31 July 2015

Merlin 3:50 Snakes for the Divine

Merlin 3: 50 Snakes for the Divine

Sino watches Merlin win the battle thru the eyes of the dragon, as it dies he is blinded, watered coal pours from his eyes as he grasps to stand. With the loss he topples the massive glass orb to broken ground-lying shards, loudly ordering everyone to leave the room, all exit except the valkyrie of whom enters.

Luc: He is a skilled opponent.
Sino: He is a nail in my coffin! He is a wayfarer, a nomad with a taste for dying by my hands!
Luc: He protected them from a beast, and I will protect you from him…

The light of the room begins to dim, the candles burning bright cease to shine as strong, neither to flicker in draft nor expire without fuel.

Luc: You are dying and can only sense the loss of the light…
Sino: He will be doing the dying!

With wings that shutter madly, Luc is choking Sino by both hands, his body suffocating and struggling to only scream thru the grasp, the air kept from breath, and from mind, his eyes turning bloodshot and lifeless and greyed. Luc lifts the spell from Sino’s mind that he may realize the crushing agent.

Luc: Instead, your death comes with the illusion I have provided!

The grasp tightens, his face whitens, angry power of archangelic wings with sharpened silver feather tips reach at his shoulders and darker by his sides with smoke and shadow, Sino sees flashes and tides of dying sight and fights ethereal light illuminating and loses. Luc’s wings open and shelter to heal wounds with dark light. Luc takes and tosses Sino aside to stand in silence to rule the floor, heretofore calm and slow, deep breath moving black-silver wings above the deep lungs filling with air. Sino coughs and almost laughs.

Luc: It is how you learn.
Sino: That I should learn – …WHAT?
Luc: What must be done.
Sino: He must be removed from the living, there is no bloodied forfeit! A sacrifice that he shall trade his life for theirs, but how big? A damsel? A family?
Luc: No. He must believe he is in the light of day, for that he must play the part of justice, not law.
Sino: Explain it to me… with words.
Luc: You must be a nameless pain, in the waves of anarchy he will swim, and you must be the one to drown him, with chaos, if you can.
Sino: Chaos, so shall it be.

His black boot heels knock the stone of a blacker tunnel, a door opens and the wind flushes torches, and heated black oils ripple subsonic as he speaks in exposition to weakened prisoner.

Sino: I know I said that you could leave and soon you shall.

He walks to jars of clay and opens one. His prisoner tests confinements.

Sino: It has seemed like torture I’m sure, and not to make us closer, you and I, but to give your blood to my snake.

He carries the snake toward Ophiuchus, and pulls a knife. The body controlled by a snake in the stomach watches.

Sino: I know, snakes as pets must feel uncouth, or maybe you empathize with me.

He pulls a large knife and decapitates it. Ophiuchus’ eyes narrow.

Sino: You are in control of that body, but I needed a way to control it in case you decide not to hunt Merlin as promised.

He takes the snake head in his fist and plunges his hand into the black oil, lifting it the liquid pours from his skin and drips, arm outstretched as he walks a blood-stained floor and open door. Passing by flame he sets his arm to fire a living torch.

Sino: Do you understand?

They stare at each other as the oil burns, as the dripping flames harm the underhand as his arm reveals a grey skin of ash.

Sino: This is the painful part.

He crushes the clenched lizard skull, roots of lightning strike thru out his skin, his eyes glow as all fires die of suffocation, radiant in the darkness he approaches Ophiuchus. Dark around eyes, sore neck from falling asleep upright.

Sino: If you should escape your host I will use that body to stamp you out…

His skin pale the line from darkness to demon faded as one, the torches light themselves and obscurity fades as Sino’s body-covering veins begin to fade beneath his skin.

Ophiuchus: LET, ME, AT, MERLIN!!!

25 July 2015

Merlin 3:49 Great Burning Nullifier

Merlin 3: 49 Great Burning Nullifier

The consuming thought of sinister plot while leaping as Nick grasps the club of the dragon’s tail, the contrariness that his immortality can afford leaves the steep and jagged mountainside both mentally and physically. For he focuses on the differences in the beast’s skin, he grasps at the spines of the tail to climb forward in the wind and the dark weather, as winged lizard sways to shake him he holds tightly onto an angering dragon now privy to unwanted passenger. The dragon looks at Nick, a shuttering anger and patch of explosive flame, Nick buries his head frantically, the fire passes the fuel burns his clothes and soaks his skin acidic.

No more spine tail spikes can be grabbed, excruciating pain as the lesser spikes stab into his side holding him in place, he reaches for one of the scales to pull forward and rips it from the flesh instead, emotional instability and drama as the dragon screams and cringes in flight a deepened animal rage. Raising its wings to touch above itself and slamming them downward to gust forward at a new speed, both beast and burden feeling difficulty accepting these constraints. Immediately the dragon tumbles rolling forward head-over-heels in the air once, to see where he clings, with speed so great it blinds him in darkness as he clings for little control.

Nick reaches into and beneath sharp scale to climb, the dragon folding wings back dives, the scales slide shut between the beast’s shoulders and sever his fingers that palm, a pain and blood and scream. The dragon spirals half and one times, throwing Nick into the air as the blood from his hand draws a spattering line toward the beast. Opening its wings to glide backwards to ground, it crunches its legs upward and draws its haunches inward, with open claws toward and catches him, one talon rips his soft skin and other grasps him once torn from the tail-spines. A swift spiral to face the ground that Nick now watches swift approach, without release the dragon views the landscape. Now biting him across the body, he screams, it roars deafening dominion thru clenched teeth and ravaged sinew. It releases bite and talons tearing wide all wounds and launches his body faster to the ground, opening its wings widest to slow descent and watch Nick pummel onto the earth. The wingspan a curtain of darkness from the beast to block the sun lines of storm sky clouds as demurely the beast smiles.

The wings open widest with a sound of clouds, in the silence he falls, from the sky thru the air over ground, then a resounding impact. Lightning strikes his body and he is mortal anew, no sullen slumber to dissipate and no time post-collision to focus. The dragon lands with open wings and gust of air and tries to impale him with its talons again. The confusion of battle and struggle of vision aside, thru the winged darkness he dodges sharp claws and lunges toward its jaws of razored teeth to stab it blind, a jab taken it curtains and turns better eye over arm and wing, each other’s blood aground, it bites at him running a-circle, turning against to bat him with clubbed tail, impaling him again with the spikes to quickly whip him into the trees, thereunto impaled by branches. A silent moment, lightning strikes him and he is again alive, new skin and battered clothes he runs madness at the dragon again.

The dragon feeling insulted at the sight of him, takes to the air and follows the road, landing in the distance and begins crawling thru the trees. Nick runs at full speed before his breath can fill his lungs, rampant breathes fast enough to fill with exhausted air, hoping to damage the armor architecture of the antagonist creature. The thought that Ana is close puts hurry and pure emotion in her heart, his speed holds before anything else, rescuer and desire and fear the dragon has taken to her scent, the future of his character balances between battle and war, he sees Ana and Merlin almost in deep water, instinctive fear far worse than death, emotive chaos of quintessence.

Nick: Enough!

A shrill screech their only warning given, he jumps on it and hammers his dagger into its neck as many times as able until thrown. Troy and phoenix see them as small dots on the distant ground, two squawks and approaches they.

Merlin: Run hide, fire will not win this battle!
Nick: Then what will?
Merlin: Power! It’s slow between trees, help her!
Ana: Nicky!

The dragon is cautious watching them shout, as Nick runs it closely quickly follows, Merlin raises his sleeves and lifts his hands. His skin fills with tattoos begun a glow, soon bright enough to blind his sacred markings radiant stronger thusly making his eyes contrast with darkness and his grimace even darker before the dragon can focus, Merlin rolls white fire between his fingertips.

Merlin: Can you see me, so far from your home?

The dragon puffs, seen is hint of smoke, and promise of teeth behind primal hate.

Merlin: A debt from the sky, a cursed bastard?

The dragon snarls, the sway of tail becomes steady and slows as would pendulum, it lowers its shoulders and readies its wings prevaricate to striking. Merlin sends arc lightning at the dragon’s wing, it snaps its teeth forward at him so Merlin sends arch-fire to the ground as barrier. It tries to pass around him and he moves before it, guiding with magic and taming with fear.

From the sky the phoenix lands, the dragon in rapid frenzy roars fire at it and Troy, but as the flames stop the phoenix stands tall with open wings of pride and intimidation, Troy shakes the flames like water as the flaming feathers lower. Merlin reaches forward with white and jagged breech-fire that covers and grasps the dragon, the turns its head exposing its chest. It turns forward to run from Merlin and attacks the phoenix, Troy leaps from one to the other as they collide and cuts its neck, the acidic blood burns the ground.

Merlin: Carve out its heart! While I grasp him!

The phoenix opens its wings and flames intimidation, Merlin’s magic stops the dragon like a heavy net, Troy approaches with hatchet. A hack at the chest cuts to breastplate, a stab met with bone does not pierce, a hammering slice at the collar and by hand reaches into gullet and tears out the heart. It quakes trembling, wretched shaking, convulsive throes, the magic cast recedes and falls into the earth a white fiery water, the quivering death of the dragon and the bloody sight of holding a large heart by its roots and its final pulsations.

Merlin: A rock dragon, forest dragons are thin, shorter even.

The phoenix barks, balks at the dead body.

Troy: Here, eat up.

He tosses the heart to the ground, where the dragon’s blood rolls it begins to wear-away the alabaster from his hands, but neglecting it lets a larger uproar. He notices the blood washing and tries to hide his hand, there is uncertainty if to Merlin notices.

Troy: The eyes, is that it?

Phoenix barks again then howls. Merlin intervenes and slices the eyelid and the eye and carves the center, the color of the eye a collection hard as gems, then the other eye.

Merlin: As for the eyes, the jewels that give color should be removed to save its stomach, and for us, selling just one shard at proper venue can feed us for a year. The howl berates its foe and tells the wild, listen to the woods.

As he walks, the sounds of raven wings fill the air, and farther the distant wolves and even bears. Troy and phoenix follow, as Merlin walks to the stream, tosses the gem eyelets to the ground, kneels and puts his entire face into the water and drinks submerged. Long enough for Troy to laugh, the phoenix drinks water and turns yellow of gold. Nick in tatters walks with Ana, his arm around her shoulders.

Ana: Is it ended?

Merlin rises washing face, then washing the jewels of the eyes. Troy inspects his hand, secretively spitting to wash the dragon blood the moisture burns, when he blows to cool his skin the stain turns to ash.

Merlin: For a short time, yes.
Ana: How did you get here? Did you ride that thing?
Nick: I did, it was easy as riding a horse, and I’m here now, are you hurt?
Ana: Oh you’re a mad devil. (kisses Nick) So, what now?
Merlin: In short, we eat a dragon…

Phoenix squawks and casually walks to dead dragon without them happy to not wait.

Merlin: …at length we buy a room and deliver a child.

The phoenix looks at the scales, Troy looks at his hand, Merlin shows them the gem shards.

Roman Holiday

I travailed and forgot to journal it. This is the tallest building smaller than some flats. It was a bad idea to hit the gym before a 10hr trip, they put the air on and I was exhausted and am too tall for human seats without booze and meds, which is the only way I would even consider getting on a plane. Win some lose some. 

The Beast
I was travelling to see my niece and nephew, mis queriditos, and decided I would gym, southshore, from the bean to the tower by means of wayyy indirectly walking like a drunk mime robot without makeup and playing with my imaginary phone when I saw people texting/typing and walking, onto the Amtrak. I'm sure there's a video of it somewhere if you're connected to that world. Sad, busy, i love the city, people don't look at you in case you're a beggar on a mission from hell. I was, I digress. 


So you get to Memphis, what do you do... you go to a giant glass pyramid on the river. Google it, i'm not lying, really, it reminds of a 'hillbilly mecca' I didn't put the kids on the internet, their choice, and pops directly asked me to not. His picture is there if you want to internet him or something, you have fun you special interneters. So panoramas are nice, I thought of cutting him from it, but who cares. You know when you look at your parents, you can see yourself, instantly see the parts=similarities that you know from your own mirror in the mornings that, at least I do, you tend to obscure. I do not expect at all for any of you to see any. I leave a little room for suspicion of adoption, one person two generations ago had blond hair same as me, so I might secretly crosscheck if he's not cremated quick. If you're reading this, pops, I'm calling you pops, pops, because you hate it, and stop reading my shit. For real. 

Late June in Memphis is already hot, a 10+ storey glass pyramid magnifying the muggy hell of the delta and southerners' must felt like hot yoga in the breeze. One day, we shall know, why anyone thinks it's a good idea to live south of Indianapolis. Both parents, glasses, brĂ¼nish, sub-weak wave, it must be a #Scandinavian thing to default blond, recessive not placate. I don't hold any grudges against dad knowing him. I've a list of complaints, but who doesn't. 

Hi, everyone. I'm going to finish the Merlin sections, I mean chapters, so I can finish the chapter, I mean book, and get to the fourth. I just deleted a sentence, let's not start yuppie. I found that my Vimeos don't show me any statistics about embedded views, so if ere you'd not wanted or wondered, I'm not paying for premium yet and my YT is otherwise, suspended. Deal with that being another story. I hope I was, it would explain a lot. I got back to Chicago, downtown is nice in the morning, had nice prosciutto provolone sunnyside sammich at Davanti Enoteca because CB Gino's wasn't open yet, and I wanted to hit the second train. 

I went on vacation and had a good time, so I think I'm just going to be on vacation for awhile until something happens. Here's a rolling Chicago video. 

24 July 2015

Merlin 3:48 Will-o-the-Wisp

Merlin 3:48 Will-o-the-Wisp

Merlin and Ana drift down the narrow river, the slow streaming waters calm and passengers quiet to hear it, the hull cracks.

Merlin: It is time we make for land; our boat has a leak.
Ana: O no.
Merlin: The accidental direction and the dangerous time it was bound to happen.
Ana: If that’s a road alongside the shore, we wait and repair it, hitchhike a ride, and if not, ride the river at sunset.

Once shored the canoe he helps her out, she lays in the tall grass, he inspects the nearby trees.

Merlin: The accidental direction at the wrong time, his sure footing could find him directly.
Ana: What are you making?
Merlin: One of these has better sap, and I will mend the boat.

After some time, the tree chosen undergoes magical treatment, its interior warmed its center heats and wilts arboretum. Kindling gathered, he holds his fingertips at the fire and looks to Ana. She waves her hand and the fire begins of the air, her face cringes uneasy.

Ana: Oh he can kick.
Merlin: ‘He’?
Ana: Sons are greater danger, but less trouble.
Merlin: These experiences Troy forsakes, canopy to his starlight-skin.
Ana: Such are many sons. How have you heard your heir full?
Merlin: The bloodwork matches, by this time a hex-filled trap would lower on us.
Ana: Your worries are what?
Merlin: Yesternight a star broke; his departure is now condition. You have seen him, almost full white from the sunset magic.
Ana: We are rooted, he will autumn leaves.
Merlin: Magical abandon may cost him a daggering spell.
Ana: Thus enters, as thus exits. What condition?
Merlin: Weapons beyond that traders’ travels in proxy of wares.
Ana: Divided are the ways, the old and new, of have and hath are switched.
Merlin: One you have, to other I.
Ana: Visit this wend nary wilt entropy.
Merlin: I suppose it.

With time the sap has boiled to thicker glue, peeled bark is used to mend the boat beneath and within. The mountain looms, the sun in the morrow sinks behind the summit causing a lengthy half day of afternoon. A speared river fish – after some doing, he offers it to her.

Merlin: Have, hast have you and hath had and will had.
Ana: Graciousness, kin, I have a hunger.

She scrapes the fish from its skin, with fire-magic cooks the meat in her hand and pours it solely for appetite.  He disparately watches the road.

Ana: To wind and wend as kin and ken, we are but wont to wilt from our foundations.
Merlin: Only fire burns from air, as summer and love.
Ana: They are not left, in rickety hovels, but I am sir, and long for a couch of cloud-like fashion. A fish, a reservoir, a people, with inns and comestibles.
Merlin: Agreed. The road doesn’t trace, each sake a doubt, roads redouble days to fares, we give way down stream. Conceivably he they will find us lingering between our grim hells. Let he help you up.
Ana: We are our straying, virtue of honor among thieves, speak of this hast thou forlorn token to keep thinking.

On the river a stream over flowing they look, with their dreams in reflections cannot see the brook tributary to a lake and village big enough to sell cattle in the dozens. To wit they drift where the trees begin standing at shore.

Merlin: Tell me about Nickolas.
Ana: Nicky? He is expressive, dramatic, selfish, and temperamental, he tries to be aware, sensitive, and reserved. He is, …emotionally honest, creative and personal, but can also be moody and ill at ease, withholding himself from others due to feeling vulnerable and defective, he can feel disdainful and exempt from ordinary ways of living, typically having problems with melancholy, hedonism, and misery. He makes me feel inspired and highly creative, able to renew myself and transform a dour experience.

The low moon three-quarter full.

Merlin: His honesty?
Ana: Intensity and depth of feelings.
Merlin: Introspective?
Ana: Rich inner life.
Merlin: Heartfelt empathy for others’ suffering.
Ana: A creative disposition I guess, an aesthetic flair and elegance.
Merlin: He is in a quest for authenticity, uniqueness and the extraordinary.
Ana: Romanticism and idealism, as much as any husband. I merely hope he hasn’t strayed.
Merlin: I’m sure he’s holding on-to something.

07 July 2015


Waking, breaking, starver's toil, the death mask thrown, this isle of war
Subtle anger sudden grasp, teeth of mercy, tongues of ash
Idle idol I dole, touches those sinews of legion leagues distant
Seeing light, knowing darkness, a tooth for blood, sate of the spills
Crossing her empire, a voice for the sea, a staring war, and I wake
How dare I wake to find children foul and now I am yours,
That dare not you had made I, alas to find fiery cities and fowls as statesmen
By the wicked does it crave, by the waves of blood it crash, by and by
So the luxury holds a sinning grave to chase as skies they burn
And by the deaths one day more uncovered, fewer in the tides of war
This the grains of songs and dances love's romances burn the cynic free
There are four and there are five, looking evil in the dawn of poison air
Spies deathless seen by blind, promissory lies telling profligate flies
Walking fires breathing the dead, drinking bloodshed in clouding ash
Hastened by ideas of conspiracy, superstitious civility scientific
Taken broken bones your own to stab at the pretty ones, soon the waves
Mountain without limbs, rivers without fins, falling without wings
Long entertained and break for the actors’ reign, many liars crowd
Sick in the middle of chauffeured violence a cog of a mind diffused
Ends of chaos ordered news for brightest lights feats of fight and war fields
I would sing for her, were she not, stranding hair a breath to leaves of trees
Woven noose, wound like love in careless swaying seas to passion’s winds
A fear tells many lies, the spine of betrayal, the pain of truth
Spies burned and flayed as honest howling prayed for hindsight
The wolves and crows to’ve come for moonlight feast on words scorn
Broken over the dead, foul smoke from the heads of the staring demons
By the best they’ve come for practice and the worst arrive at war
Carry the sidereal black mass across the midnight rivers and sleeping field
Leave like hexed sailors drowning to escape rats blood spilling bow
Makers of fires, builders of towers high above the trash
Body of ruin blind of ash, they are the haunted swimming tooth and blade
They are the wicked enchanted by your veins, the willing, the wanted
Denied promises, glory above all, from blood rises, flowing and hiding
The trees thick for the harvest of the damned hunter souls
By the misery unmaking are the signs of sacrifice, cursed fiends
When the world is in protection, your atrocity corrections will be long dead
Blessed beams of torture foisted demons hoisted to the gallows
Making mercy of the shallows from the hearts of toil and pain
A song of dancing misers lancing throats from sealed blood thoughts
Climbing thru forest floor by daggers do not dull, liars soon to cull
Seed beyond the hull, hungers never full the undead rule these stones
The earth waves without breaking, the spoils break without taking
Many soon to choice of drowning for that is how they drink their blood
Sooner lifted hearts from broken bodies like the terminal resplendent
In front of war to challenge darkness, aside the wind song and the lost
Sooner broken is a promise than duty lose to price, the lost writing
The found lying in their motions as the fools beset on themselves
Cherish all screaming nightly, you will bear the burden and its cost.