29 June 2009

it could happen......

if the king of pop is dead, does that mean that pop music wont make people sick anymore?

25 June 2009

Alchemy Alice (youtube)

Alchemy Alice

Final Fantasy : The Water Diamond
(opening scene)

video sources:
the gene generation

24 June 2009

Halo of Nembutals (Daily Motion)

Halo of Nembutals
The Mars Volta
Final Fantasy : The Water Diamond
(opening scene)(fan vid)
video sources: the gene generation ; castlevania 2010 trailer

21 June 2009

Cannibalize the carnivores

In an era of martyrs, the ghosts are not the dead but those that made it the farthest in their evolution. Be caustic as you eat the carnivores until they exhaust but if they are thinking of something else it can be distracting their thoughts contain the power of suggestion. Social and psychic vampires, the source, always hunting the social convert, zombies are social acolytes, avoiding the great zombie vampire war and the many confrontations full of psychological metaphors.

After a bottleneck of many ice ages of innovation, deathly plagues, defeat by nourishment, and sexy evolution by natural selection will the pagans become vikings. Most slayers are of the Viking order, you could live your whole life simply as a pagan and never see the possessions and demons the blessed do. Should an angered world continue, historians who undoubtedly record how a messianic fervor surrounded serpents, abandoned the martyrs if not in addition stimulate the wrath, to reflect like a stone in a pool are the dying dragons given not only widespread disapproval cannot escape the policies of the self indulgent and reprobates as they tarnish their mind, body and spirit.

However, in an aftermath even serpents can lose, in an attack, what they have become if they become slaves. This has happened to the Vampire, who retain the option of fleeing into space, as the world propagates its humanity. In some places the north is already unable to support its numbers, has the thought of their options not occurred to them already, as they are judgingly labeled judgmental.

A definite anger wakes the human emotion, the inner psyche of the mind. In any circumstance, any life of any designation will swim in quicksand, surrounded by the expansive alterations in social and political tradition with the grand design subverting the overall scheme beyond the grasp of our realities and comprehension.

Escaping to salvation from chaos among these faceless historians, a definite anger brews to begin a blood war few without halos will understand. Undoubtedly we must also argue that, the dementia of pay to play politics supported and accepted in the hearts of the voters does a number of insults and damages to the sake of initiatives and ethics and in fact increasingly disenfranchised society plays its one and only role. On a dream world we are able understand our fears to posture dementia within a definite anger to conflict with every extrinsic opinion essential to the agents of the serpentine progressive change.

Historians are not likely to take quicksand to the bank, but earth song will contrast its own involvement before and after acceptance by unseen shapers of time serpents of the new order. Wonder the children do, as a compelling passivity defines vast numbers of humanity among its prime candidates. No one can answer the questions they cannot ask or the problems they will not admit. Their freewill already has a fledgling understanding of a fairness doctrine.

Economic responsibility is not the first instinct of a feudal society. Socialism is how we learn and what we learn from our home, parents, TV, schools and textbooks, churches, government and the media and is relevant. Stay calm and realize that reality is an experiment of your imagination, relax and stay cool or become rooted in deep anger. Control yourself when accepting change or the infinite danger will curse your dreams. Time would not believe it anyway, a rigid idea that behind a definite anger, global chaos gives rise to a secret network, a nauseating transparent hand directing civilization into conflict. Yet with twilight as a guide and with affinity, sincere masters who manipulate energy are keeping their own mortal existence shaded, as they must avoid attention to keep nations from fighting over the new-humanity, or they do not exist.

In order for the issue of feeding to be dealt with effectively, all people involved in the consumption of carnivores, whether it is the perpetrator, or the victim, should participate in the education, prevention and treatment of feeding. To find out a method by which we might judge concerning the probability that an event has to happen, in given circumstances, upon supposition that we know nothing concerning it but that, under the same circumstances, it has happened a certain number of times, and failed a certain other number of times. Such reasons are the perils of carnage and the misfortune of disaster.

20 June 2009

Socialist Hate Initiative Treatment

Socialist Hate Initiative Treatment
The New Attempt at Communist Hate Crimes Bills in the USA

about - HR1913 Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009

to consider this act is traitorous - to attempt to pass this bill is treason - to enact such limitations is unpatriotic and a violation of the first amendment - to accept such a bill would turn the united states from the last free country on the planet into any run of the mill communist country of your choice on the planet - oppressive power and control.

it would directly deny the freedom of speech on the basis of someone emotions not being simpatico with the personal agenda of anyone, yet would allow the government to use coercion and threats

this power grab stands as an evil attempt to make the lawful afraid by using actions which display intimidating oppression

it will be forever an emotional scar and irreversible trauma to anyone in their right mind, causing them to suffer great humiliation and guilt for letting such a condemnable action take place

it is tyrannical control by isolation controlling what the public enjoys, who they see and talk to, what we read, where we go, limiting our experiences, and using terror tactics to justify a political climate of power and control

the despots of our modern bureaucracy may minimize deny and blame, making light of the abuse at the victims expense, ignoring our countless pleas, saying its not the same or didn't happen as our cries for a descent leader go unanswered, and declaring the fault to belong to the innocent.

holding our children hostage by a vicarious event of evil, by that i mean outlawing what the unborn can or cant say if and when their option must only be peaceful protest against the hordes of criminals amongst our civilized world.

I for one am sick of ruling castes and/or government using political privilege without a knowledge of its affects on our futures, treating us like servants, making all the 'big' decisions, acting like gods, being the ones to define our roles. I also am very confused, this isn't China or Iran, is it?

In a political climate where the poloticians are preventing some from getting or sometimes keeping certain jobs, making us turn to the lenders, giving us allowances (stimulus checks), taking our money away (taxes), and censoring our speech, is just another way for beaurocracy, to not let the people know about or have access to freedom.

18 June 2009

The Phoenician's Thirst

The dark is rising over the night. A moment in time before the quickening when most dreams occur, the fire opened up the night and shook the living monoliths from their sleep.

the prophets have been blessed with certain images and enigmatic information for years, trying to make sense of what they were, was mostly their concern, but waiting for what they were and studying them without their knowledge tried the patience of the gods.

But not until recently had the creatures of the night began to alarm these born defenders. An ominous voice somewhere as it were, was ready to show what the gargoyles were finally able to receive.

As a group of politically subversive religious zealots were reading transcendent subject matter. The fore flying whom had been involved with religious institutions for more than their natural life, began to demonize every official capacity of corruption beginning with executive councils in power of the largest evangelical organization on their world. Torturing harbingers they seemed, as they taunted and teased their malicious meals.

During that same time Loki, one of the immortal shifters of appearance, was in conference with the council of the red army with talks of alliances and great and wealthy investments with opportunity to expand their presence to a regular audience, if desired. though there was none to make alliance with.

Yet it was not until a brief stint working with exorcisms that any had come face to face with authentic mystical deception and had finally begun questioning the differences between indoctrination and revelation, knowledge and wisdom, religion and relationship, good and evil, yet only a few of the red armies youth held contempt or mistrust of the soothsaying shape-shifter, but it was there at last that Loki's arrogant disposition, which had served his significant ego like a triumphant battle horse for decades, fell weak, that is to say arose suspicion in the minds of the elder guard. The sword of a superb memory allows men to chop down others with proof texts and so-called writs of fact had at once become as empty as winter night, so those who had concern left with their captain and fled the scene discarding their colors en route.

Loki would not know what had happened until later, as only gods know everything, and he could only see what was in the eyes of others if that they were focused and sober, because who knows what truths humanity can sing. The troop headed to the city on the mountain.

later through necessity rebirth and change of heart and mind had come for The Phoenician outside the city of the priest king. Some of the people whom had survived the gargoyles would suffer the conspiracy that would come from The Phoenician being raised by Morgan le Fay, whom at this time still answered to that name. She reconstituted the masterful wizard as any parlor jester could have but with a faux understanding of what can be called an enigmatic truth.

Her naivety and blind acceptance, especially of specific controlled versions of the prophecies, as history has kept so many in the dark, blinded even the best prophetic clerics who worshiped the dark muse, from the actual course of events. She began her spell and ritual and the ground began to glow white in the shape of a circle and she could not escape. as the light grew the stone floor opened and swallowed her with fire, the fire receded into the floor and it eventually retained its original appearance. The frightening man stood where a pillar of fire was just moments before and yet newly awakened with a deafening sound the powerful sorcerer awoke a network of hidden powers around the nation as he had unleashed upon that world years before.

Then came illusion, one of the seven muses, and gave him a ring from its master and left this and the other pieces of The Phoenician's puzzle to begin falling into place. Walking naked through streets of the town where he had arisen, he headed to the church to get the proper robes he desired to wear, from the priests who could not wear shabby things. He had not yet begun to discover the mystery which accompanied a dark and large circular mark full of symbols on his back as the world to him was still in a terrifying a prophetic cipher which held an answer hidden in a past he was absent from. Steadily he strode taking a sheet of cloth and wrapping it around his waistline, stolidly embracing the symbols flashing through his mind of the lamenting people, as he walked through a nearly empty city in terror of a church covered in blood and treacherous demons having a blood war, as they flew overhead and perched feeding on the ledges of the church. The beasts cower at the sight of the Phoenician. as he marches the steps unto the door they open it for him.

On top of a toppled throne sat the largest monster, surrounded by a dozen of as nearly large followers, clean of the chaos their flock was causing. Collectively they moved aside and let the Phoenician reset the throne. Before he sat he lifted the already open seat and pulled a bottle of wine from within the massive chair and took seat on the lavish though gruesomely stained chair....

(part of the untitled - work in progress - Merlin story by M.J.Banks - copyright & all rights reserved)

taking out the trash

[ well. for the first 6 months he gave speeches that he didn't write, try me, and made some campaign promises, kept some campaign promises and mostly covered his tracks. from month 6 to month 24 he's ushering in change and policies for his fellow party members in elections, than year 3 he might get something done, than its back to his re-election campaign, and i bet you my life that he runs for re-election.]

16 June 2009

printing press

-this economy collapse is possibly causing everyone to enlist, because America is, soo, very fat and ugly and off track etc, including the illegals who've entered, but selling us all down the river?...come on!......isnt the religious rule not to have taxes above 10% percent or something i think.....and yet they've put it more than 100% percent, an immensely overtaxed level, not to mention taxing the unborn....aren't republicans super-religious?

I hope the blind money printers, the deaf taxers, and the arrogant politicians die an excruciatingly horrific celebrity death to entertain the taxpayers who likely need arenas having a gory fill of violent deaths for criminal offenses against the republic, sending a message to the other political criminals and lenders across the world.

forget the elephant, leave the mule, toss the pigs.

10 June 2009

The 101 Things To Do Before You Die

Just for posterity, I thought I'd share the full 101 things to do before die list.

  1. Write a Best-seller
  2. Swim with………
  3. Win an Award, Trophy or Prize
  4. Catch a fish with your bare hands
  5. Make a discovery
  6. Throw a house party when your parents are out
  7. Be Part of a threesome
  8. Realise your childhood dream
  9. Learn that instrument
  10. Leave your mark in graffiti
  11. Storm chase a tornado
  12. Get a piece of art into an exhibition
  13. Meet someone with your own name
  14. Ride the world’s biggest roller coasters
  15. Stage dive or crowd surf
  16. Get into the Guinness Book of Records
  17. Own a pointless collection
  18. Study the Kama Sutra and put theory into practice
  19. Master Poker and win big in a casino
  20. Get backstage and get off with a rock god
  21. Be a human guinea pig
  22. Go up in a hot air balloon
  23. Get arrested
  24. See a space shuttle launch
  25. Capture the moment in an award-winning photograph
  26. Bungee Jump
  27. See an erupting volcano
  28. Sky dive
  29. Meet your idol
  30. Stay in the best suite in a five star hotel
  31. Experience Weightlessness
  32. See the Aurora Borealis
  33. Get to score a hole in one
  34. Design your own cocktail
  35. Play a part in your favourite TV show
  36. Visit every country
  37. Make fire without matches
  38. See these animals in the wild
  39. Go to the dogs
  40. Get a free upgrade on a plane
  41. Be friends with your ex
  42. Hit your targets
  43. Throw a dart into a map and travel where it lands
  44. Attend a film premiere
  45. Do a runner from a fancy restaurant
  46. Scuba Dive
  47. Milk a cow
  48. Be present when your country wins the world cup
  49. See both solar and lunar eclipses
  50. Write your name over a star on the walk of fame
  51. Learn another language
  52. Read the greatest books ever written
  53. Complete a coast to coast road trip across America
  54. Make at least one huge purchase you can’t afford
  55. Score the winning goal/try/basket
  56. Gatecrash a fancy party
  57. See the all-time Greatest films
  58. Live in the place you love
  59. Leave a job you hate
  60. Take part in a police line-up
  61. Get away with the perfect practical joke or hoax
  62. Join the mile-high club
  63. Make the front page of a national newspaper
  64. Drive a car at top speed
  65. Shout “Drinks are on me!” in a pub or a bar
  66. Be part of a flash mob
  67. Visit……….
  68. Save someone’s life
  69. In various languages learn to………..
  70. Invent a word that makes it into the dictionary
  71. Have adventurous sex
  72. Have enough money to do all the things on the list
  73. Stand on the international date line
  74. Learn to fly a plane
  75. Get a tattoo and/or piercing
  76. Invent something
  77. Learn astronomy and read the night sky
  78. Drink a vintage wine
  79. Answer a personal ad
  80. Spend Christmas on the beach
  81. Get barred from a pub or bar
  82. Build your own house
  83. Skinny dip at midnight
  84. Sell your junk on eBay and make a profit
  85. Visit the world’s tallest buildings
  86. Run a marathon
  87. Conquer your fear
  88. Get married unusually
  89. Throw away the Instant Noodles
  90. Join the 16-mile high club
  91. Publish a cult website
  92. Own an original piece of art
  93. Complete the monopoly board pub crawl
  94. Get something named after you
  95. Get revenge
  96. Be an extra in a film
  97. Live out of a van
  98. Go on a demonstration
  99. Confess*
  100. Reach 100 years of age*
  101. Continue your gene pool

burning the U.S. constitution

we have taxation without representation when the government is run by czars who hold power without anybody to answer to, as they go over the head of the legislative and often judicial branches, superseding and contently usurping the authority of registered, researched, and elected officials, chosen to do the jobs at hand in the office they were elected.

i'm livid with anger every time i realize that "of the people, by the people, and for the people" have been overturned and assaulted by this czar system of fascism and the c.i.c./potus who cant obey the law.

hand outs, bailouts, for crying out loud! if this keeps up, there wont be an ungrateful country left to save, leaving more people with their hands out than afore and the 'itoldyouso's' who'll be quite only saying that.

An honest days work, for an honest days pay, but people are lying, cheating, and stealing, to lie cheat and steal perpetually. the lawful will take their rights into their manifest control, divine intervention, into their own hands to correct their destiny by returning their god given freedoms, as corrupt kings/bureaucrats damn us all, as they always do, and we will take back our lands. with a silent code of conduct, the evil will be felled before they knew what has happened.

death to the profligates who spend tax money that is not theirs. money that belongs to your unborn children, that belongs to efforts that benefit them, and not the forgetful liberal application of caste wars and corruption to payback the contributors to their corrupt cause and their shameless deceit and exploitation.

life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, not lie, cheat, and lie some more.

07 June 2009

new fiction

like a western horror/science-based/fiction/action/thriller, but an unexplored fronteir on another world with zombies and vampires

.........upset i left to far to return w/o rest, i crossed a woman on the phone who i asked for a ride, she agreed and told me wait in the garage, i went and found myself in a living garden under attack from the plants she came and glowed real face a saved me from the pier in a dark growing compound we left in a flying ship i cam back w/ 2 friends we left because we could not stay and when i left she told me come back w/o them

at work i went to stand outside and got in a car w/ her and another car hit us at drive up food destroyed much of property and chased us downstream, i taunted the pursuants, we ended up and the home of renowned terrorist guarding a basilisk in a trap door guarded by a chain drawn door, an ex militant

after a plague and a war wandering i happen upon private property of gov officials eventually meeting an old friend than team mate now highranker amazed he has an ally unaffected by the plague, shows me how to speak w/ infected by use of a water tank with a window in it to contain the infected ( an attached portion of their cell) to convey speech everyone breaks out and its duke nukem w/ vampire allies (vampiress doom nuclear evil dead)

04 June 2009

The first fold of crystal excelsior

Everything that is true is half of what we know. The axiom of time does not exclude haste as we choose to remember the results and not the efforts. There are those among us that need to know that their life is among a majority of thrill seekers and charlatans. Amongst there are those who are the fairest, those who should edict all outward proposals as divine calamity and explanations to the dark. Bloody and brooding hearts overcome their own cages, the fire burns out the sun and the emptiness shares a hollow and bitter fate with the cold.

The first fold are lummox, good for nothing more than crushing seeds beneath soles. The second is ever slower but molded for a task. Their futures mingle occasionally saving a designing aspect removed from the existing pinnacle of spectacle. Once forward but now lost and traded to fate several times over, are in an awkward lapse, clinging to a societal superstructure based on light levels and threatening situations, begetting the failure that could not hold structural composition, as it were a wish and a prayer.

Inevitably and successfully, the lives of humanity will split into two, beast and rider. beast of burden and burdened by the beast they become less weary of the separation as they are unaware of its happening, the distance created slowly changing the soul, outward and in, drags the epitome of the holy one to a lowly fate affected by natural selection heading down a hellish nightmare void farther from the truth of capability.

These moral dilemmas are given to those with idle thoughts, age before beauty is something you will have to learn on your own, or my understanding of its significance may be lost forever, but your leaders need you remembering opinions and lacking your own. For my own kind, being in their memory as a negative space, a pale rapturous figure in depiction, is constantly having to explain your actions, being different than that is somehow never saying your different, but constantly reminding everyone of their inapplicability. Peace is not within justifying what you hate as it will never allow you your opinion yet their resolutions always contain their classification in and of difference from you, don't make judgments based only on appearances, as only time can tell the truth.

As lightning strikes, it expands our natural world, hate the sin and love the sinner. Mined until the forest cannot grow anymore, the nest became a ship and the light began to show the day. Time will bestow clairvoyant vision to the longest lifespan in a silhouette of infrasonic shades of blues invisible to the humans, the auld eyes, though they are the highest form of entertainment. Your theories must meet your realistic expectations of influential self-interest. One cannot live on borrowed time and broken dreams in efforts to succeed beyond your means. From conjecture will literal translation produce confusion before infamy, in the overtones of metallic sound, echoing through similar space, like the motion of the ocean, drawn unto the shore, energy is drawn from its source, the crystal excelsior, into our dark and negative space, as the eldest lords begin to seek the blood red fountain, gracefully and unwittingly.

03 June 2009


burning angels

falling from the firmaments
see how they crawl

the end has begun
pointing unto itself
full of unmarked silver coins

the drawer opens unnoticed
the war is society
seeking out a life like fire
laughing at a better death

launching through time
dealing in absolutes
crashing through the sky
darkness across the countryside
solemn vigil at dusk

mask of the avenged
hollow soul bowing to the shadow
season of death and its blood river
with shadows of leaves
the future will be a promise kept
our hearts will overflow our minds

that the earth is full of light
as the sun shines the sky is full of heaven
and the rain will wash our scars away
similar deaths of dying demons
from graces past and present essence
promises and regrets
asking the soul to leave the body

and my sacred blue
broken, borrowed,
screaming astrally
perched in a hunt for time
sleeping in the holy land
against the benefit of the protector
choosing to stay true
the ultimate sacrifice of ages

sick aliens making sick human lives
growing spores in space
for the fuel inside the cold
sealing gases in double panes
to test the signal of the sun
how bloody the wind has become
little black sharply orchids
damned everyone to the touch
dead in my mind

blood thicker than water
frozen to the touch
telling secrets before occurrence
all of the remedy
weapon of the lost soul
nihilist space
silence of the oblivion
impassible light
windows and sovereign secrets
under heavy light and overfall