice seems ambiguous, we need integration, in USA desegregation of ALL parties - do you know your leaders, the past present and future or do you only know their hand shake and a smile and this week’s fortune cookie slogan - "should the public sector protect and promote the private sector or dominate and direct it? Does the government work for the people or vice versa."

if survival, success and solutions are good, then debt is bad - end debt at dollar one, and you'll never see 30T dollars loss, interest payments bigger than GDP and a blood thirsty welfare state - entitlement population - same difference - many states run deficits which are transmuted to federal tax dollars - i would worry at 10th amendment debts and only support a nation that promotes economic growth

medical mandated coverage kills jobs and changes medium, first your choice, but after implementation, your coverage is limited to approved locations, a violation of first amendment - and an affront to the democratic free state - as it puts more people on Medicare or offers no insurance at all, health insurance companies can’t afford the provision of the healthcare act - much the same way that a soon to explode burdened welfare state, in each form, blossoms and bankrupts the federal welfare system. - taxes cannot solve this problem as those that pay, pay not only a higher quantity but at a higher percentage rate - grossly imbalanced - i assume that if their rates go higher that the so-called upper-class will simply hide their money -

what if providers leave the state? the laws do not allow cross state purchases and here comes Logan’s run, followed by soilent green with Fahrenheit 451 in a close third - employers can’t afford this so they must fire workers or push them into the pit of plummeting federal culpability - welfare is not healthcare - and brokerage coverage puts the responsibility, of negotiating prices, to one bureaucrat, in the end, without concerted effort we are swindled, and wtf waivers, a healthcare exchange to amass purchasing power and they write waiver for whole democrat sectors; in true democrat fashion Florida’s successful Medicaid plan is subdued and denied in lieu of the failing plan, the Gov. there is a republican -

even with Romney care in Mass as a test group - the mandate policy failed - I know the Swiss have one, but they started this before socialites asked for it, wherewithal, before their welfare state; when they could afford it; communists in the white house and beyond, picking favorites beyond reason; is this personal, I’ve made peace and my foes have helped me to this state, - how often do you get to say ashes in Iceland - digital diet, don’t believe everything you read, you can mark twain on the lynch rope -

testing the waters? an issued moratorium then a cry for the people that prices are too high, never enough energy as we only raise the cost by importing it - extortion; food gas energy prices on the wax, food a little more, but for now we're fat and not farmers, gas up a third within the trend of population growth, and energy up a fourth all ( known as the cost of living) as wages are much slower and for so long now and we can’t afford an administration without transparency that doesn't support modern economics;

without progress substantiated this Occidental empire plateaus - the adept adopt as the inept anesthetize themselves; and now your favorite classics from the dark, stone, and midlevel ages - floods, fires, tornadoes - world demand - fate favors the prepared - society belongs to civilization - inflation slowly eats us alive, inflation of value then sullies commerce, double double toil and trouble, cutting taxes reduces the unemployment rate which bolsters the economy, try it, liberals, all the cool kids are doing it -

there are enough American soldiers overseas to secure the nearly open border a baker’s dozen or just enough for N and S - and the locals speak your language - just a thought - beware the radical policies of accusers; "the debt is too damn high" - my biggest fear is citizenship for enlistment of foreigners, seems bad, not migrants with student visas, but full class foreigners, seems bad, the great neutral states with financial power and auspicious might love guns and hold contempt for big government ( a little goes a long way, they print money and make tax laws) they usually don’t say "You there, have a gun and watch me sleep" ; white lies, black heart - space politics - these cheaters mention division and failure like a kid at a wishing well, they are not united they are highly treacherous - let freedom ring - a falling unemployment rate could mean a wane of collected data, if you're looking for crooks, you're cooking the books, poor radicals;

the private sector (people) can’t fill those job requests as unions and the public sector (politics) slows growth the way that communism fails, let me count the ways; firing for costs, go to college, but don't get a loan from those wolves, of all the subsidies where's the education subsidy; gotta love the low approval rating for ideologues; liberals worship clowns; healthcare cost jumping because of legislation regulation, employer costs rise, Medicare/caid reimbursement rates fall while costs raise, fewer doctors admitting 'welfare' patients and now a flood of patients elsewhere more demand on locale means higher costs -

more worries calls for more technology which costs money, the result is a cost solution, as people return to high deductible insurance of a capitalist free market system; the purchasing power of consumers combines while competitive pricing lowers the bills; health reform undermines success with a mandate for Obama care, do not refute this fact liberals, or any fact for that matter you fucking prats

it gives coverage to the welfare elite, 30 million people, 10% of the population, at the very least, burdens the budget, health insurance is for the sick, not the healthy, that why we have sexy nurses, i think low reimbursements cannot compete with a successful enterprise, and I’m sure treatment guidelines should be the responsibility of the doctor - doctor patient privilege and confidentiality; not secret service crawling in my nethers; (sexy nurses) an impediment to innovation;

hey... wtf is my thin film solar panels with a wider range of photonic collection? or my radiation pill developed from cockroach research?; so they cried to cut costs and the leftists refused to make an admission, offer cuts and began to scare the geezers, wtf; free enterprise is threatened by unaccountable, unelected, unconfirmed counsels threatened business; unions march against businesses in non-communist states because of the loss of compelled and compulsory union dues, and extortion powers;

i waited weeks for the president to support the workers, but he only supported the unions, he only seems to answer woes and not fully fix problems, and even yet as the workers woes are not against him, but the unions in his stead, he ignores them, but why would i save a job if it works for less than Americans, and far less than American unionism/communism, with friends like these who needs enemies, with morals of impunity, I’m going to help the ethical worker before the sensational socialist, unfortunately, fear mongers always forget the victim; regulative impunity causes suffering, time limited council, waiting lists, practitioners rejecting the faulty system, sounds like martial law, butchers with statistics dismissing patients early taking the hypocritical oath to a new level of irony; if a debt ceiling was an impact wall, our nation the car, the debt our speed, the deficit the slope, moving the wall won’t make impact acceptable, we must slow the path of anarchy, learn to stop the madness before it is too late;

real estate taxes like a ghost town, welfare payments at an all-time high, soaring pension costs, medical bills for those still paying them, and an inevitable withdrawal of fiscal stimulus that has long been an ineffective waste, layoff and service cuts like solar storms, pretty, blinding, dangerous

the catatonic stance of liberals who have lost and seek pity - the blue bloods are weak, I’m surprised they show themselves in public - destructive and malevolent

stop using my money for your addiction - why does AARP get a waiver, with a membership fee and exemption of SS, the group of over 65 with Medicare in addition needs a waiver? there pushing babies off cliffs, why are the old so afraid of death - two things are certain, death and taxes; Dems love taxes and deny death ( don't mention it and it goes away) and republicans accept both ; why fight the inevitable; turtles all the way down; if 90% get a waiver, why have this program at all? - dunno - do-over? -

political favors - a socialist-treason to pay-back campaign contributors (at the taxpayer's expense) easy paper trail - RICO trial - extreme entitlements - medical, social security, defense, non-defense ( mystery alien research ), and net interest on the debt - obtuse - a 1/3 yearly deficit is a failing fiscal policy - insolvency and deficit spending = all bad; if you're not honest and accountable you're a traitor; libertarian media in main stream calls opponents loud and obnoxious then they scream lies until blue in the face; i don’t think i can support the welfare state;

i support allies of America and not the axis of evil; why can’t your idols answer our troubles, the economy, our jobs, deficit, and doesn't threaten terrorists, and not even ultimatums of truth and consequence diverse; i despise the broken promises of politicians; the best of us are entrepreneurs and philanthropists;

liberals have no comprehension of the private sector; maybe a little consumer based pricing index - consumerism - inexperienced academics, with short term aspiration to be elite or intellectual but not learned, : their egos are big enough for assumed divine intervention with a subtle manifest destiny; a broken revenue system carrying the entitlements greater than the roman empire - go Vikings - can you see the frustration when conglomerates in higher tax brackets pay a lower percentage when small businesses; 50% of homes don't pay taxes, wtf those ships haven't got a chance; in threat of dire consequence urge responsibility, in faster times we assuredly would teach the weak to leave the wounded or have the wounded leave the weak; - vice versa - these taxpayers concerns are at their attention; a new house will be filled with a new order - the players without skill will find the field as they crawl through it with their fingers even if to retreat; draw the slack, lower the credit limits, hunt the beast;

Pakistan wanted Afghanistan to cut ties with USA, a month later USA soldiers caught and executed terrorist # 1 UBL; Islam is weird, i don’t watch Sharia's Law, is it funny?, I’m not into minority things, or as the migrants say 'ethnic shows' WE'RE ALL HUMAN! - even though we fund the countries we're fighting - good sport - goo on ya - good hunting - don't burn bridges, burn terrorists; Islam like most wacky religions fears demons from fires, so make it rain fire, tell them you're from hell, the religious are at the top a level six threat when violent, spare no tactic -

while unions and politicians conference the taxpayer is nowhere to be heard; excluded by corrupt society; even for wild beasts there is only good and evil, not haves and have not's, we pay more workers or we pay fewer union members and hope - fie; death and taxes, both will come due; a labor party protects employer and employee; (not unions and corruption) a mutual beneficial voluntary relationship; the wealthy want workers to make product, to sell it, to make more money, for more power, not for one worker to exploit and cause a necessity for other workers to be fired, so productivity drops -

why do union reps negotiate contracts - holding their hands - I see weakness - are they stupid - why can’t they do their own job interview - it looks like a school of ignorance - how could the private sector survive if employers could fire their employers? with benefits considered, private sector employees make less than public sector employees when comparing identical roles;

civil disobedience - 28? states now suing the Gov. over healthcare law / pressing charges - the individual mandate is unconstitutional, the injunction impugning the 10th amendment is felonious terror, the healthcare plan costs more and gives less; if your income goes above the poverty line, the mandated coverage will force you into bankruptcy - the plan is intrinsically flawed - enforcing the mandate puts more economic pressures on the average American that are unsustainable; career-politicians know nothing of healthcare and its economics - making decisions - this error is the shortcoming of socialism - and how could a failing economic model by ignorant bureaucrats be trusted when the federal budget and policy is a phenomenal catastrophe - the states suing know, as i know, the Gov. will not be able to provide support (in this fashion) and so many wavers exist that they circumvent the law's efficacy -

how can you expect someone to run a country - as a president - when they've never run a business - dirty working class democrats; the inflation index is always double the estimate - and now bandits hitting food transports as the liberal arts elitist middle class destroy their place and drive the upper and lower apart - the well-off and the stagnant - if you're a politician in the emperor’s new clothes, consider your job, vengeance votes - inflation is a volatile economic momentum - taxes can violate all classes simultaneously;

tax hikes in recessions cause recessions; oil at the pump doesn’t['t truly affect the price at the pump; likewise, some people are slow as molasses; can’t they work for welfare - brushing the streets - no coordination with reality and career politicians, 70% of welfare recipients are exploiting it - the blight of generational poverty as socialists throw money at welfare recipients they tell them to hide from politics - welfare labor teaches a trade; assumably/presumably; - help break generational poverty - workfare is still promoting apathy -

T.E.A. - tax enforcement agency - growth by success, free from dependence, it is time for conservatives to support a basified limited government candidate - stimulus was a raging democrat hard-on, the choice of doctor was stripped, the transparency never began, the bills were not/are not displayed, liberal cities are at war with red states, and a lot of music is wretched and annoying - the debt and interest is growing, to not remove it is irresponsible - liberal democrats love to raise taxes - they demonize the wealthy even if rich themselves - even if you tax the rich it's not even a drop in the sea of debt - or to close the gap - merely an attempt to get more money in Washington so they can spend it in corruption - can you spell abortion clinic - if she's worried isn't the kid a good egg, guard the nest you know - tie it off -

opponents of a voucher system that essentially ends Medicaid/care fear that is nationalization, and more so fear the end of a culture of poverty and dependence - in a way it is nationalization, but the benefice is Uncle Sam and if liberals (for lack of a better name) don't trust their own system than I’m gradually losing interest in their flashy yet ineffective plans - a third of migrants on foot are caught and thrown back, yet liberals and sell-outs say it's more secure than ever, maybe in their dreams, so they can get new votes with the amnesty laws for newborns and the not yet passed open amnesty legislation that surfaces every few months; (anchor babies implies nomads, nomads lived on the land without the need for social services) cartels hold ground with tactical advantage, border zones are off limits to our own people, HTF is that secure - i want soldiers on the Mexican border, there are some 100,000 troops in afghan land alone, that's enough for border safety, i want immigration laws enforced w/o politics diluting the process, and a president who doesn't say the unfinished wall is built - WTF -

so don’t chase money into tax shelters, but small businesses can’t hide, what if you make a penny over the taxable bracket and your operating cost is 99% = you're in hell and high water - who pays? top 1% pays 38% & top 5% pays 59% & top 10% pays 70%, & top 25% pays 86% - not enough people are in touch with the true economic situation, what about a fair tax w/ a prebate - "(a rebate paid in advance) every month for sales tax paid for purchases up to the poverty level for that size of household." meaning based on your rate of consumerism while below a certain level of income - I’m trying answers because I’m not a politician; never penalized for productivity, never rewarded for irresponsibility - the opposite of puppet string policies that punish earners, reward on the Peter Principle, and bailout massive failures - without regulation despite the common scrutiny of people getting paid, in the end the communists want more communists to play their game so that they build their union - to collect the compulsory dues and amass power over the few - absolute power, corrupts absolutely - the ghost of UBL praises the democratic movement in Muslim nations - Seal Team Six 1 UBL 0

education scores flat-lining for at least 20 years - can we only spend what comes, maybe even save some? what should anyone do when their predecessors have visited upon them an unsustainable debt? new tax regime; restructure pensions, 401k for new employees, freeze the benefits of those predating the clause, do not take back what they've earned, (they can restore conditions when the fiscal insanity is over, that's why they invented unions) and add to the frozen pensions a 401k as well a sort of mixed breed of pensioner - save until it hurts, because obsessed sensationalist liberals will shut-down state capitals to protect a system that pays unionized government workers 50% more than non-union workers ( what happened to civic duty? ) a system that collects billions of dollars in mandatory dues to support liberals who support government unions - regular unions are fine, for when you get in trouble, not for racketeering and bribery of public officials - unions and the larger issue, communism, tend to abhor society, they detest the very idea of community, and oppose the idea of equality for those w/ the quality of life; they seek only power, and the furthered collection of their hundreds of millions in dues, only to return nothing; a pyramid scheme fir for monarchy, fueled by the radical ideology of despotism and eventually violence; they cling to power, watch them curdle if you comply but do not bow, so many befitting words begin w D

Groucho Marxism, dear mobsters, if you have a politician you're keeping squeaky-clean, look them up and make sure you approve - bow and be on your way - during the recent economic calamity the government bailed out some major companies playing large part to major industries - corporate welfare - they bought into AIG, an investment company, and instead of buying low and selling high, they sold low and missed the climb and the market bears slayed them - big surprise - and didn't buy into Chrysler, a company that fucking makes something, gets reimbursed - get this - with their own money, into one pocket then back-out the other - monetized - a shame to this great country of ours, the last truly free country riddled, Michael Collins was a good movie methinks - favoritism provides lawlessness, an opportunity to escape, why did the senator from Nevada who wrote the healthcare legislation farce, get a waiver for his entire state? corruption - energy prices rise faster than inflation, yet the administration has admitted they want prices to "necessarily sky rocket" and have taken steps to stop energy innovation - lookout! massive doctor shortage in USA -

how great would it be to help national weather disaster victims, if there was no massive national debt crisis? then you could really give free houses to people who NEEDED one. those that would like us to be entertainers, have come out of the woodwork to slander.

did the FDA just attack the Amish? wtf - when the system has turned into Chicago backwards politics - a debt cliff, cut spending, fiscal credibility; remove the failure of leadership, defund Obamaczar, i mean defund Obama-care, spending caps, thick skin, laughing with us, not at us, confidence, without liberals there are no conservatives, (the madness is a sickness) ( inexperienced professionals fill the lines of incident reports such as this) free speech is not violence, opinions are events of honesty that can become trees, lies are snakes in the grass, compulsive gamblers and useful idiots, does the CFO not worry about the credit rating? - with an anemic economic growth and recovery, raising taxes is a bet on a dead horse, (slower than a racehorse named lucky) the echelons vanguard are the job creators, entrepreneurs, small business owners, tax payers, class warfare in an information age does not work; voters expected Change in Washington, not for the entire country, we have been offered Hope, but not granted any;

the only day you wear a veil is at your wedding - with the exceptions of Mathura and ninjas, we only hide our face in war, you are sexually repressed if you cannot show your natural beauty in glory, spies hide in the daylight, yin and yang are one of equality; the haste of fools,

the top income tax bracket did not put the country into a debt crisis, liberals and lobbyists with half-wit immediate goals, impulse buys are gambles, compulsive addictions are long-term bets with short term resources; yet they blame the rich to bail them out as they deflect the blame; clichés in soapboxes, demonizing, (worth our weight in blood and oil)

collective bargaining is not collective rationality - defund or neutralize spending on faulty projects - business or bullshit, lose the dead weight - appropriations and laws should be separate legislations, (get your chocolate out of my peanut butter) most government unions contributions go to democrats, the leaders of unions typically make more than the president does, w/o doing much (something in common?) state employees pay half as much (contribution) to their pensions as the private sector - obviously public unions BENEFITS are breaking budgets, in record amounts, (the hat has dropped)

"The American worker needs protection, but the public unions have succeeded in buying politicians who have rigged the game" the constitution is perfect - one cannot begin to echo the vast ignorance of Neapolitan naiveté - what's with all the imperialist choleric dictators in the world? did the evil shop have a sale? hip-hip hooray, Gitmo is still open - UBL needs to know that, like he needs a hole in the head - first impressions and final pleasantries; a fine line; bias accusations come from blind anger - left-wing media lives in a bubble - ironic logic; why settle for less just to spite bystanders in anger; distracted leadership bring a new low to destroy expectations for suffering to distract the folk, the best and apt cannot lead us while fascist children are crying wolf; a lower statistic reflecting failure by discouraging success until the problems of arrogance consume our efforts; it's like an inner-city lowest-class public school 'around here'; good intentions wrong idea - often wrong, never uncertain;

contractors who owe millions in taxes illicitly received 'stimulus' funds - delinquency - debt created by inflation, at the brink of disaster (after a century of aid, it is a time for reckoning) inspire - when i heard suicide in the ranks i got sick, go hard or go home,

quintessentially - deficit reduction (resource), building (desert expanses), innovation (agriculturalists), reform (multiculturalists), education (commoners); austerity is an ethical measure second to logic

if the affordable care act does the opposite, i am going to void on some graves - it's on my list - the alternative to Obamacare, I’m sure is care for sale, when the law was advertised, and as it is repackaged and resold, it is mentioned as 'care for everyone', if the audience thinks it is free they approve - regrettably it has great costs, and the probable potential to bankrupt the nation -

how fares a mandate? an aspect of discrepancy, taxed enough already, corporations or companies (USA #1!) government track records regarding running cost logistics ( prisons, dmv/bmv, d.o.education, = overpopulation ) - can you generalize coverage necessity for other people, can it be successful addressing symptoms ( coverage) and not solutions (cost) - it removes discretion from doctors to 'insurance claim adjusters'

patient power needs to be removed from employers and health care companies and give to the people, if it is yours the worth is understood, moral ambition does not make the Obamacare achievable - regardless of who sells it, such is life that more delay is more destruction, - preexisting anxiety - forced to pay in lieu of proper planning for the seniors and again as the system fails to reduce costs as i finally begin to use it in later years, - for providers the growth of costs if seized in nationalization will provide a windfall for less than a year, the problem persists w/o a solution - huge profits but little profit percentage gain (i.e. 100 dollars a year, but .01 cent profit) at times less than 1%, - Medicare needs reform and Obama care repealed -

Medicare has no beneficiary, if someone sends a bill, social services pays for it, there is no coordination of care like that found at medical groups and national digital records systems such as HIPAA - basic universal healthcare should be auxiliary, and not preemptive, the responsibility belongs to the patient, to understand mortality (in ethos) and to have a choice, w/ mandates follows guidelines and budgets - insincerity of care - does extreme opposition show our cynicism, it is verily absurd that supporters and proponents of care were exclusionary to preexisting health condition (for all these years) - limited imposition, and maximum choice - if you can’t manage a service, you cannot hold it accountable including cost, (if you see a healthcare insurance purchaser's union - brace for revolt)

you cannot replace the existing formless market that is capitalism, nature always wins, - I, as an individual, (?), must buy an individual plan (personal), employer’s plan (service), or from (exchange) clubs and/or brokerages; force the insurance companies to compete (or did PBS just win the ratings race?); w/o competition costs and quality/efficacy are irrelevant; welcome to Retirement Castle; if it's yours, you’re the king or queen, if it's run like a hotel you're going in the mote; - the Kevorkian authority is chosen by the patients, - pay the preventative cost and not the repairs of an avoidable aftermath - portable insurance - interstate - (interstate farm?) the customer is always right, not Uncle Sam the middle man - (except maybe the hand of fate?) - ok - instead of burdens of bureaucracy our insurance should fit our lives, - you want a Cadillac plan that fits you - ethical malpractice reform - the bill contains several small tiny fixes that should have been done ages ago, yet for what is misses provides an ironic "nail in the coffin" or "noose for your neck" - the expanded Medicare system pays for fragmentation (separate purchases each with services charges) and overuse -

is universal healthcare compatible w/ personal freedom? a government utility enacts, exemptions, mandates for supplemental costs and coverage, and to decide the effective premiums ($) in generalized outcome;

so what about tax credits for all, and refundable/perpetual credits for the poor? opponents want coverage now, impetuously, they also fear it will not be enough as costs increase, though the credit can be increased; supporters know this plan allows liberty and that costs will not 'sky rocket' with demand, because everyone won't be running to the E.R. (an additional 30+ million new mandated policies) to utilize the mandated coverage - and you can keep you're plan that you have now, without negative effect; this plan - supported = cash in hand (credit/voucher), opposition = vampire tax; universal health care is achievable, communism is reproachable; (enrolled, covered, 3 legs thanks to e.d pills) no one should be denied insurance-care because they have a preexisting condition, and it can be done w/o forcing change, quality care not quantity care.

E Pluribus Unum

24 May 2011

from dissonance to consonance

I believe that the message of capitalism is earn what is yours and do not give to fiends, insomuch as a support to teach people they can earn whatever it is they wish without need for being coddled into bold responsibility. The men is our mensch, we must earn our rights and our freedoms, it is not our place to make judgement the way that fate unrepentantly judges our experience. Our station cannot be given or doted, convenience isn't convenience at all, and wisdom is a virtue untold within perpetuity.

22 May 2011

Blood of the Witch

Some somewhere man was sitting in the storm
And pondered to see what is god's true form
Certain the human was about the scene

The air of time the same view of the mind
Watching the dreamer playing and praying
A mind of kiln sleepy and falling-down

Hiding in the sun sleeping in the clouds
Running through veins a mercy incomplete
Covering grey clouds encircle the earth

Vampires feed as they sleep so commonly
As is so oftentimes most only they
Awaken from a dream into nightmare

For as they drink the victim is in bliss
Courts and folk hold this title never rank
Retribution never spent surviving

A cult of orchestra gather to feed
A centerpiece of any other day
This offering the lord has put to sleep

Victims pail the fiends with blood on their face
We drank the souls of their finest kindred
They seemed to say as their coven razes

Death between the sheets a veil confronted
A dangerous reign a terrible game
The worshiping for fate lost to the sun

Even above the clouds comes a nightfall
And these predators of prey find their slew
Completion of a feast without a sound

A message washed-away save lest to feed
And never live to breathe without the dark
For each fang the house of witch doth protest

A sordid past of blood so much the same
Not made a feud for dining on druids
Spell casters hate the creatures of the night

With hexes on the land of stone and cloud
The witches sent their spells and hunters both
By magic chains they capture many feign

The losses fell upon the sides of each
Survivors of the hunt return to rest
Hunters return to coven with quarry

Stalkers of misfortune move to gather
Against the surly hunters of the axe
Their fury signifies a coming war

While henchmen return with dead and dying
The wiles of witches soon returns to joy
At once begins the vexing of undead

Interrogation burns the dying minds
To find a teeming house of ill repute
But soon an audience before the damned

Like chargers in the mist they move unseen
The soil unclean they do not leave a trace
For they sight the fires of the cauldron

The preacher of the leeches breaks the door
And staunchly brings a wrath upon the house
A death to one, survivors two of three

A hostage witch they make her as their first
A dying thirst a hunt that never ends
Thus portends a fight in desperation

The hunters of the night are on their way
For those who flit in daylight with a spell
A hell of power properly secret

In soon the hunters were upon their prey
Beset beside themselves in timid fear
Caught in fixed gaze with deepest darkness

The leching witch stood before her sisters
And once came forth and knelt in offering
The taste of blood behind the tongue and cheek

With many years behind the current hour
The witches make a pact and shared their blood
And by this spell returns one to true form

Three unto powers three they dost convene
And ravage general dismay to foes
In throes of revenge spite without retreat

And held the witches fire in their hands
To make with powers sorrows at commands
Preserving better freedom for the lands

09 May 2011

Reckless Abandon

Looking through the winter mirror of broken ice
I happened to the season of the broken dream
It hung me from the clouds without the grace of God

And soldiers from the sand became our mortal foe
So poisonous that wreath they hang upon the clean
It seems beside the shade that verity has gone

For on this world I seek to make the best of time
But savor every thought conceived in my freedom
And as churches reject our way begins a storm

My enemies fear demons of the deepest fire
Brutal is their treatment of their kin and country
Some moral benefit to hunt and harm the west

From prophet seekers to followers of mad men
Every minstrel tainted by their blackened heart
The pure of heart have faith without the manic sin

The sky can  only weep for tragedy resolved
So much that vilest deserts are forever dry
The alchemy watches as ideals corrode facts

Again through the chasm the barkers have gone mad
Through ignorance preaching hate and certain anger
Forever shall house malice out pour river blood

I saw demons setting fires for marriage of faiths
A struggle of power by cowards of deceit
And merciless heresy follows the old death

We reject religion when it lies  with voices
We deny the terror brought forth by those of slave
We defy a world without science save us all

03 May 2011



This month of May I rose to see the dawn
Too early for a day that I could love
And fell I to sleep into dreams of fear

The troubles of the world are not sleeping
Basking in the salt of the cursed earth
Plague of winds that rests upon the sunset

Cursive affliction separates the beast
In clarity we must destroy the flood
Of dream to survive of day to find peace

Whereas I cannot say is leadership
Remarkable we hunt to kill the dusk
The Earth will rot to act as subtle grace

And seek the sights of paradise divine
To last these days of late by recompense
For which we risk the precious air we breath

A damage done by time forever lost
In ways for you cannot imagine so
Watching war ravage the bounteous realm

Through smoke of burning bodies affluent
Displayed on high the idols of our youth
So many trenchant deposed to destroy

In this spring the monsters hovel and fight
Taken by vanity into the sky
What weakness takes a chance to ruin days

Beset them in their painful silver-chair
Complacency where ease will take the fall
To honesty behind the faded line

This place is evil seeking brighter dawn
The answer where the dust to hardly make
In sight of all the sacred and the lost

The rivers of the war are at the seam
To tear them at the limb within the shade
Your lies become the lovers of disgrace

Doth shelter every sorrow mourning
With stolen hearts the likes to send the plague
And fires of the soul complete to burn

Cinch the bag and throw it in the river
The furnace does not toil without the sun
And sleeping is the shadow of the tree

Blinding radiant stare at the window
And seems the waking part of tragedy
The light of err to cull within the dark

Many unto the lighter road to fare
To give the barter for the sack of claws
This parable of one on-down the lane

Concern you of the ever-waking rot
A braver soul to slightly heed the mount
And craven are the slain to put in bed

Well lance at clouds in grief to take your woe
intrinsic in your coma prison well
and sinking in another mortal grave

I sought to make the witness mystery
But seat me in my house without refine
And make the winter harvest from the sand

Beseech resplendent glory of the moon
Where summer is a motion of the sky
Between the waking hours of the storm

To never make that screeching sound again
I love the way to make the mortal wretch
And speak the whisper lie to love unfold

Replace the wanderlust of any morn
Beneath the season plains to rule the world
The city made of glass was meant to fall

If sight you of hoarfrost morning tide
Awake to find the meaning of it all
And run to seek the forest of the thief

A ministry of lies and quick deceit
Where nevermore the penchant of the thought
And ample are the eyes of Avalon

Where wait the supple mistress of this world
Mirror to the quake and balance time
But never are the trees beneath the mist

Forsaken are the perils of the past
And those who live above the open sea
And suffer those the lockers of the deep

The period of chivalry unknown
Belies the sacred wisdom underneath
The umbrage of a softer soothing sky

Beget the ruddy gits without a care
And help yourself to words you do not know
Do cherish every life you are reborn

The riddle worship and dismay to give
Will help you on your way to learn and live
In breaking summer soon declarative