01 August 2014

Live Long and Prosper

I still can't believe that my government is defiantly stupid, but I don't actually have that need because as anyone knows, my government tells me what to think daily. I'm writing this as I renovate renunciation, in instances that subjugation takes refuge in logic I will replace the trope of fealty with facts and alter the remaining opinion to portray honesty as defined by ethical productivity theretofore remaining to be addressed. In such case that acquiescence contrary to common attitudes occurs I will pertain my obligation to convey the message clearly by denying, minimizing, and blaming something irrelevant to the topic, which is standard politicization. 

I, not you, had read something affectionately known as bullshit that said something like, 'if you work for minimum wage, why'd you vote for the other guys?' and I wondered what the other guys had to do with someone refusing to better themselves. It would be their factions that shunned education and it would be their chiefs that defy purpose. Then something strange happened, time flew, so I went with it. It was a bit before they realized the mistake of selling their umbrellas for dry clothes. I, not you, saw something strange, a poster with a woman and a baby, imho the two people most likely to believe a politician. I say politician in place of spokesperson, but that the meanings are close. The propaganda poster said something of, 'so much money is lost when people don't pay taxes, as much as #randomgovernmentprogram, so don't blame the mother for the spending' and I was confused again. It happens. I wondered why taxes are the only solution. I wonder why people abusing (gaming) the system weren't on the poster. The false applicants are the ones who elect the politician that paid for the billboard with taxpayer money that didn't address completely, if at all, the cause of maternal woe specific to the equivocation in an overall message that I haven't finished deconstructing yet. 

I have a problem connecting this paragraph to the prior, visually. I wonder how much people abusing charity costs. I began thinking, if there are tax dodgers, then there are tax abusers. There's always a need for a better rat trap, such fragile beliefs of the political caste certainly lay the breadth and responsibility for taxation before any actual necessity deep in the minds of the weak, surely there are those who identify on a personal level with mandatory theft. Of course there are, we call them politicians. Not just any politician, every one. In history's treasured pastime of using metaphors, even if just wondering if a desperate mental grasp of mercantilism among facts magnanimously are still similar so recourse, sooner dead than realized are the many dreaming of a plan. Is it a bear, or just a really good costume. Is it a boat with a net, or the king of fish descending from the sun with a hand that looks damn similar to a net. I wondered why the woman and child in the poster didn't have their answers, but worried that their patriarch didn't have enough money. Not to bore, nor to abhorrent talkative sentence, the problem is the taxation itself. 

It isn't sane to demand stipend from a source better suited and ethically obligated to help society at large. Insomuch defending the leftist argument while supplanting the right by a simple information synchronization. IN OTHER WORDS FOR THE STUPID IMPAIRED, don't sell the umbrella for dry clothes. In metaphor, for the even stupider, if society grew apples on apple trees, and the woman needed more of other people's apples, also and I'm asking that people stop stealing apples, it wouldn't make any/more sense to cut a branch holding good apples; those apples are better used as the payment, in part, to the apple pickers, since in the world of descent metaphors the topic serves best at the front, there's only people and apple trees, bear with me, and thus if she needs some apples she can have them taxed from the people who pick them and I can still not like the thieves. Taxes TOO high can impune production, I told you it was a metaphor for the topic, not for macroeconomics, don't be an apple. 

We have the right side here, split in two, Libertarians and Conservatives arguing which thing is better to cut, and the leftists who are Socialists as always calling themselves democrats, only want to cut people who can think. I'm not with them, it's who they are. The leftists like putting things in cages and the rightists like poking things in cages, and the liberals usually like being as useless as possible at inconvenient moments. So they, are, perfect for each other. It's no different then any hell you know, we've merely been fighting those three longer. Well maybe a little. 

'Undocumented' is the word kindergartners use, it means bathroom-passport, when you get older, you can use the restroom without asking, it's totally cool. Also, unicorns are undocumented, the time has come to make that choice. 

I thought about people wanting what I have, or have not, which lead me back to the politicians, the political class, and the politburos. Then something awful occurred to me, the unemployment rate is the same as the illegal immigrant rate, and we could have zero unemployment. On the books. That wouldn't serve the politicians, a society that works needs no overlords and liars, nor power-whores and false fires, for they need constant resupply of fresh minds to crush. "They" ....wow, I haven't said that in a while, you know who they are. Well, honestly, I don't know who they are, but they're good people. There from that place, and you're from a place, and coincidentally, in a place also, it's a small world after all. 

If they're the immigrants, part of the argument has been to say they will-and-or-are paying taxes. ....Not like we do. It's worth considering this is merely focus for annulment of the income tax, there are places without the income-tax with rampant immigration and are coping immensely better than their counterpart-states who do have one. 

For some of them, we are they, I mean, they are we, we are who they are, but more importantly they are who we are. I think to myself, everytime, when they unbury that cliche, above all I don't want them to pay taxes either because that would divulge the debate whether if I should pay taxes. So forget that! *flips table, leaves room.* Aside from that being mentioned, I only have two real problems with immigration. I need to be nationalistic for a moment, don't worry, I won't use an executive order against you, I need to be patriotic for a moment I meant. More or less, amnesty is an impropriety by term "colarse," in English "queue jumping" in spanglish "cutting in line, cortar en linea," in front of those that waited and learned society needs capitalism, our society, your society; and some of the programs granted to newcomers are not granted to the indigenous poorest. The tax infrastructure of a consumer society can't afford a dole without slaves, such is the peril of materialism, no one is trying to take anything from society, and it's my understanding that capitalists don't even know how to wish for less, from neither your hands nor theirs. Count your blessings, spread love. Some among you have arrived by fate, had no choice, so I understand my argument is weak. 

Also, I prefer you include all forms and really old words, we mustn't make things easy. It seems like I just mentioned two complaints, and it wouldn't hurt if you could bring some guitars. The other complaint is, the geopolitical quandary, the social quagmire, the problem only writers and the dying remember; the masses of people coming, are not the ones we want, without saying things like a leftist the underclass are the ones who are slow/naive, and the underclass are theoretically what/who are coming. For us to be strong we need the ones who stayed behind a border to protect their country, instead we are getting their thieves and their knaves, or their naive children. Worse yet, we could be getting those who have committed desertion. I quite understand that is a contentious statement, even if you do not, and with desperation hope the innocent can arrive, freely crossing borders, to abolish taxes wherever they roam. 

A militia is what we're getting, whereas leaders find things to do that better ourselves, our society, yours, mine, whatever. A politician can have a horde of lackeys, and often does, until the only wall that falls is that of the prison's, then we will all be trapped within the corners of the world without an exit strategy. There are countries that are prisons, only because of taxation. Send us "your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free," but make sure they are the finest, yearning indeed, an army of pure resistance, not the automatons that will vote to make paradise the hell hath they escaped, do not send the machines of war and blood-sacrifice at an altar of hypocrisy for the cult of personality.

Live Long and Prosper.