22 May 2011

Blood of the Witch

Some somewhere man was sitting in the storm
And pondered to see what is god's true form
Certain the human was about the scene

The air of time the same view of the mind
Watching the dreamer playing and praying
A mind of kiln sleepy and falling-down

Hiding in the sun sleeping in the clouds
Running through veins a mercy incomplete
Covering grey clouds encircle the earth

Vampires feed as they sleep so commonly
As is so oftentimes most only they
Awaken from a dream into nightmare

For as they drink the victim is in bliss
Courts and folk hold this title never rank
Retribution never spent surviving

A cult of orchestra gather to feed
A centerpiece of any other day
This offering the lord has put to sleep

Victims pail the fiends with blood on their face
We drank the souls of their finest kindred
They seemed to say as their coven razes

Death between the sheets a veil confronted
A dangerous reign a terrible game
The worshiping for fate lost to the sun

Even above the clouds comes a nightfall
And these predators of prey find their slew
Completion of a feast without a sound

A message washed-away save lest to feed
And never live to breathe without the dark
For each fang the house of witch doth protest

A sordid past of blood so much the same
Not made a feud for dining on druids
Spell casters hate the creatures of the night

With hexes on the land of stone and cloud
The witches sent their spells and hunters both
By magic chains they capture many feign

The losses fell upon the sides of each
Survivors of the hunt return to rest
Hunters return to coven with quarry

Stalkers of misfortune move to gather
Against the surly hunters of the axe
Their fury signifies a coming war

While henchmen return with dead and dying
The wiles of witches soon returns to joy
At once begins the vexing of undead

Interrogation burns the dying minds
To find a teeming house of ill repute
But soon an audience before the damned

Like chargers in the mist they move unseen
The soil unclean they do not leave a trace
For they sight the fires of the cauldron

The preacher of the leeches breaks the door
And staunchly brings a wrath upon the house
A death to one, survivors two of three

A hostage witch they make her as their first
A dying thirst a hunt that never ends
Thus portends a fight in desperation

The hunters of the night are on their way
For those who flit in daylight with a spell
A hell of power properly secret

In soon the hunters were upon their prey
Beset beside themselves in timid fear
Caught in fixed gaze with deepest darkness

The leching witch stood before her sisters
And once came forth and knelt in offering
The taste of blood behind the tongue and cheek

With many years behind the current hour
The witches make a pact and shared their blood
And by this spell returns one to true form

Three unto powers three they dost convene
And ravage general dismay to foes
In throes of revenge spite without retreat

And held the witches fire in their hands
To make with powers sorrows at commands
Preserving better freedom for the lands