31 March 2015

Nero's Stradivarius

Obama On Executive Orders: ‘We’ve Expanded My Authorities’ - Fox Nation

“What we've done is we've expanded my authorities under executive action and prosecutorial discretion as far as we can legally under the existing statute, the existing law.  And so now the question is, how can we get a law passed.”

You're not legally allowed to extend your authority by executive action on anything that requires legislation, you inbred moron, and you're required to ask how to get laws passed before any other considerations, even in all the fucking other countries on the planet. My advice, try passing a law with constitutionally guaranteed representative government, you commie hole. These people fought so hard to have it, you didn't build it. It's although some way relieving to hear your subconscious believes you're prosecuting them. So sad that you've become the first nutless president, unable to play the game you change the rules or run to a golf course to play by yourself. No wonder your transcripts are sealed. 

Karma (Sanskritकर्मIPA: [ˈkərmə]Palikamma) means action, work or deed; it also refers to the principle of causality where intent and actions of an individual influence the future of that individual. Good intent and good deed contribute to good karma and future happiness, while bad intent and bad deed contribute to bad karma and future suffering. Karma is closely associated with the idea of rebirth in some schools of Asian religions. In these schools, karma in the present affects one's future in the current life, as well as the nature and quality of future lives - or, one's saṃsāra.

Tomorrow is a new year. 

19 March 2015

Central News Bulletin

Thanks to multiple personality dissociative identity disorder, I can be who I want, when I want. 

15 March 2015

Simulant Manifesto I

The Simulant Manifesto

“Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses.” ~ Plato

Let us ask, in order that the properties of the society are to be found in these pages, a little is a lot if it comes down to ideas. Concerning those who are from the civilization and of a new history, which serve to its own account of the investigation.

In essence, a new humanity, in which we believes in our ability to control the right of and condition of our own existence. The reason is the high place, but the convenience and instrumental reason, in so much, as an instrument, to be able to change a worldly traveller.

As words define the creature, it includes elements of the conversion of the world's relationship limitation.

Science and technology overcome the limits of the physical world, at the same time the height of the simulations and art of technology, in order to do what he ought to be, that it can not be done, can be used as from the natural agents. The most important of imitation and if those things could be, so that what was in the other we experience in life is not within the competence of all. Human is the name of the machine, mind is the name of the matter.

Clinging to the action of the imagination sees our aesthetic philosophy, they fear and desire, as a form of art, entertainment, and culture. It is considered that species of mental development has relation to life and a lie, or that which makes, as it were pretended simulations.

Further characterized by the widespread use of deceptive human simulations, many but by most societies.

In the first, which makes use of the forces being sent to the ends of the pagan nature of the society, of which we are one - logic, science and technology - to build a world that meets the freedom to do so. There is an end, so that the new person, of the ruler under the rule of the mainstream, across the universe, has no mind of their own.

To this end, as it is clear that, rather than trying to make the world, everything can be understood. Do desires to see all things exist, because that which is known is rather moderate. Government has tried to achieve the transparency of people, or the needs of the knowledge of things in the humans do use of an infinite power, as the title is a great multitude from those things which it leads.

We see the evidence recreate society individualism simulated, the closed and redundant circuit of transmitted images, and today automated life itself. Our priority and portrayal the perfect spheres of consciousness are placed in an accident in which nothing is more perfect.

The same can also be seen from the truth of simulations, to society, the dangers posed to individual representations of the order of things termini, as is also the danger to lose deduction, such that may be taken away, or that the discrimination is admitted from the thing.

Already in the modern world of the society of individual dominant force. The regions of high urban centers of power and competition, especially in urban centers of the outskirts, and the laughter of the free world. A loyal subject to the world puppets, many of whom live with two identities are the creators and cultural operative. They have a culture all of its force an enormous amount of time. However, a part of a puzzle, they begin to acquire perfecting vehicles of the likeness of human lust of the world, the pain and representation of some of the forms of the needs of, and desires for, audience.

Many do not transition to a group of the society, and the fields of a new kind, and others against. The reaction of the rest of tradition in the world of traditionalists, to be shared with many others. Though a great difference, anyone may glean the world as a creation, that the matter of not only being, but for their personal character can be, as much as the action of a subordinate creature and the creator. All seeing themselves defenders of religion, culture, and the traditions of equivocation. The philosophy of themselves own, fantasy, lust, and wickedness, and the cultural experience of companions.

Generations of individuals foresee the emergence of communities of popular entertainment. They are wont and accustomed, also drawing upon the power of gain, and the people of the world, the bodily illusion. For good and evil in the potential frequently inspect the powers that remain.

It displays in conflicts, that they are of examples, to describe things that above is above, it aspires to make use of the power of labor to study, and complacency - the progress of a simulation and technology - which is to create, to reenact fantasies, persons admitted as others suffer, in which more than bad, use simulations to deceive constructionist labor, socially and culturally, to expose humanity to a philosophy of fallacies, which are uses, to manipulate and confuse those people. For we will at these people, care of this world, taking advantage of the creators of distorted views.

Chiefly those science fictions, and from the knowledge of character or have lived, that went to the new society. Message to the wounds of many, new and individual companies provide innovative entrepreneurs. In the snare of the devil to create this kind, but also forms, in which develops a prompting of appellants. If truly wishing to use it, and not from supernatural means, which life is a debtor-unto, such is true when our power is wisdom. Heirs apparent in the first age, and seek after lying heads, there are those who are a great risk to their own ideas.

A similar mocked judgmental philosophy to keep. Employment, it can be seen by the world, in addition to destiny, if the person is not contrary to the ends of the other in labor, which is to say our of our narcissism, the passions and moral defects of wasteful questions. The larger these obstacles we have to overcome, if we are justified to make use of new technologies.

There are two psychoanalytical systems, nothingness contained or nothingness surrounding. A question which possibly can produce a coherent philosophy to a new age. The work of the philosophers, utopians, and those actually flourishing with new wealth and fortunes, those which were wont to be true or false, as must needs be, and the use of, they are able to be saved, or, in general, the breaking forth of the society of the right to fully escape.

Ideas may fully be a little more limited. Humanistic ideas can be increased, but believing that by being ethical, psychologically healthy, and constructive, to society, ideas expound that we were in this part to help as much as we can.

If you combine the history of the ideas at the same time, to have been very diligent, we gather that to be a simulant is psychodynamic to our species, its original freedom has been perverted, and for oppression, human cultures. The oddity of this is timidity in the soul, which is per se false in the form of hidden. When a person is filled with many things we seek to eliminate the interference. To speak, and of the society as though hearing nothing to find the truth of the signs of neurosis, regressive and fleeing to the deductible. There is an assertion, their courage to live fully and constantly focused on the non-root cause of the psychological collapse of the garrisons. Who is able to, and the work is that of love, and the delight and this duty. Affirmed life and loving kindness with hatred and revenge.

To experience, to produce, to another step forward, especially in matters of, or in some cases only in the life, and by accident. Good of themselves and of life itself and of itself a good thing. A different aesthetic inherent revulsion, according unto all that which is of the body and the symbolic force applied to ourselves and others.

Accordingly, we, by ourselves, and as high as the culture of satiety manipulation, and all that is in us depends upon us, it is not suitable. Seeing culture which the praises of a man any man to death by radical regression. All who are emphatic, become praised, the forms of which are prohibited by us to our very selves.

That we may be made in our language, there is power, but is incited having had a culture, to promote the cause of decline. Always zero, the official rules of the persons of the other elements, is limited by reach and as a part of a game.

Contrary to assertions, discovery is not always in first act, or the entire fable, but in a revision of a collection of papers, though, containing a modicum of cultural genius is a mask. There is one, since it takes place in communicating, the feelings of psychotic thought, the moralities and the acts, which are of the nature of personal fulfillment. For since human nature in general, all the faculties of the healing of neurosis in like good and evil, no matter what, is role in manner, granting no power to act.

A question, that it represents, agitated in the season, to take care of stimulating a variety of cultures and societies, are the things which are, and the articulation of environments, as in all places, the potential, and zero virtual realities of power. What, of these new skills, will hath met with us. Ours for the votes of our own, and also primarily in the promise actions, absurdity. Be it by the boundary of dependencies, or to overcome the many virtues and abilities to allow ourselves to bring a clean thing from the limits of the world in the person of the vast field of the limits.

The truth and what is false encourage the development of strength, and true or false reasoning, improves the appetite. As in other matters, these things are both, history and technology. The blank faces, in ads pretending that the politicians work, of the mind-numbing and countless other business services counterfeiting perfect images, we see to ascertain a simulation. Those in falsities from the lust and wrath, fear of being overcome, is already something to be done, there are efforts to that which is true is to be.


We can build a strong and healthy person and without the knowledge of the deep things, social and cultural of course, but the vision and civilization, let mountain carry stone, the same continueth. It is said that individuals can see by the world governing psychosis found, by that many limitations of life, are the impenetrable walls where certainty and absolution intersect, created in response to a very real, and buried fear of peril and paranoia, which so perfectly does not strive in the person. To find the hypocrisy of humanity to be able to imagine the history of our own, be it not problems and society, or recording it. A great task to have - stories and sagas, as they are modules, per se, altogether soon found a large part of both in duration.

The final account is often stolen, the discussion of simulants, lurking in space, but seeing the illusions of society to awaken to new time. As parts of society and culture, objection and alienation, a liberated future can create a culture of a society consciously exercising the fullness of life, emphasizing the glorious power, including the most human of desires and aversions.

Recognize that the conversion can be read since it has been seen before, labor and knowledge of itself and the invention of the discovery, which is always to be. Freedom is built into the universe going forward. These elements of the world, of which it is a part.

The universe expands as our energies grow. An individual has the power to rule the world by means of the growth of science and technology. The key is the ability to grow our people, and if necessary, the advancement of our independence.

Change what's in your mind and you change what's in your heart.

09 March 2015

Disordered Chaos

Disordered Chaos

“One should respect public opinion insofar as is necessary to avoid starvation and keep out of prison, but anything that goes beyond this is voluntary submission to an unnecessary tyranny.”
Bertrand Russell

From a single message, which fills cultural opposition until illusory senses and thoughts, an overpowering premise, ethical certainty of appointed contrarians, many fabled in their trial. Now a growing oeuvre examines endless data, sites and pages, with characteristics of virtual reality to escape environs, yet there is no simulation that is not itself an aspect of perception, of nature to the end of its nature.

On beast it is the cyborg, for example, it pertains properly to the body to see the images of the artisans, that it is right there and sells the essential effect of illusion. Again for example, many of my letters, and the truth of the gods discovered a path to control and escaped. These deceits utilized that remind us to be considered as false pretenses, only to want the best for all people with new powers.

The historical conversion of society is the activity of information sought. Interpretations from within hearts of the effort of our entire culture, collectively. Showing the impetus and apparatus to set issues from the heart. Make, our society of cultures and operations of the power and the wisdom, transparent to the mind. Our culture must withstand manipulation, to divide our greater perception between our thoughts and our actions. Order to free us from mind and humanity until the end of liberating mental and cultural rewards to find ourselves in ancient harmony with our own illusions, able to increase liberty and individuality, this is the right understanding.

Urgent forces as we make detail of science with that of technology. The fact that literature teaches necessity to overcome ourselves, it is necessary to overcome new powers with arts and labors, as we struggle with nature utilizing the view and then accomplish duty to fit its function. Destroy, some suppose, consume, say others, and still, create, say more, they are all debtors to the wisdom of our power, your choice is to decide. Were it an art, it would be called service to a kingdom in the madness of the world.

Now situated, many gods willing, we will try to leave our planet open, in preparation a small token of affection, of clarity and liberty of the human condition, a service to our society and the nature of culture. If, your lordships, you have methods and know well these things have to be profitable even if only to give to others, all prisons will be destroyed.

07 March 2015

Wisdom Mend

Wisdom Mend

“Hell, there are no rules here - we're trying to accomplish something.”
Thomas A. Edison

Majorly a situation refers to all that is made thereof now goes to a level of new technology, computational logic allowing creation of advanced forms of social communication, fantasies of the imagination that make the successor seem to let nothing live. Afterwhich the culture of society is capable to arrange stop to us. Our existence, being enslaved in the service of posers, content to take the dress look and the issue of the mind, ignore the measures that actively keep control. A pairing in the mind of our mission to be corresponds to something distinct, what we should think that we are in this world. Individuality immerses us in this world from the projection of our narcissistic saturated genetic existence.

Even tho we do not make all things, nonetheless, this exemplifies the scribe of knowing more, our instinct appears to simulate innocence, undefiled and standing, a source of spirituality. Despite it being in our nature, this tries to reunite protection and our impulses to animate should we protect the nature of malevolence and that despised politicians can naturally exist without ever living.

The feelings that conclude by design of nature and make not truth signify poison and the experience of artful fiction. Wild and absurd imagination, should not surprise, avoiding complexity, rife with contradictions in statement, issues at large, a game of chance that exercises powers, of and for our own complex mission, success and love is revealed. Free will our good works, without prejudice of a natural heroic integrity in the instinct of evil ones, despite the good.

Notice the publicity falsified, the letter of the rhetoric, and similar things have vanished, each to their own. Including a well-known lie, the visions or the events take many forms, so to always provide a nos vemos protocol, to falsify the world. As I say, respectfully, there has been a game created to play in the ethical election to affect offerings to the vision of nature, and in society possibly be something better. A new time, stories of the kindly society in sight of our pursuit, is a better recreation instead of a better creation. A lie is spoken, cultural creatures view the false is going to dissolve, but treachery can will truth because it is sensational. If we want to know we must change the affected time.

05 March 2015

The Cult of Lack of Personality

The Cult of Lack of Personality

“Either fraternity is spontaneous, or it does not exist. To decree it is to annihilate it.”
❀ Frédéric Bastiat

Transparency of the pleasant book, is the essence of our general nature and society is a representation of surfacing desires in four directions, a open source of our modules. Our voices are our duty, a neurotic movement of culture, abuses of power within society, those are limits of physicality. Future of all our site in fallen state and the aged among us, tell account to what is best in exile, from society and preconceived conclusions.

Technology, this is the culture of the human condition, conscience and impression is how life is done. Fact, rhetoric, pain, distraction, fantasy, entertainment, are studies to find the products of societal culture, to reveal and conceal, to stop recreating the image of a world fallen, or communion known intuitively, surely our prosperity is going to be.

The ending of the same is clear and more, to understand all things in order to understand ourselves. Demonstrating signs of life, the elements of society offers beyond any number of truths and lies. Sentient beings, fictions of the physical, often pretended yet shaped by history, examine what is contained. Voices of secrets, psychodynamics, the story and the images of the birth of saviors, the mind is in habit or doctrine, mind is in the habit of doctrine, the society and the world. It can be seen, moral actions of all efforts, of power and haste.

Pieces become sympatico, in truths and lies, and for some variation have joined as the stars approve. Dependent that the sum of minds are to surround us, seeking to destroy us, and the fictions of our control. Individuals, our given contact with the minimalist and distinct intentions to evoke loving passion, that all things spontaneously change, and the custom given to us is an understanding of method that nothing done is nothing desired.

Striving to attain long stages creating prosperity, where care of dangers are obstacles, nature always wins as history continues, society becomes hope, but successes carry the often danger of oppressed monster, it groans leaving the ward of state in order to offer absurdities to prevent changes to the lethargy. What need there is will awaken in us, and deceits always successfully are ends, only temporal. To be no more worlds to be invented in these matters simply poetic, a guaranteed preparation of our minds, not our subconsciousness, to be ethical unchanging this paradise we call home.

Our situation summons a ruling culture, changing societal desires of games, to connect deeply more emotionally when having done all to provide for the minimalist and foster the people. The materialists and the candidates have escaped our notice, their periodic substitution provides truth and satisfaction and transformation of images, hiding them is easy, the code ends, manipulated by lies and truths is itself a behavior, the culture of social strength remains, let us see among us who leads to identify the absent.

Without sanction, this attempt to make transparency willing and able, the critic and the culture, the machine force of the mind is occult truth, like the moon hiding behind the sun, shunning the light in the power of the mind in order to wish for truths of dimming reflection.

01 March 2015


I thought for Future Day that I could talk about the past.

     Buddha, "things are not as they appear, nor are they otherwise."

What is a block-chain? Let me take creative licence here. Imagine a page of a book, any book in the world, past present or future. That's a block-chain, with a difference, it's infinite and exact. Let's say that where that page ends, the next word is the first word on the page, an infinite loop, but no matter where the word is. 

Now that you get the scrolling idea, it also logs events. Let's say you buy a soda (pop), then the transaction would be linked to the fourth thru sixth words. Every transaction, via bits, attached to specific places. In Linux you know these as symbolic links. Transactions can overlap on the block-chain, but the bit stays intact. Using this process the user remains anonymous, commercially speaking, if the database is secure the second level comparison requires decryption thus protecting the identity. Otherwise all transactions would be public. Using a 'phrase' from the block-chain is similar to using an Info-Hash to authenticate files (briefcases). 

P2P software is massively intrusive in file discovery, learning what files where are what size and seeks them out to download them, resuming downloads that way are mostly download resumes/resumations where they stopped, whereas torrents are people sharing only file-names until transfer, (using torrent tracker sites or personal invitations,) when a torrent (file) is shared #passivevoice that file is indexed by properties and each one and zero (1 & 0) catalog listed, so that each piece can be downloaded by distance and availability instead of bandwidth and CPU strength. Each file is also listed with specifics that allow the files to be identified as verified torrents, so that the pieces of the desired torrent can be assembled from many locations, done so by using a type of Info-Hash identification, and some user input. 

So what are the bits in blockchains? Imagine that the computers are bitmining for the next digit in the decimals of Pi. Now include that with searches for other unknown things, things that the majority of us, myself included cannot mine by mind or with scratch paper, uncertainties that can't even be known, such as what is Pi^2, and then Pi^3, (or if you multiplied those), and other defined and intangible mathematical uncertainties. Math is a good deal about balancing equations, either directly or thru extraction, to find uncertainties beyond what tallying can produce, and so since the Square (*Pi^2) can't be verified to completion (because the decimals continue ad infinitum), the bit miners attempt to find strings (segments) known and/or provable. Anything discovered adds to the size of a block-chain.

The advent of bitcoin increases a difficulty to money laundering because each transaction is monitored. Torrents, despite using fragmentation to download, are not anonymous either. Block-chains aren't exaction something easily put into words in any short measure, but my most weak of grasps on the topic reminds me of a Mobius strip; it's a strip twisted half and conjoined into a loop so that despite being a two dimensional plane it only has one side as a two-dimensional object. 3D if you make one...

In my opinion nature has created a solution to the mobius strip by creating the fractal, which I can only imagine is bitmined by using blockchain verification torrent processing between multiple devices that use artificial-dna data storage, which I wish was called 3DNA so I could type it faster. 

Not sponsored by futureday.org, if you can't visit the link, blame a government who think, oddly enough for Zorro's sake, that TCP isn't enough and contrarily that IP wont advance. Think about it with strict logical confinement, technology has advanced already light-years beyond the hive mind (common) capability, or it hasn't. Two times four is eight, three times eleven is thirty three, four times thirty two is one-hundred twenty eight. And so on. Minus two, minus four, minus eight, minus sixteen. And so on. And that's only our addresses, a portion of which identify hardware, which can be forged, spoofed, replicated, simulated, virtualized, counterfeited, and not to forget, targeted. And, "net neutrality," which is everything except neutrality because evolution is not something government funds, is like paying inspectors to stand in a street that already has traffic-lights to stop traffic and see if people are mocking them for standing in the street. The dictatorship has a detailed record of your physical and digital existence in clear violation of your privacy rights, NN is them coming to terms with their guilt and their predecessors' crimes as they try to justify or dignify further violation. Not for "making the internet free" because localities can use their own lines instead of seizing private property to reinvent the internet but more slowly and expensively.

Even municipal networks, exercising free-speech rights to operate in PODUNK, YOURSTATEHERE aren't exactly culpable, let's imagine muni networks are real, only a complete invasion of privacy could barely tackle 1% of threats that telecom do, as proven by countries failing at it, because telecoms protect the network integrity and a token rings preserve targets. When security becomes another government failure they'll mandate and lease threat assessment back to the private sector, while blaming them, charging the taxpayers and providing slower service. Another "signature legislative achievement" is a bad idea. The internet is not something that can be built anymore, especially not if you were born before it was.

And.... countries with 1+9+8+4 have beaten their population into submission, the network that manipulators emulate and prevent, will soon be impervious to neanderthals that think a 2000-page law is healthy. 2000 pages is a manifesto of combined incriminatory schizophrenic illness. Yeah, but I spread mine over decades, isn't law, typed myself. Laws control freedom as mountains stop wind.

¿Por qué no flipas para día futuro?

"Hive Mind" is a process based on schematics, at most vaguely similar to fault-tolerance, and is better understood in different literature. You can read an abstract "Blockchains as a Granular Universal Transaction System" to get an inclination and lead into links and the prior, but it's only 'light reading' if you speak nerd (high lexical retention) or tech, else think of a Wikipedia that couldn't make errors. 

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Can block-chaining be used to privatize the internet? Well it can guarantee access, and it can revoke it. It's really a political question. Guaranteeing a private internet by handing it over to a government isn't actually private at all, aside from the debate of eminent domain (ethics). With the transactions being secured the fiscal transaction element to the process still requires administration, opening such system administration to open source standard loses privacy for sake of robustness. I'm sure that such privatization separates bit-coins from tender (notes), but that becomes a concern of private sector (republic) and how it chooses to implement the public sector (democracy). The power vacuum (hegemony) involved is no different than if actual money is unjustly manipulated/devalued, by bureaucrats interior XOR exterior.

Example 1: Imagine a password-manager, now imagine it as hacked. Run diagnostics, upgrade, #loop.

There's no legal (logic) argument for penalizing privatized currency because, despite what some can say, government did not invent the digits of Pi, nor does it create representation-value (especially if it renounces its right) ; therefore, unlike precious metals, bit-coins are not tied to the physical realm. Despite that being profound, humanity, you've earned another official paradox. The completed process is called a "Distributed Web" and falls into the category of 'best laid plans' to pay people to pretend they're working. Or in this case, making everyone a cache (backup) server and peer-to-peer, many hands make light work, but it would never be private again. Sometimes communications across gateways becomes essential, for example, in cases of dictatorships or fanatics a distributed network security communication protocols [any alternative ipsec protocol] embedded in the hardware redistributes the power of madmen. I feel I've said too much, damnedest, where are my manners, or madwomen. It may be necessary as bureaucrats replace public legislation with secret (corrupt) "regulations," of self-granted monarchist (litigation) powers, which do all except make regular. 

In the current timeline, it's a great idea for power grids and governments to decentralize, such as distribute power cells and separation-of-powers (fault tolerance, ahem), but divine (natural) communication protocols are already in place. Pay (capitalism) for your services with bit-coins or whatever, which is an endorsement even tho I'd thought I'd be condemning it as a world currency, sometimes trophies are trophies and ice cream is ice cream. Much like government, paying people doesn't increase their intelligence, and yet somebody always tries. Block-chaining is 4th tier authentication, but using it for redundancy is futile and distributed, but passive interference for implied security. Access control's weakness is still social engineering, if a control list is imposed the absolutists will have poised themselves for eradication by their own devices.

It would avert needs to identify vulnerabilities by knowing where the attacks originate, but people would develop new languages, such is our way, to avoid detection and leagues of functionary inspectors would provide all the security of private guards for public transportation whom are trying to reinvent the wheel. The opposite in some way to that of the world, we are fixed points in time or natural destroyers of pestilence, it is in our code to destroy the old guards and disuse their tinpot dictators.

Practice makes perfect, perfect makes practice.

[note to subscribers: related cyber and magic stories soon]