“It is a myth, not a mandate, a fable not a logic, and symbol rather than a reason by which men are moved.” ~ Irwin Edman
Merlin | Book 01 | Gateways
Merlin | Book 02 | Reflections

Merlin | Book 03 | Coven    
Merlin | Book 04 | Shadows [2019]
M*5*Light (Confirmed)
M*6*Fire (Confirmed) 

M*7*Netherworld/Earth (?) 
Merlin: From the Tomb of the Alcheministry  

  Merlin Φ Book 1 Φ Gateways 
Imgz Thor Concept Art  Θ  Merlin 1 Cover  Θ  Nightshade  Θ  This Frog  Θ 
  1.   Merlin 1    
  2.   Merlin 2    
  3.   "Medusa"    
  4.   "The Open Door World"   
  5.   "Fairgrove"   
      The Phoenician's Thirst   
  6.   "Empire"   
      Blood Magic  
  7.   "The Mountain"   
      The Seven Deaths of the Devil   
  8.   "Rise"      
      Tormenta Nostra   
  9.   "The Blood Curtain"   
  10.   "Valley of Thorns"   
  11.   "The Shadow's Edge"   
  12.   "The Orphan Wraith"   
  13.   "Mont Blanc"      
      The Obsidian Cell   
  14.   "Vainglory"   
  15.   "Pandora's Box"   
  16.   "Eye of the Storm"   
  17.   "Smoke and Mirrors"   
  18.   "Children of the Harvest Moon"   
  19.   "Suffer the Sky"   
  20.   "The Art of Dying"    
  21.   "Pyromania"   
  22.   "The Vampire Queen"   
  23.   "The Moonlit Mistress"   
  24.   "Apostasy"   
  25.   "Shadows Fall"   
  26.   "Disconnected"   
  27.   "A Light in a Darkened World"    
  28.   "Subtle Arts of Murder and Persuasion"              

Merlin Φ Book 2 Φ Reflections
  Imgz  Merlin 2 Cover  Θ  Falling Reign 
Θ  EXTRLT  Θ  Summoning Beacon  Θ  Sonogram Æsc  Θ  Etain, Avalynn, and Hel  Θ  Black Rose Immortal  Θ  Winding Star  Θ  *DNC Parody Logo  Θ  Commie Chameleon  Θ  Nepenthecide  Θ
 Merlin Θ Book 3 Θ Coven
Imgz  Coven Concept Covers  Φ  UC?  Φ  Plural Possessives*4  Φ  Camp Belladonna  Φ  URDNA  Φ  CLOUD SICK  Φ  Kylesa Mara  Φ  Hidden In Plain Sight  Φ  Ode Morgana  Φ Angry Frogs Φ  Demonic Reliquary  Φ Ethereal Message 
Φ Reality For Sale Φ 

  1.   "Doggerel"    
  2.   "Heir Apparent"    
  3.   "Eulogy of the Scorned"    
  4.   "Adoration for None"     
  5.   "Witches Brew"     
  6.   "Pathless Taken"    
  7.   "Dangerous Prey"    
  8.   "Sin and Sacrifice"    
  9.   "The Swords of Samsara"    
  10.   "Au Contraire"     
  11.   “Of Wolf and Man”      
  12.   "Cobalt of March"     
  13.   “Whoracle”
  14.   “Memories Aside”  
  15.   “Sortie Exchequer”       
    White Pages (N:journal)    
  16.   “Porcelain Heart”   
  17.   “Passive Aggression”    
  18.   “Wont to Do”    
  19.   “Valkyrja”  
  20.   "Lifeblood"  
  21.   “...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead”   
    21:2 "Dís Ostara"    
  22.   “Hecate”
    Nox Arcana - Night of the Wolf - Vedma      
    Yesteryore (The First Three Poems)
  23.   “Coerced Coexistence”    
  24.   "The Fairy Dost"    
  25.   “Exiguity”   
    25  B (Interim) "Ode Morgana"    
  26.   “Assent in Err”    
  27.   “A Skyline's Severance”    
  28.   "Blood and Thunder" 
  29.   "Lilith Immaculate" 
  30.   “Honorificabilitudinitatibus” 
  31.   "Diminished to Be"  
  32.   “The Agony Scene”
  33.   "Sojourner"
  34.  “Pyre and Procession”
  35.  “Strings of Hypocrisy”
  36.  "Practice Theory"    
  37.  "Concilliabule"    
  38.  "Keep, Qualm, and Carrion" 
  39.  "Hateful Design" 
  40.  "Benign Neglect" 
  41.  "Night Marauders"
  42.  "Shattering the Spell"
  43.  "Lucre
  44.  "The Serpent Servant
  45.  "The Venom Inside
  46.  "Brood Parasitism
  47.  "Of Dungeons And Dragons
  48.  "Will-o-the-wisp
  49.  "Great Burning Nullifier
  50. "Snakes for the Divine
  51. "Tripartite
  52. "Master's Apprentices
  53. "Hexewell
  54. "Coterie"
  55. "Wispertongue
  56. "Precursor to Chaos
  57. "Outnumbering the Day
  58. "Climactic Degradation
  59. "The Serpent Servant"
  60. "Jaded"
    60B "Of Immortality & Ice" / N+A oneoff
  61. "Love in a Burning Building"
  62. "Bound by the Moon

Merlin Θ Book 4 Θ Shadows (2017?) 
Imgz Faceless Shadows Φ

Writing Blindfolded
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Volume 1 (proofread)

 The Lost Souls Φ The Lake of Fire Φ The Book of the Dead Φ The Vampire Codex Φ Unholy Φ Suicide and Redemption Φ The Sleepwalker Murders Φ Creationism  Φ Vampirical Aberration Φ The Hunter Φ Salt the Graves  Φ Wingless Φ The Cheater Φ The Saboteur Φ The Thief  Φ The Philosopher's Stone Φ The Plague of Man Φ Ghost of the Sun Φ Urdarbrunn Φ Windburn Φ Windfall Φ Windblast Φ Dedligand Φ The Valkyrie Portal Φ Intercambion Φ Breathless Φ Vacuous Φ Vortex Φ Hraesvelg Φ Fossegrim Φ Sword of Shallows Φ Undertow Φ Blackwater Park Φ Hamadryad, The Thirst of all Trees Φ Of Darkness Spawned Φ March to the Shore Φ Insatiable Φ The Dead Unholy See Φ Tides of Ignorance Φ Swampfoot Φ Slaughter Φ Executioner Φ Attrition Φ Muse Φ The Mountain Prison Φ Befog ΦΦΦΦ  einherjar