13 August 2013

Nox Arcana - Night of the Wolf - Vedma

This is not the typical material I offer commonly, but think it I suitable for ye to view as of a brief hiatus from hypography, or seriable writing. I need respite as if my brain was bleeding in a simile like a metaphor being dragged thru a proverb. I've ten chapters/points in the making that need something more than I can give with the atypical political climate of the real world being teh suck as it is; one can only write about the irony and malice of a politician so many times until it brings inner melancholy. Basically, I need to grab a pen and plot map some things, make mete of measure for the third of third acts. I need to write with ink and scratched-out errors, fill in some details, look for some magic, add bridges and arcs, with that I can add what keeps pounding on the ethereal veil. I'm not sure how long the down-time will last so this fortunate discovery I've uncovered yesternight shall have to bide and suffice. 
 ~ mjbanks

"Had I the heavens’ embroidered cloths, enwrought with golden and silver light, the blue and the dim and the dark cloths, of night and light and the half light, I would spread the cloths under your feet, but I, being poor, have only my dreams; I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams." 

William Butler Yeats
Aedh Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven

▶ Nox Arcana - Night of the Wolf - YouTube: Uploaded on May 14, 2009

The UnOfficial Music Video for the song "Night of the Wolf" from the album "Transylvania" by "Nox Arcana". It's a sequence from the Russian film -- VEDMA, directed by Oleg Fesenko. The priest is played by Valery Nikolaev. The female vampire is played by Yevgenia Kryukova.