22 August 2010

The Sonnet of Sunset

Autumn shadows waiting all seek their wits,
to haunt the dusk and wait for nether realm,
vague and meek the watchers wait in the pits,
staring blindness venturing at the helm,
thick darkness blowing as they treat the cell,
whispers behind every fallen pace,
and certainly something living in hell,
as close as time so quickly cant erase,
the light dare not tread where the devil knows,
be the lord of darkness where seething breathe,
where terror faults the strongest of the foes,
without their face, the dying merchants teethe,
dissemblance prayers wont awaken the dawn,
for with tooth and nail hope is surely gone.

American Rune Poem 2010

Affable fellow
Belonging to some forgotten order
Certainly the type to fall into
Dogma, perhaps
Energetic and needing a cause to
Fight. Anything would be better than
Getting another eternity fighting
Hell in solitude
In absolution and seclusion
Just to
Kill the demons with a
Little support for the
Masses of ignorant
Neanderthals, if in fact they were even human
Opportunity would
Put him in favorable
Question with the authorities, with
Reliable allies to
The test of time with greater numbers
Ultimately to join the front is
Veritably a horrible decision for
War is definitely a
Xenophobic decision to kill
Your enemies and not evolve, or plan contingently and live like animals in a

Haiku Nature

To tame the wanting,
in every waking storm,
growing out of reach.

Diamond Possessed

solid, clear,
shining, glowing, dying,
heavy as the heart,
rolling, falling, waiting,
dull, vague,

Crown Cinquain

to walk the path,
of all that trace before,
motivated liberated,

The air,
heaven and hell,
between the fire sky,
and every name for this world,
the storm.

Dark light,
to scream collapse,
and bring the water down,
equally to feed the willow,

The wrath,
from town to crown,
to war with shadows dark,
hiding in the dawning dusk,

before winter,
to tame the burning realm,
in every wicked wisdom,


In waiting for the rain,
the summer on the plain,
to sing the song,
of all night long,
the fire wont remain.