07 June 2009

new fiction

like a western horror/science-based/fiction/action/thriller, but an unexplored fronteir on another world with zombies and vampires

.........upset i left to far to return w/o rest, i crossed a woman on the phone who i asked for a ride, she agreed and told me wait in the garage, i went and found myself in a living garden under attack from the plants she came and glowed real face a saved me from the pier in a dark growing compound we left in a flying ship i cam back w/ 2 friends we left because we could not stay and when i left she told me come back w/o them

at work i went to stand outside and got in a car w/ her and another car hit us at drive up food destroyed much of property and chased us downstream, i taunted the pursuants, we ended up and the home of renowned terrorist guarding a basilisk in a trap door guarded by a chain drawn door, an ex militant

after a plague and a war wandering i happen upon private property of gov officials eventually meeting an old friend than team mate now highranker amazed he has an ally unaffected by the plague, shows me how to speak w/ infected by use of a water tank with a window in it to contain the infected ( an attached portion of their cell) to convey speech everyone breaks out and its duke nukem w/ vampire allies (vampiress doom nuclear evil dead)