10 June 2009

burning the U.S. constitution

we have taxation without representation when the government is run by czars who hold power without anybody to answer to, as they go over the head of the legislative and often judicial branches, superseding and contently usurping the authority of registered, researched, and elected officials, chosen to do the jobs at hand in the office they were elected.

i'm livid with anger every time i realize that "of the people, by the people, and for the people" have been overturned and assaulted by this czar system of fascism and the c.i.c./potus who cant obey the law.

hand outs, bailouts, for crying out loud! if this keeps up, there wont be an ungrateful country left to save, leaving more people with their hands out than afore and the 'itoldyouso's' who'll be quite only saying that.

An honest days work, for an honest days pay, but people are lying, cheating, and stealing, to lie cheat and steal perpetually. the lawful will take their rights into their manifest control, divine intervention, into their own hands to correct their destiny by returning their god given freedoms, as corrupt kings/bureaucrats damn us all, as they always do, and we will take back our lands. with a silent code of conduct, the evil will be felled before they knew what has happened.

death to the profligates who spend tax money that is not theirs. money that belongs to your unborn children, that belongs to efforts that benefit them, and not the forgetful liberal application of caste wars and corruption to payback the contributors to their corrupt cause and their shameless deceit and exploitation.

life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, not lie, cheat, and lie some more.