17 March 2014

Spatial Treatment

Personal Log: Temporal Agent 113871487 (T7)

[Interval 1] (27004-200-00) 8:2:1:7

I've been asked to make some observations about what I know the world to be before I make after Thule, I realize that I could lie and rewrite a few atrocities just in case I come back and nothing as changed, just so I could relay the mistake, and we'll just leave this entry at that.

[Interval 2] (29034-991-03) 3:7:8:6

Then I thought it was safe, then I was wrong, ten went thru and seven survived when we fell into a trap, Thule was there, 'including but not limited to' a clusterfuck, quote me, Thule, other agents in some sort of coup, stray uniforms that might have been fleet, Thule attacked one group, another attacked him, and they each were three houses divided when fourth group arrived, only to find our team like a cranial anal inversion, it could've only been worse if we tripped and alarm on Crapsaccharine, Thule raids his bounty, saves some girl, kills people in all three/four groups, saves my ass, then flits, not before adding this to my, locked mind you, tablet: 

"Lost is forgiven, every jump is a mistake, get thru get clear, and when it's time to choose sides, choose yours ~ Thule" 

It's a BAMF quote that was all over the infotainment from
Alek J. Hidell after he broke the skydive record by navigating a few thousand miles of debris from the moon's orbit and then falling into the Pacific last year, Hard to forget, it's my favorite documentary, and Hidell says the line while using his jet pack to ease inbound trajectory before he can open his chute pack. It's become an altered fact in my timeline, not of yours, but you can watch the video here.. I looked for the record and it wasn't there, which either denies or confirms it's Thule, he also left coordinates for a region of empty space that I'm committing to memory, since he traipsed my tablet lock.

[Interval 3] (29034-989-03) 2:9:3:1

After tracking the target to Mars we made our jump, planned to be ahead of him and cover our tracks, right thru the jump we tripped a sensor, either he can go backward or he didn't jump, we landed in a nutrient refinery, our uniforms out of date we were jailed and they didn't believe the pardon HC gave over comm, so we had to wait on envoy to secure our release, going it plain clothes here on out.

[Interval 4] (29987-700-12) 2:3:0:5

Thule escaped in an alley, in Sector 11318, he's prepared like a minotaur in it's own maze, everywhere he goes I'm two steps behind and heading the wrong way it seems, i assume he's a fugitive but no felon, he aimed at me but didn't shoot, he knows his way around everywhere, he doesn't toy with me by doubling back but again I say he can go temporal back and forward, i think I saw two of him, with him/them dressed differently i could be wrong of course, this assignment s giving me nightmares/dreams that he's gone back and built this labyrinth, that he's the Fuhrer - when I left there were 123 states in the Americas in 27004CE, records now show 138 in 27004CE, 1-2-3-America!

Mars is ugly, socially, mini-monarchies that poorly hide dictatorships with corruption, like China just b4 WW3, Thule was in a decor shop, he went to lunch and I sneaked in the shop to learn he looked at watches but didn't buy any, I persuaded the shop owner to pitch him one I hid a tracker dev, Thule didn't buy it, had me made/marked when he left, leaving me believe he's done this a lot and can't go backwards temporally, or can and if so, I'm out of my element in an, albeit weird in its own right, job where I have to step thru an elemental time gateway.

Thule lost his dev case, we chased him, leaving two on the dev case, they say soemone who "kinda looked like him" took it, putting him in the doubling on the timelines scenario, shortly thereafter losing Thule flood contagion developed, either by black market, treason, our jump, his jump, his double's jump, or any other characters, i dont fuck to know what's going on here, e.g. etc, and any number of other reasons also beyond my pay grade, as a result Sector 11318 was decimated and purged, approx 1000 collateral victims of containment protocol, fortunately after inspection we learned a slave-trader installation was obliterated at ground zero, better than swatting, imho, we jump of morning.

[Interval 5] (31900-689-03) 11:7:6:3

Thule has a female companion who shot me, she's a real pistol, her weapon is a actual ancient powder pistol, and a good shot at that, i dodged and was hit in the ear, then my hand as I drew on her, i dropped my gun, bloodletting everyall where I chased her but was shot by a magnirifle in the throat, every mushroom on the planet tastes like a rusted bolt dipped in mustard and they keep eating them, if you get offered one, pass.

[image: "_blank"]

They've discovered a cure for Viranuluax Syndrome and Greenland has finally sunk the rest of the way into the Atlantic Trench, new fleet-issued rifles are sweet, rapid fire lazer rifles like the simulators we used in radio-lazer tag, "pew-pew-pew-pew" kid in a candy store I am, just no fucking Martian mushrooms, if reverse travel is achieved, it'll take numbers, I almost worry what weapons come next, don't eat the mushrooms. Being treated strange, like divinity, makes me nervous like a well fed turkey when the leaves start to turn colors.

[Interval 6] (33299-121-38) 8:1:4:7

Medical for injuries, 8 weeks. One fall, 42 broken bones. Anesthesia rehabilitation.

[Interval 7] (33300-061-47) 2:6:3:3

Thule has been hard to track, reports from the field suggest he's been accumulating wealth, but no word of him spending it, and some talk of buying Tnemele, which is primarily used in radio arrays for energy caching, follow the trail catch the rat by the tail, bartering is his skill, no doubt almost superficial to his scientific prowess he knows what traders need, it seems, and where does he get his money, even at no cost to me I'm sure fleet spend simoleons funding this circular chase, all to catch someone who has killed anyone who wasn't trying to kill a seeming jumper.

[Interval 8] (33301-843-12) 3:9:8:7

Thule has blown up a moon base around Jupiter, approx 300,000 dead, I watched him do it, three ship that fired on us as I prayed to the gods of shitting my pants that I didn't get sucked into space, then swallowed by a ball of space gas like satan's anus, his ship partially cloaked to avoid sensors and we couldn't follow b/c of the damage, medical for radiation poison, 3 weeks, whatever was on that space station, he didn't like it.

[Interval 9] (33644-224-18) 10:3:3:2

Fleet is fucked, I'd thot once that we were being burned by HC, but this time I'm fairly certain, going shadow for a while and getting some answers, this far ahead the mission might not be a priority, and more of a ghost as he described, if I'm mad/insane I'll never know, if it's a political failure this mission could be lost. Is the target real? a patsy? a jumper? are jumpers experiments? ask yourself before you take the job.

[Interval 10] (34518-383-66) 9:8:7:2

Fleet is gone, my team isn't the only team blowing in the wind of time, we're a secret family now, what a word, now, I have to find Thule, all these centuries and it's only been a few years, experiments on Antarctica resulted in contagion flood under experimentation eventually not frozen by subarctic quarantine protocols, containment bombardment protocol melted nearly all of its ice, coastal areas globally flooded, approx 100 million casualties. Jumpers friend of foe, none can be trusted, a dare say not even myself.

[Interval 11] (55099-028-29) 7:4:3:8

Deviant are those with temporal devices, in the hands of hierarchy, and heroes, we're at war, three factions as I had/have written, the thought of this future flying malfunction echoes into my  bones and resonance that increases the sickness in my soul, standing over darkness, falling from the ground without grasp of the sky, the Thule tortures, dead, missing, and avoiding me, feeling older despite medical advancements of esteemed and cherished immortal youth, if i haven't lost my mind, the shuttle I lost was stolen by Thule, if I have gone mad, i'm jumping until I get sick and die, you wouldn't write, and I wasn't, but it had been so long, record the future without foundation.

[Interval 12] (56311-911-80) 3:7:1:8

A lot happened in a little jump, fleet is back, with a hard one, this time for hunting me, as if I never had ... as if I never was part of HC, never ranked, never paid, I find myself picking sides w/in sides, w/in sides, maybe now I know what Thule was doing, closer to know, not better late than never, in a honesty I can and be happy, knowing if he can travel back would be as good, if he changes his mind and says that I can tell you, I will.