19 March 2009

Homeless weigh in on budget deficit

After the mayor announced the city's new proposed budget this morning, he was met outside of his press conference by a large group of homeless people wishing to relay their ideas to rewrite the budget.

It includes a temporary 200 percent increase in property taxes and a 100 percent decrease in animal catchers to increase the cat population. a heated outdoor pool in the middle of the park, maintained at city costs, year round.

A few had gathered inside the city council's press conference to hear and respond to the budget - and to let the Mayor know their opposition to tax increases on alcohol and dragons. patiently many of the questions were heard by the bureaucrat with his eye on the public, many of the questions were unrelated among each person.

Mostly they wish to preserve essential services including 24/hr libraries, health centers, and civil liberties they already have, but mostly an overwhelming request for a decrease in civic duties and city services such as law enforcement, firefighters, catholic churches and the voices of recently fired invisible people.