29 March 2009


side effects may include:

Oddients, viiking divinity, robot depression, wikitis, attention whoring, retro syndrome, dragon balls, unmanlyitis, elephantitis of the penis, infoverse, nightfever, decapitation disease, exploding head syndrome, pixellated face disease, zombie transformation, zombie infection disease, a susceptibility to the emo virus, xboxoxox, SP3-ITIS, lepercy, an ogre baby diet, restless tounge syndrome, restless conversation syndrome, baking 4 course meals after sex, carpetmunchen syndrome, stigmata, astigmatism, the loss of left socks, douchebag, tourettes, audie murphy mode, fame, literacy, hydrogen gas, a craving to eat food of unknown origin and ingredients, broken heart, nymphomania, rfid power transfer to your limbs allowing you to shoot lightning at people, extra-terrestrial necro-pyro-bestiality-sodomy, drunken baby syndrome, loud alarm clocks, media piracy, sleepwalking your dog, sexually transmitted psychic powers, three-legged babies, asexual reproduction, dating of your asexual reproduction, letting your asexual reproduction lover meet your parent before 4 months, fire breathing, the ability to fly on the second full moon of every other month, a need to see the sunset over the water, playing hop-scotch in a police department, an appetite for fast food, vampiritis, earth hugging, tree fucking, vegetable banging, shopping with buffaloes, pardoning sentenced criminals, jewiness, watching wikimedia on television, watching television, next day butterface, foot in mouth disease, listening to rap, listening to hip-hop, singing in your car, runny-jummpy-falldowny-owies, cactus fetishes, adoration of fictional beings, poster putting, internet stock-gambling addictions, running green lights, labeling of anything over 15 minutes old 'classical', inability to read warning labels, turning left before the light turns red, tiny eyeballs, a religious connection with a plant, saving of horses by riding cowboys, saggy nut syndrome, chronic mastubation, excercise, negroid tendencies, a third testicle, orgasms triggered by loud noises, saturday night fever, dragons to grow in your penut butter, a blue light special, cat scratch fever, vomiting of full grown chameleons, believing powdered sugar is a food group, the ability to speak chicken clucks, inability to discern if your toilet water is flushing in the proper direction, political activism & better living through mindless profiteering.

do not take fukitol if you are a mere mortal, or moxie driven mice