09 May 2011

Reckless Abandon

Looking through the winter mirror of broken ice
I happened to the season of the broken dream
It hung me from the clouds without the grace of God

And soldiers from the sand became our mortal foe
So poisonous that wreath they hang upon the clean
It seems beside the shade that verity has gone

For on this world I seek to make the best of time
But savor every thought conceived in my freedom
And as churches reject our way begins a storm

My enemies fear demons of the deepest fire
Brutal is their treatment of their kin and country
Some moral benefit to hunt and harm the west

From prophet seekers to followers of mad men
Every minstrel tainted by their blackened heart
The pure of heart have faith without the manic sin

The sky can  only weep for tragedy resolved
So much that vilest deserts are forever dry
The alchemy watches as ideals corrode facts

Again through the chasm the barkers have gone mad
Through ignorance preaching hate and certain anger
Forever shall house malice out pour river blood

I saw demons setting fires for marriage of faiths
A struggle of power by cowards of deceit
And merciless heresy follows the old death

We reject religion when it lies  with voices
We deny the terror brought forth by those of slave
We defy a world without science save us all