12 December 2012

Merlin 3:5 “Witches Brew”

Merlin 3:5 “Witches Brew”

Where ancient grasses wave and filter salty breeze there is silence to the sea as the tide washes over the beach and granular sand, where midnight meets the sunset the shallow undertow pulls from the depths beyond the coastal border to where the new moon illumines the shallow waters and surface of the deep darkness. Where ebb and flow without the moon is far below the crashing tumult of wind and water, irreverent aqua becomes dark and foreboding to the naked eye, commotion of the repellent waves and level visions fair of far horizon become deterrent to faint of heart without devotion. Witches three devotees to magic and the dark reflections within the shadows cast from raining lighting and water heavy in the breeze, a dark rift becomes ever the thunder tumultuous in ominous stormy skies, the white cracks of lightning thru the air coursing along the dour and the shifting sea. The wind high and sails pulled tight brave and garrulous sailors bring the witches’ staging vessel over a raging ocean born of dusk.

Encircled three witches turn their backs to one another and hold together their pale hands as the waters churn the ship smallest when from shore, against dark horizon and angered elements they begin an invocation to bring spiraling movement to the water. The sea beneath the storm besets to swirling around them as the arms from chthonic monsters of the deep mutilate to remove the bystander seafarers, the ship sinks toward the ocean floor revealing and breaking over a shipwreck sunk long ago, the hurricane drills to the bottom while the mermaid warriors escape a danger they have never seen. The witches wave their hands and mid pieces pull the timber flotsam with their magic and their minds, debris and panels flying while all manner of creatures caught in the whirlpool channels are dashed by the eyes of an unearthed vacuum waiting for sunken wreckage, all save fierce magic causing the sky to pass around the scene sealing the repose.

The massive welling of water outside the eyes of the storm uncovers for the tripartite an ancient cauldron. Supernatural fires embolden the sigils carved into its outer surface to an effulgent glow of green and blue, a brightly glowing radiant into the torrential sky, three witches begin to breathe and seethe the magic within contained and speak be-hither the ululate words for summoning the souls of the dead.

Lulu/Nara/Kay: “Darkness, sacrifice, power, we are the wicked daughters, we are fear, and we are salvation. Come, o void, thru us, our open souls, grant power spited by the gods, to release thee, o prisoner of war.”

Thunder bellows louder as the water spirals faster than that which can be fastest as the eyes of the witches three begin to glow and seem of addled mind while their skins darken, the sound of all nature abandons its ever-present furor as Nara’s skin consumes the wickedly manna from the rage and cage of storm and sea. Her eyes close but the bright nature of her vision shines thru her eyelids, in saturnine retention she begins to speak as the glow, ever bright, serves as an illusion too illuminant for them to see her eyes opening as her voice resounds sharing the words with dread prevailed amongst the inviolable tempest.

Nara: “If we survive, it shall be by killing your blood.”

Quieting the demons in her voice Nara briskly flies to put her hand on Lulu’s face, lightning courses and kills her prey as all dark powers summoned consumed, with wrath comes a witchery war as Kay deviltry attacks Nara effortlessly but without indemnifying affects. In response, Nara extends her other hand and disseminates many branches of black lightning paralytic and parasitic. Dire, deadly, and finished with Lulu she focuses both hands and thusly exacerbates dispended electricity to Kay, suspending her passing and falling aguishly, Nara grasps her face and jejunely drains her second sister witch at the bottom of the swirling sea. Nara looks above herself as the whirlpool collapses, then as the crash compounds itself thru the thunderstorm she walks with dark tranquility on the water to the shore.