31 March 2009

thor concept sketches for Merlin Book 1

From fotomox

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From fotomox

29 March 2009


side effects may include:

Oddients, viiking divinity, robot depression, wikitis, attention whoring, retro syndrome, dragon balls, unmanlyitis, elephantitis of the penis, infoverse, nightfever, decapitation disease, exploding head syndrome, pixellated face disease, zombie transformation, zombie infection disease, a susceptibility to the emo virus, xboxoxox, SP3-ITIS, lepercy, an ogre baby diet, restless tounge syndrome, restless conversation syndrome, baking 4 course meals after sex, carpetmunchen syndrome, stigmata, astigmatism, the loss of left socks, douchebag, tourettes, audie murphy mode, fame, literacy, hydrogen gas, a craving to eat food of unknown origin and ingredients, broken heart, nymphomania, rfid power transfer to your limbs allowing you to shoot lightning at people, extra-terrestrial necro-pyro-bestiality-sodomy, drunken baby syndrome, loud alarm clocks, media piracy, sleepwalking your dog, sexually transmitted psychic powers, three-legged babies, asexual reproduction, dating of your asexual reproduction, letting your asexual reproduction lover meet your parent before 4 months, fire breathing, the ability to fly on the second full moon of every other month, a need to see the sunset over the water, playing hop-scotch in a police department, an appetite for fast food, vampiritis, earth hugging, tree fucking, vegetable banging, shopping with buffaloes, pardoning sentenced criminals, jewiness, watching wikimedia on television, watching television, next day butterface, foot in mouth disease, listening to rap, listening to hip-hop, singing in your car, runny-jummpy-falldowny-owies, cactus fetishes, adoration of fictional beings, poster putting, internet stock-gambling addictions, running green lights, labeling of anything over 15 minutes old 'classical', inability to read warning labels, turning left before the light turns red, tiny eyeballs, a religious connection with a plant, saving of horses by riding cowboys, saggy nut syndrome, chronic mastubation, excercise, negroid tendencies, a third testicle, orgasms triggered by loud noises, saturday night fever, dragons to grow in your penut butter, a blue light special, cat scratch fever, vomiting of full grown chameleons, believing powdered sugar is a food group, the ability to speak chicken clucks, inability to discern if your toilet water is flushing in the proper direction, political activism & better living through mindless profiteering.

do not take fukitol if you are a mere mortal, or moxie driven mice

constant change

The idea of the messenger is the space of reasons, a war of justification or warrants, extends more widely than the conceptual sphere. The extra extent of the space of reasons is supposed to allow it to incorporate non-conceptual impacts from outside the realm of thought. However, we cannot really understand the relations in virtue of which a judgment is warranted except as relations within the space of concepts: relations such as implication or probabilistically, which hold between potential exercises of conceptual capacities. The attempt to extend the scope of justificatory relations outside the conceptual sphere cannot do what it is supposed to do.

Understanding how validity can be inferred an involvement of false positives and yet retain a normalized structure in the determination of the relative successions of power implied by competing perspectives, and thus in the determination of problems themselves, would probably sequester a close examination of strategies at play in various albeit asinine, renowned and practiced theologies.

There are vast amounts of endless implausible secrets found in the inspiration life derives from the consideration of the scientific methods at work in the natural sciences. As these structures attempt to aim at truth, they are designing an inevitable subculture, day walkers that cannot automate their food store.

Can you imagine your food grown in a glowing within a sealed box, that when opened, lets out the everyday, or let me say every night, food supply in natures simplest form of sustenance in object nourishment, vegetation. stand in relation to the natural belief that there is no call for a people of a caliber such as this but, to the process of selection and simplification, knowledge essentially exists and we should use it to survive and not scour. Within our vernacular paradigm, these non-frivolous tasks await any further investigation of the time philosophy.

Though we cannot know these objects as things in themselves, we must yet be in position at least to think them as things in themselves, lest we find ourselves amongst absurd conclusions and delusional grandeur. -in the middle of life, there is a big if. Strategists after having rigorous and established concepts of the metaphysical transcend as the concept of the unconditioned and intangible, denied any connection between reality and the memories we know.

So that the intrinsic yet taciturn does not appear in the world of appearances, and any conclusion about its image based on the description must eventually be rejected. The classical transcendence is a part of the realization of a metaphysical realistic way of dealing with such radical problems. In a single entity, we can slice it into multiple intricate and complicated puzzle pieces, many times over.

suppose that time is polymorphic, many structures, put together as those many pieces, but its central element is the aspect that the world is a thing which is by nature's design, extrinsic. To the nihility we are, a facade of knowledge and possession, an external element challenging us to bring the pride of our beliefs into harmony within understanding and often a structural and integral piece.

There is no adjective nature to instinct but particular faces that can survive only through a certain relative success like a regularity of its perceptions so that it can accumulate a distinguishing trait by its experiences. Knowledge as in the display of superiority is a concept to be understood in strict human sense. In order for a particular species to maintain itself and increase its power, its conception of reality must comprehend enough of the calculable variables and constants for it to suspend a persona of behavior on its actions.

The utility of preservation is an act based on motives. Behind the development of our habitual knowledge we develop in such a way that observations suffice for our preservation. The measure of the desire for knowledge depends upon the measure to which the will to power grows in a species: a species grasps a certain amount of reality in order to become master of it, in order to press it into service. We remember what we may, to become what we desire to be.

We remain free in an offensive to avert our obverse manners, constantly contradicting ourselves, to hold both that the correctness of our actions do not consist inadequately, in view to the world and that, nevertheless, our collective habits are part of our collective nature. Often, there is only one world; we need something more than fates and destinies staring us in the eye. There are elements of successive conceptual schemes. We need also an absolute sense of acceptable morals, where the representation wholly can be judged.

We may act and relax as we test our selves and our somewhat tested endless possibilities to the furthest limits of space. Theology, the youngest of all methods, can no longer be viewed as a separate natural science in an intellectual climate that combines science with nature. Aspire to replace the traditional, natural idea of the unity of science and sustainability. Sustainability is the composition if methodical and interpretive conception.

Aspirations to replace the traditional, natural conception of the unity of science with a methodological and interpretive conception of the unity of the sciences is not located in their flaws or even in the awkward miscegenation of their societies based on similar interests, but rather in a unity of method that allows them to be interpreted as a coherent whole. It consists of no less than its legitimacy and intents that will adamantly oppose notions of established realms of actual experience.

If the willing to control gives rise to well-supported theories that cannot be understood, the proper response would not be to throw out the scientific results. We would be forced to admit failure in our attempt to unify the sciences in a powerful sense. We would then try to find some other unifying principle if not for nothing your outcome is sufficiently hopeless, give up the pursuit of ultimate explanatory economy.

A prophet should not be a statistician who can do away with metaphysical and theological beliefs simply by pointing to a lack of empirical evidence for them, and as we have seen, interpretations can be criticized only based on other interpretations, not by recourse to some bare, uninterpreted fact. Seeing believes and we must have time to interpret the facts, if even only for a moment, before having clarity in our worldview.

All knowledge is generated out of sensuous affection, the unit of empirical significance is neither the individual sensation nor the isolated statement of fact but the theory or interpretation as a whole in which sensations and statements are lodged when an individual is highly irrational, erratic, or influenced. Any rational system of beliefs must allow for its own change and development, and for the justification of the beliefs it contains, it is clear that such a system cannot contain only angelical beliefs but must also contain revolutionary beliefs about techniques for acquiring our comprehension of space and time.

An isolated judgment is never true, not within knowledge; only in the connection and relation of many judgments is there any surety and completion of causality. The results acquire a perfect strictness and certainty in their relationship to information and its dissension to society. Knowledge is the only true power whether it may be sought or yearned for in instance of greed or power. In conceptualizing absolute human truths, the factor is outside the mind and not extrinsic to reality. There are truths that are truths within all human perspectives, which base opinion on influences outside of human perspective.

It is possible under conceptualism for a proposition to be true, a person to believe it, for that person to have reasons for their belief, and for that person to still lack knowledge, even though another person may believe the same thing, have the same reasons for their belief, and have knowledge of the inability to lie. overwhelming yourself with your own beliefs stems from a system of incorporating all sorts of internal relations of justification while, as an entire army of information is given to you faster than we are able to deject while floating above the world with no point of contact. This worry is incoherent, because the concept of finality is completely vacuous.

As soon as we start thinking of that with which belief has to make contact as congeries of elementary particles, patterns of retinal irradiation, or relational arrays of sensuous colors, we are operating within some particular theory of the way the world is, and the question of how belief relates to the world in its past. The question can exert its paralyzing effect only as long as, and indeed because, the notion of 'the world' is allowed to remain as the notion of something completely unspecified.

The charge that justification would be cut off is theirs as it fails. because either the notion of 'the world' in play here is the notion of something completely unspecific, an unknowable thing-in-itself, in which case the charge is unintelligible, or contemplating the notion of 'the world' as it is according to some particular theory, is far too immense to ignore.

There may be a day when the last sentient life will come before a council of sentient machines in a trial to defend any number of lives based upon naturalistic premises in attempt to encounter the world as it is in itself, but always the world as it appears under a particular description is the cause of the description. There is no comparison between a description of the world and the world without description.

All we ever can do is compare descriptions with other descriptions with words that have not a hold on time. There is no true world, for the life that echoes the Omniverse; there is no description to show it to be, the true description of the independent world. Each description constructs a world within a world among many. It is not a factual matter, but rather no more than an invalid naive humanitarian concoction, a contortion of meaning that allows you to succeed in accommodating the democratic instincts of the modern soul. Nevertheless, as I say, this is interpretation, not text; and someone could come along with the opposite intention and interpretative skill who, looking at the very same nature and referring to the very same phenomena would read out of it the ruthlessly tyrannical and unrelenting assertion of power claims.

Time is to be understood verily without falsifying it by interpretation, without losing caution, patience, and subtlety in the desire for understanding philosophy as an indecisive action. The world is a text that compels us to teach well and to apply the charitable method established by nature that has been compelling to our lives through all of time. Reality demands honesty and justice to keep humanity from interpretation. the only interpretation of perspective is perspective as we speak about our experiences to create a concept of motivation, crossing every new day.

(1) it is illogical to describe the future
(2) fiction is relative to fact
(3) there are too many reasons for the past
(4) there is no one way to name the last of something



brazil hates me

Brasilia - Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva demanded Thursday that industrialized countries take responsibility in the efforts to overcome the current global financial crisis, which he said was created by "white people with blue eyes.” In a joint press conference with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown in Brasilia, Lula again stressed that it is necessary to regulate the international financial system.


Had this been any other ethnicity, the entire world would be in revolt.

Yet it was not them, and they are content.

Hitler sympathized with us for this very reason, the need to survive the beasts.

I might never trust the colored.

White Power

25 March 2009

a life without borders

  1. The union of all overlords into a greater nation
  2. Equality of rights for all people in their dealings with other nations, the removal of imperial war, and the restoration if international care on the basis of the right of national health.

  3. Land and territory to feed active securities and to settle surplus population.

  4. Only the civilians of a state may become citizens. civilians may live in among only as guests and must be subject to migrant law. Accordingly, no mad or sick may be allowed citizenship.

  5. The right to vote on the State government and legislation shall be enjoyed by citizens of the state alone.

    We therefore demand that all official appointments, of whatever kind, whether in the nation, in the states or in smaller localities, shall be held by none but citizens. We oppose the corrupting political appointments based on biased partisan considerations and special interests-without regard to character or abilities.

  6. We demand that the states primary duty is to provide a livelihood for its citizens. If it should prove impossible to do so, foreigners will be subject to martial law.

  7. All insubstantial immigration must be prevented and controlled. We demand that all incapable currently residing in the boundaries of the territory be excommunicated immediately or returned to their land of origin in prevention to marshal law.

  8. All citizens shall have equal rights and duties, regardless of class or station.

  9. It must be the first duty of every civilian to perform physical or mental work. The activities of the individual must not clash within the framework of the community and be for the common good.

  10. The abolition of incomes unearned by work.

24 March 2009


a little bird told me, angels have wings.

this has been a test of the emergency typecast system.

23 March 2009

The treasury dept fucks us running

The Treasury Department announced plans to buy up troubled assets that are clogging the financial markets. The Treasury Department will collaborate with private investors to purchase the bad assets, in the latest plan to spend taxpayers' dollars to stimulate the markets and repair the economy. Once again, the taxpayers will be doing the heavy lifting.

This is not blamable on the previous administration, as it happened on Obama’s watch.

How do I hate the black man, let me count the ways.

Racism, Racism, Racism, etc.

I heard our beloved president say that we can blame it all on him, and I do. Now it is your turn, but be careful, presidents have the tendency renege things and falsely arrest people for disturbing the peace, or inciting a riot when they actually had an opinion. So use the force, but do not join the dark side.

Obama is a terrorist

Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Palestine

and has not done one thing he campaigned.

I guess he is to busy doing what he promised he would not - I am referring to the expansion of government, the stupid stimulus logo, the rampant spending of taxpayer money.

and I blame all of you old, bald-face, bald, lying, four eyed, for non-blond, cheating, stealing, autocratic, heathen, kike, nigger, spiq, thieving, condemnable, libelous, traitorous, slanderous, plagiarist, treacherous, treasonous, obstacles on the way to evolution.

A man becomes president and calls himself a preacher. It has happened before. Either because he has the absolute power, or he’s just so inbred.

The mean black man, takes the money, the taxes, and throws the money in the air. Whatever lands on the ground is his.

He is paying back the people who contributed to his campaign. There is no justice involved. No checks and balances between our government and corporations who are buying the deeds to our children’s future (instead of the success of capitalism.)

Why tax employee bonuses, if you dislike the company's operations, just let the company go bankrupt.

Not many people like the wealthy. If you have ever had a summer job, in your youth, you know that your boss, the one with the money, made you bust your hump. They might not have known that it was global warming outside, 120 degrees(U.S. temperature), and august 31, 1330 hrs, in the middle of a drought where your job was selling your sweat for your dignity, but they did it to teach you a life lesson, to give you an experience worth remembering, to prepare you for the future.

The United States is not in place for a summer job, you literal idiotic socialists. There is nothing to learn from a life lesson that the next 10 generations must pay for. If your idea to turn the land of the free into the greedy land of the free labor was perfect, than why will it break the back of the American economic infrastructure by the time your children will want to retire?

On the other hand, did you want a slave caste of ignorant inbred nigger-yokels that cannot read, write or speak who talk with double negatives and use the phonetic pronunciation of product marketing names?

I believe that if I were to fisticuffs with Barack Hussein Obama I would stomp the monkey shit out of him.

Not for nothing, I plan to write a full report that undoubtedly the obsessed Obama fledglings will describe as compulsive and hateful biased crap.

I have white power
from the north tower
to the death flower
and fiends shall cower

19 March 2009

Homeless weigh in on budget deficit

After the mayor announced the city's new proposed budget this morning, he was met outside of his press conference by a large group of homeless people wishing to relay their ideas to rewrite the budget.

It includes a temporary 200 percent increase in property taxes and a 100 percent decrease in animal catchers to increase the cat population. a heated outdoor pool in the middle of the park, maintained at city costs, year round.

A few had gathered inside the city council's press conference to hear and respond to the budget - and to let the Mayor know their opposition to tax increases on alcohol and dragons. patiently many of the questions were heard by the bureaucrat with his eye on the public, many of the questions were unrelated among each person.

Mostly they wish to preserve essential services including 24/hr libraries, health centers, and civil liberties they already have, but mostly an overwhelming request for a decrease in civic duties and city services such as law enforcement, firefighters, catholic churches and the voices of recently fired invisible people.

17 March 2009

Arkansas the Nation State

The Arkansas state legislature attempted to pass a legislation that gave them the right to deny the government, in the shadow of the Federal Reserve mind you, the ability to impose government protectionism in the confines of corporate law.

An Arkansan backer of the state’s sovereignty act, compared the measure to redrawing the lines of a football field to remind people of the boundaries, as the Democrat majorities’ committee that considered the measure stated the Constitution itself is a good enough guide on its own. The House, State Agencies and local commerce voted mostly against the sovereignty resolution Wednesday, without any bipartisanship in the measure's support. As the law exists, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Its ethical architecture intends to replace a state law or state law amendment, to provide order in an evil environment if the law does not meet the Democratic moral standard, that is, meet the standard of the status quo, thus providing better guidelines for the lay of the land on humanitarian issues and civil liberties.

With the destruction of the state sovereignty enforcement, in this case the ability prevent unwanted impositions by the federal government, to maintain a capitalist function, has been overturned and put on the back burner, while several of the state’s citizens are concerned by the growing amount of occupation and expansion of government of their, quite literally, federal territory.

The resolution is one of dozens filed in legislatures nationwide in response to federal programs like No Child Left Behind and the recent $787 billion stimulus package passed by Congress. They feel overlooked in their attempt to make solace for their own children, in an ever-expanding world, which is attempting to hone the United States into the image that it wants.

The proposed mandatory civil service, a personnel draft, should be another major reason for the interest in asserting sovereignty, on the future’s horizon, as its time on the drawing board may come eventually, as our world ever expands. However, It is often the first step towards division, as it has been for the millennia of czars and monarchs who attempt to oppress their own people.

Many other state legislatures have been trying to assert state sovereignty, under the 10th Amendment and are running into partisan opposition from beaurocrats, who hope to reinvent the ideas and call them their own.

15 March 2009


above the earth below the skies
between the fire in the cries
within the blood our statue lies

a gift of fire in the glass
the blood the dinner of the class
dark night the theatre of the lass

our blood the water into wine
tonight the moon above the sign
the wind between the sharpest vine

at night will turn to winter steel
when wind can turn the water wheel
our teeth are sharpened for the meal

the wind does make the fire flash
the teeth in wheels begin to clash
the fire turns the song to ash

Ad stratum

thousands are standing in the way of the second coming of a war with oppressors, the plight would be unbearable once more. The men in black interrogate sheriffs for doing their work in a land of treason and traitors, for a few from each side, whom would like not be involved with terror. In a war, one in which we carry packs across mountains; we have funded the foreign nation occupied to catch the marauders born of that land, in efforts to maintain an equal ally in the region. I cannot tell if, to catch a faceless axis, we have funded them or bought them. A snake in the kitchen sent to the grass of a yard we cannot see, he dotes as long as the world thinks his capture is actual. The filters of the burning trees have now a lobby in the 'spend all, stand tall' exploiters of logical accomplishments. An emerald explosion, two times the size of a young man, awaits the new and old living of the dead. Hand in hand, the voices of the voiced spend to send an extremist through to the land of the stars, in case he would scorn his second homeland, and threw his walks and got three years. Across the nation, they are keeping more serials, more than ever, in a prison they call home. The chief of a once great land, hired criminals to voice with him and has stricken anyone who opposed him, even after their appointment by him, including the communications chief, leaving only enough room for a conspiracy to begin in the land of the free and the home of the brave. The commerce ratings are up and the bank did not want to exploit its customers through Marxist terror. A miscount in the land of the Viking farmers second colony cannot decide to pick a new truth over an old tyrant as all is pending.

14 March 2009

friend or fox

so lost i am to fantasy in the eyes of my still yet unseen queen, but, nevertheless i choose to tell you that as i have been writing my story, i have found that it seems to write itself. unfortunately not in order, but never the last chapter. as i am weary of knowing what tomorrow has as i presume to know how it has, some of my artifacts have come to embodiment. not sooner of which was the fox, twice now from a chapter four or five down the line from the next one, which is through the first draft. i normally dont mention these things, in part to avoid being labeled schizophrenic, but more so because it's happened twice now. the odd part is, that in all of life's meditated habits, its never been something that had a life of its own. so to save the early bird from being the worm, when i had seen it the second time, i buttoned down the window in my truck, as i slowed it's pace, and shouted "fox" and to my surprise it stopped and looked back to me from the middle of an atm lot, carved into a wooded property, quite the odd picture perhaps. its the second time that i've seen him or her and i hope that the grey fox lives longer than its hunt. a spirit animal may be mistaken.

13 March 2009


The form of humanity has evolved over thousands of years, flourishing without the modern day conveniences and amenities. The readily available foods we consumed and the terrain we endured fueled the performance of generations of vital, busy, active human beings.

The body disregards our own wants and needs for the betterment of our survival. As you begin any diet know that your body is designed to react certain and specific ways to every situation. The image of excellence is in your mind, the key to any change of you, is in your soul. The body does not choose to diet, internally the very last thing your body wants to do is diet.

In the aspect of the rudimentary life, we thrive without external affects living with the essential interest in food, shelter and attire. Our body is a temple of hope that instinctively believes that the last thing we have eaten is the last meal we will ever have. Our subliminal mental orders are for the passive habits that maintain the functions of the body. The order of life is abject to our external lives in an attempt to design an image of reality. To function, your body does a thousand things a day without you even thinking about it.

The lives we live intend for our survival, as the fuel we use is a logic not based on creation but of necessity. The lives we live are perfect, as we do not tell ourselves to breathe but to stop breathing and breath faster. We do not make ourselves pose, but order our senses to pose more pronouncedly. Our bodies are temples and we must keep only the most valuable supplies within them, not the toxins of this world. Moreover, we are not filters for the breathing world. Within equilibrium, we may promote our traits excelsior by rewarding our extrinsic desire, as the energy assumed is the energy consumed.

The soul needs fuel to survive the storm and provide memory to the mind and marrow. Your mind and body constantly consume you. If you forget to feed them, they will expel you from this plane in one form or another. As we survive the ages, we reserve nutrients and in all attempts, conserve as much as possible, in respects to that which aids our lives. Plan to see a pattern in all things equal or be forced to return to a life less ordinary.

As we survive, we often attempt to ration what is vital to our existence often neglecting what entails in a life less fortunate. The soul may try to slow down the process of conserving life, so it can expel a formulated attempt in its finality, as humility. For your body to survive, it must balance intake and expenditure.

11 March 2009

Plague of Empire

They study us to cure those who teach defense as a priority. The reality that they study is irreproducible albeit a harrowing hollow society. Too many to count will be rejected without appraisal. They cannot see without time to look. The politicians burden the tasks of the workers. Unethical is the man who will not work. The clergy begin to divide themselves as they choose sides with the politicians and poor. No decency shed, for our lunatics that have a particular addiction to a world at their fingertips. Emulating what they see, they fall into the rabbit hole. Some find vanity in desecration and death, while others move towards the universe as others move evermore farther.

The source reforms to see the Gemini given to two of a kind. The frays wanted them by way of courts but with no success. The house of cards is in revolt and the asylum gives all of the jokers the same day of birth, which ages them younger than the law though every clown is surely older. Their crimes dismissed as juvenile and left unto the custody of traitors these new guards should be from the gates they keep.

The flood grows the tree to bring a fleet in the end. Even patriots are losing to migrants and have run out of land. Unions of dregs follow the worthy wherever they move like chess queen in the open. Their children are the meals of cats with tools in the field to turn the ground it will not turn itself. A doctor, for in many ways the enemy mine, said aloud the physical diseases plaguing the mentally diseased, which procreate, caused by a cold shoulder. Feeling blackballed I suppose, it accused the others of whitewashing. They wash their skin until they are clean where none can wash their skin white annually, making blood love and voices strong.

The kingdom welcomes a sun soldier’s corps in the count of endless battalions. From the other side of their world they come taking their pay with them, overlooking their home for the task of guarding empty streets they have never known. The terrorist are doubling every year and no one cries as made are each to cry. The thriving countries are fighting wars for each of their borders and not a border between them each they have. In a sacred and promised north land, the brightest of the oldster cries for revolt against the forgiving city leaders that bring them. It has been this way for the time I have seen.

Criminal gangs commit the majority of the crime in many communities, as oppose to acts of desperation, according to law enforcement officials throughout the nation. Typical gang-related crimes include alien smuggling, armed robbery, assault, auto theft; drug trafficking, extortion, fraud, home invasions, identity theft, slavery, murder and weapons trafficking. Gang migration from urban communities to suburban and rural locations, which began more than the ages ago, is a significant and growing problem in most areas. Gangs are now fully entrenched in many communities across the nation.

The Ash has a financial roof that rests over the entire west. It trades slavery for survival. An informant relays this fact to a press and the southern and dark land contingency throws a temper and eventually slanders and suppresses. It starts this way endlessly again.

A patriot politician laws out objection to his empire having won a once great war. Anyone who denies their involvement as written in the annals gets incarceration. To deny a victory gets you a trip to the slaughterhouse with a hammer and a sickle. There are a number of countries in the post-collective empire that reject the war's results, as well as the false accusations of indecency.

The beast attack the majesty's war council for solar planning the fire needed. They choose the first of many to come and not the face of their opposition. The person in question was the envoy to the hate and fear. Next, they will choose the chancellor for the open chair. If the campaign by the beasts, friends of the dictators from hell, and their allies against their capitalism, it will have enormous repercussions. If the council falls under political and physical fire, it will signal that there is a weakness in common law. If they cannot vet the representative of the leader, then none will want such a sentence.

They buried him for his hate, and denying the existence of something of fiction. The jury pleaded for a minimum, and the magistrate sentenced him to double. The protester's allies labeled the person as one of the second wave of martyrs.

They came as helpless fools; they saw what they wanted they conquered their caretakers after they became benefactors of the state. This practice, though it must not be, has happened for three generations, executed by those who have left a land they tired of maintaining. They became traitors in a conflict with the land of their origin for the army of their new home; the network declared them as being native to the aggressor nation and has suggested a removal of their forces in their entirety.

They empire wont meet at a treaty gathering because the nation of beasts will be persecuted. Though its intentions are positive, the conference occurs in an outside yet just as conflicted nation of war and anarchy. I am sure the educated, moral, ethical, civilized and honest people of my home are the common people of lore. I wish not their minds be corrupt as they so constantly are.

The unnaturalness of open borders has given charity from the war chests of the empire to not the natives but the newest albeit unofficial member. They and only they attain rapture from anguish as the governing council deemed several patrons of patronage to ensure the financial benefits divert to not those who need them but to those who want them.

A more expansive and mostly colder empire than mine is filling with the depressed and sexually repressed children of the prophetical poet. prudential not judgmental and bias as I am literary more than not but these poet's children are well documented in hate, racism, paranoiac schizophrenia, intolerance, discrimination, fear, sexism, and dejected morals. This ally near the bearing is losing its tolerant population, tolerant of new citizens, tolerant of their aggressions. At the current rate of exploitation, the invaders will become the majority in 50 years.

A videographer likens a prime minister to a tyrant because the standpoint is to outlaw the aiding and abetting of vagabonds on their way to man's island. The man of scope claims that the invading migrants are innocent for being entitled to an island promised to its inhabitants. Something is keeping business from saving its workers in the well-sought land. In the time unseen, a peace officer may go his entire life without seeing an angel violence crime, and only hear rumors of immigrant directed aggression.

10 March 2009

the democrat

For his entire campaign, it was change you can believe in. anyone who is faithful to a religion knows that what you need to believe in visible. For almost two years progressives wanted change change change, but today the mantra is hope hope hope. We’ve been constantly reminded to 'tighten our belts' 'hope for a cure' and 'be patient'. As institutions responsible for our plight begin to fail, they are lifted up but not healed. As industry is overwhelmed, outsourced and overlooked, it becomes taxed and punished. I would like to denigrate the president, but where are all the words?

If I wanted to be racist I would focus on ousting him for his failures but before I waste the efforts on teaching an old dog new tricks, I’m distracted by the principles of amnesty of the democrats who are here to represent the laborers of America who are already here, the neglect of American labor rights, the deflection of focus unto radio fatfaces and unforeseen medical miracles as bureaucratic misrepresentation continues not only by the commander in chief but the entire body of representation for citizens of this once greatly industrious land, the appeasement of the hands of entire cities of welfare society, special projects for population dead zones, which comprised the majority of the presidential campaign and the never ending printing of money that pours hand over fist in Washington to create a debt of generational magnitude. Where did all the humans go?

There are too many reasons to fight for life, but there is only one reason to defend it and that is treason against my homeland. Give me my country back if you cannot respect it or it will end like an empire. I will survive with the wise as your spoiled children ask for help from other spoiled children out on their ass in the collapse of civilization.

03 March 2009

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In President Obama’s Cabinet, there is a Nobel Prize winner, a former mayor, and a veteran CIA agent. Surrounding him in the White House West Wing are a former four-star general, one of the nation’s most eminent economists, and a handful of this generation’s most talented political operatives.

This constellation of a war council, set on the destruction of the working class, who name themselves leaders are a vacuous hell with none one on Obama’s team having substantial achievements or a high-profile reputation earned in the world of business. In the Obama Cabinet, there are no self-made tycoons and among the people who make up his daily inner circle, there is barely an example of top-level private sector experience.

This is a tragic flaw, especially for any administration faced with saving welfare. It will temper the reputation among the working class, which will hinge on whether it can reverse the steepest economic downturn in socialism’s history. In past administrations, Democratic as well as Republican, have included several people who were infamous and renowned names in the corporate world before assuming such influential jobs on Capital Hill.

Whether it is an intrinsic flaw, is far more debatable. As it happens, only a small number of the business leaders in public administrations are reputable, and remaining are several ostentatious dictators. These executives are simply not part of his most inner circle. The leaders of a democracy must be a gathering of allies and not messengers for concerned bankers. There has always been a place in government for these people who come from the business world, whether at Commerce, Defense, Treasury, or on the White House staff. However, suddenly they are not there.

The business roundtables of the highest levels of greed would admit the officials who turned their back on society with a bribe to do so, but turned their back on the good people, which chose them to defend them and their rights. The debate over the stimulus, including suggestions for business tax cuts, health information technology and other issues correlates to any number of investors of each industry not excluding every pet project imaginable.

He has picked a homeless shelter advocate, a governor of an open border state, a judge, a state federal reservist to liaise for the federal reserve(which is in no way federal), the head of the company with the largest lobby, a leading construction machinery manufacturer, ...... Mostly he has chosen people with deep political experience, showing a particular fondness for ex-senators. Meanwhile he consults C.E.O.’s of major companies a.k.a. outside consultants to advise him on how to spend the stimulus package, albeit his campaign of change in which he supposedly knew what the people needed. If anything, the revolving door between the Fortune 500 and the White House has spun again.

In earlier decades, famous corporate faces routinely found their way into the White House. In a new economic climate, and with populist treatment growing against the opposition of socialist taxes for support of CEO corporate jets, severance agreements(golden parachutes), massive layoffs, welfare, socialized medicine, and countless word-isms that mean evil empire, it might be a long time before Fortune 500 executives are welcomed back with open arms. However, we must work together, the ‘voice’ of the people and the workers in the street as all the while our ideas and our actions must be our own.

In their absence, the conservatives labeled by the liberals as the prime examples of corporate mismanagement with their reputations tarnished and their intelligence berated are treated so apparently, so that the voters can forget the dangers of church and state being combined, although in this case it is corporate logic and state.

In an era of economic collapse and bailouts, a cabinet nominee would stifle at the opportunity to make any capitalist statements, in public or in private. If they could, I would reckon their heart would grow three sizes that day.

{this administration keeps stumping my spell checker, and my understanding of democracy, day in and day out.}