07 July 2015


Waking, breaking, starver's toil, the death mask thrown, this isle of war
Subtle anger sudden grasp, teeth of mercy, tongues of ash
Idle idol I dole, touches those sinews of legion leagues distant
Seeing light, knowing darkness, a tooth for blood, sate of the spills
Crossing her empire, a voice for the sea, a staring war, and I wake
How dare I wake to find children foul and now I am yours,
That dare not you had made I, alas to find fiery cities and fowls as statesmen
By the wicked does it crave, by the waves of blood it crash, by and by
So the luxury holds a sinning grave to chase as skies they burn
And by the deaths one day more uncovered, fewer in the tides of war
This the grains of songs and dances love's romances burn the cynic free
There are four and there are five, looking evil in the dawn of poison air
Spies deathless seen by blind, promissory lies telling profligate flies
Walking fires breathing the dead, drinking bloodshed in clouding ash
Hastened by ideas of conspiracy, superstitious civility scientific
Taken broken bones your own to stab at the pretty ones, soon the waves
Mountain without limbs, rivers without fins, falling without wings
Long entertained and break for the actors’ reign, many liars crowd
Sick in the middle of chauffeured violence a cog of a mind diffused
Ends of chaos ordered news for brightest lights feats of fight and war fields
I would sing for her, were she not, stranding hair a breath to leaves of trees
Woven noose, wound like love in careless swaying seas to passion’s winds
A fear tells many lies, the spine of betrayal, the pain of truth
Spies burned and flayed as honest howling prayed for hindsight
The wolves and crows to’ve come for moonlight feast on words scorn
Broken over the dead, foul smoke from the heads of the staring demons
By the best they’ve come for practice and the worst arrive at war
Carry the sidereal black mass across the midnight rivers and sleeping field
Leave like hexed sailors drowning to escape rats blood spilling bow
Makers of fires, builders of towers high above the trash
Body of ruin blind of ash, they are the haunted swimming tooth and blade
They are the wicked enchanted by your veins, the willing, the wanted
Denied promises, glory above all, from blood rises, flowing and hiding
The trees thick for the harvest of the damned hunter souls
By the misery unmaking are the signs of sacrifice, cursed fiends
When the world is in protection, your atrocity corrections will be long dead
Blessed beams of torture foisted demons hoisted to the gallows
Making mercy of the shallows from the hearts of toil and pain
A song of dancing misers lancing throats from sealed blood thoughts
Climbing thru forest floor by daggers do not dull, liars soon to cull
Seed beyond the hull, hungers never full the undead rule these stones
The earth waves without breaking, the spoils break without taking
Many soon to choice of drowning for that is how they drink their blood
Sooner lifted hearts from broken bodies like the terminal resplendent
In front of war to challenge darkness, aside the wind song and the lost
Sooner broken is a promise than duty lose to price, the lost writing
The found lying in their motions as the fools beset on themselves
Cherish all screaming nightly, you will bear the burden and its cost.