07 March 2017

Coliseum Hippocratica

It's easy to say you can have all the boxes in the warehouse when there are no boxes in the warehouse.

I gave all the boxes to people who needed them, and I'll buy new boxes with the money from the people who don't need boxes, but right now everyone needs boxes, so this isn't going to work. Historically, this has never worked, the word never, ever, so let's try something else.

I put a doctor in every box and everyone gets a box with a doctor in it. Instead of having medical savings accounts, and until we do, I'm going to give away boxes to the people that need them, but the boxes will be cost effective, insomuch, small package boxes and the doctors that ascribe to fitting in tiny boxes will have to learn to fit into those boxes and not charge extra.

The doctors cannot ask for extra boxes, albeit we don't know where the boxes originate yet, they are in high demand, because where there are medical boxes there are doctors that will want to help you with your government box.

I can't believe it, two thousand years on my calendar, and i have the smallest calendar in the calendar box, and this was waiting for me to open it. We were having a lot of fun.

There will be no murder boxes, i would like to let you worry about your box, and i promise to think about your box as much as possible, I'm definitely not going to pay for your murder box.

We're still in charge of the magic portal boxes. There are different boxes for different tasks. If you cannot afford a box, one will be provided for you. Portal reference. Continue testing.

If you should buy your own boxes that would be good, and as an added incentive, if your box has a doctor in it, we'll pay you back. This is known as warehouse insurance, which dutifully prevents unconscious objection to productivity. When I reimburse you for buying the doctor box, i will buy the doctor back, but I won't be paying the doctor for things he didn't do, and shan't be paying the tiny doctor more than he's worth. (more on productivity some other time)

You can buy box insurance, but that will only be for the promise of a box and not an actual box with a doctor inside of it, and if you stop buying the box insurance it isn't a savings accounts, so overall seems like a bad idea to me.

If you live in one place, and you want to buy an insurance box from another place, that must be allowed, invisible commerce lines are stupid.

I will not be making you buy a box, box insurance, gov't insurance, or anything else. It's supposed to be about free will and evolution. The money saved on perpetual cost curves, and initial costs, can be redirected toward savings accounts via state coffers, and by that i mean a medical savings account program, and this plan maintains functionality by society's general preference to be alive.

People want to have the best boxes, but sometimes they need my boxes, others want to buy their own boxes, it would be stupid not to let them because it is less appealing and the natural precursor to medical savings accounts - both of them will be better than an imaginary box with an imaginary price.

A small portion of those accounts could have a stock-market value, or they couldn't, i don't really know more than i wouldn't bet the whole warehouse. I wasn't thinking about school boxes, but I'm willing to answer any questions.

Legal Disclaimer: Communist countries don't prevent capitalists from buying plain boxes, but some of those countries legislatively reserve the ability to prevent (true/private) [#discuss] ownership of plain boxes. Check with your local authorities to obey local laws, and if you can't buy a box get new authorities.

...and that's how you make healthcare affordable...