09 November 2013

If Tech Were Tabloid

And Eng, by Nari
Anding is a simple elimination process in binary supernetting. (0/1=0, 1/1=1, 1/0=0, 0/0=0) Here is a shorthand And, and an accented Eng. It is also known by &&, used to delineate demarcation between Network and Host portions of address schema when filtering logical portions remanded by default gateway via L3 Network Layer, or that is making routing decisions based on subnet masks to separate sections of a network in similar fashion to a virtual lan port assignment/designation would, but without the physical limitations of switch/router/hybrid device physical topology or mandatory port logical configurations; which in VLANs occurs in the L2 Data Link layer that I wish they would just call it the Link Layer, because all of the other OSI layers only have one word names. 

Question 1,

Link Layer is ________,
A) Where the overlords attach our shackles to our bodies.
B) The docking port on a space station.
C) An OSI layer b/w L1 physical operations and L3 datagram length encapsulation/decapsulation. (*to L4 Transport Layer and before L4-L7 packet switching occurs, L4-L7 similar to the TCP/IP protocol layers/stack.)
D) An underground night club for tech gurus.
E) A bachelor hideaway for Princess Zelda's beau.
F) An internet forum and message board for international blackmarket trading.
G) An industrial machine used to create railroads. 

Question 2,

True or False.

Politicians shouldn't be allowed to make their own decisions. Now that everyone will have healthcare - except for the millions who just lost their plans, those who face the unfortunate experience of doctor shortages, and those who had their care rationed from them due to federal cost analysis that was originally the same exact fucking reason used to demonize health insurance companies - maybe the zealots on capitol hill could start trying to make it cheaper.