12 December 2008

The Past 8 years - The History of the Tyranny of George Bush

The Past 8 years - The History of the Tyranny of George Bush
"extra-constitutional treaty breaking rodeo clowns" - Keith Olbermann

8 years ago i was a High School graduate who finished a semester early at the age of 17. I was looking for a job in an already failing economy. Over the next 8 years from Detroit to California I met a lot of unruly dudes, liars and addicts. But altogether the worst of all of these combined was -

George W. Bush - a pawn for Corporate Oil Companies domestic and foreign.

In his last days of office, he plans to:

Auction land near national parks.
Loosen emission standards on coal-fired power plants.
Weaken rules on drinking water allowing higher levels of arsenic.
Allow coal companies to dump into streams.
Give oil and gas leases next to national parks
Allow Uranium mining near the Grand Canyon.
Allow more snowmobiles at Yellowstone National Park.
Attempt to destroy unions at the bureau of A.T.F.
and move to a neighborhood where all residents have given oath not to sell their homes to Black people.

And yet already:

He knew about Improvisational Explosion Devices years prior to the wars.

He Instated Guantanamo Bay, which does not allow detainees to plead guilty to crimes accused. He lies about protecting the constitutional rights of Habeas Corpus.

He ignored prewar intelligence about insurgents and roadside bombs.

He told his staff to lie about his intentions.

Promised to raise standards and accountability in public schools and delivered the no child left behind act. An act so poorly received that it was humorous to an outstanding number of politicians. The No Child Left Behind act cuts funding for underprivileged schools.

He believes he curbed aids in Africa, it spread has slowed and he has won praise for this. When in actuality he withheld funds to groups who promote condom use, a proven lifesaver, in favor of abstinence only programs that have also failed in his own country.

He believes he lifted the economy with tax cuts that The Congressional Budget Office found to intensify income inequality by boosting the after-tax income of high-income households far more than that of middle- and low-income households

In 2005, he told a woman it was patriotic to hold three jobs. Unlike 1/2, million people who lost their jobs in November '08. It was the first presidency in decades in which family earning power had fell and income disparity continued to rise. The actual meltdown has claimed several financial institutions some of which had weathered the civil war and the great depression but not the 43rd president.

He believes he kept the American people safe not counting his first 20% of his term.

On 9/11 he sat reading 'MY PET GOAT' , a young children’s literacy book, for 7 minutes after learning America was under attack. Then he covered up environmental dangers at ground zero and failed to provide for the health of rescue workers.

He helped Bin Ladin's family flee the country, opposed the 9/11 commission, opposed the department of homeland security, and tried to outsource America's port security to Dubai.

He did not keep us safe from the shoe bomber, did not keep five Americans safe from anthrax and never caught their killer, and still has not caught the killer of 17 sailors on the USS Cole.

He still has not caught the killer of 3000 on 9/11, to which he gave that responsibility to Afghanistan, which turned that country into a Narcotic State, which gives Bin Ladin a safe haven, and endorsed a truce that Pakistan signed with the Taliban thereafter.

He could not keep safe 4200 Americans dead in his war, a war that made us less safe, invading a country that posed no grave or gathering threat that only provided a check on Iran.

He also ignited insurrection by igniting the Bathist party creating a Muslim theocracy purged of its modern intelligentsia, one in which freedom has marched backward for women and children.

He Supports Lebanon and its election of a Muslim theocracy run by the Islamic terror called Hamas.

Terrorism is rising worldwide; the enemy has taken the prime minister of Pakistan, and countless thousands in India including 200 in Mumbai in the final weeks of his term of office.

Russia can now invade us allies without fear of retribution, (hey comrades).

He failed to prevent North Korea from joining the nuclear arms race, despite even more ample warning than he received prior to 9/11.

He failed to lift one finger from protecting American citizens from wind and water .

He lied five years before his retirement and stated that the mission is accomplished May 1, 2003.

He eaves dropped without warrants, eaves dropped on our own citizens, lied about torture, played politics with justice, used the wheels of justice to crush dissent, betrayed those who serve us in secret, overlooked and did not commute the penalties of spies, staged fake news conferences, censored science, planted propaganda in the news of occupied countries, paid our own journalist to write propaganda, forced people to lie to the world to sway our attention, lied about the causes of the credit crisis, lied about the cause of high gas prices and said that he watched the first plane hit the north tower on TV.

He called our war a crusade and taunted the outside forces.

He promised to care for the troops after putting them in harms way without body armor, or up-armored vehicles, he once even gave a dead soldier’s mother a presidential coin and told her not to sell it on e-bay - an Internet auction.