07 October 2013


I don't usually write the oped columns so be prepared for paragraphs that are more than one sentence and some modern language. Who needs Jack the Ripper for Halloween when we have president Jack the Ass? 

It's November 2008, moments ago the president was elected, I heard his speech from that Chicago park and wondered where was the specifics, when were the specifics going to be part of his vernacular, but I dismissed it in favor of the nuance. Soon of later, he invited the defeated presidential candidate to a summit, to answer the age old question, why the fuck can't government budget and how the fuck can we get government to fucking budget. The fuck never asked that question, only indulged in egoism, an unhealthy winner, asking the former candidate questions not letting him answer, shutting him down with 'we tried it your way' to things that had not the chance to be tried, because of the election result, and I thought to myself, oh shit did we just elect a pinko. Six years later we have and the paranoid delusional schizophrenia second only to the tinfoil hat wearers, it has been unrelenting. I've another blog, and some of you know what it is, that records the contempt-of-community communism and slander-of-society socialism president pinko has foisted.

I would put something nice, or for his cult members to note that it may include something that he and they have approved in an orwellian propagandized shit hole of a future, six years later it seems my praise of him may never happen. Some of you will read this, then go to sleep whenever you go to sleep dreaming the while of some sodomorific experience for your liberal worship of our commie cult leader, and wake hoping to give him a blowie, some of you even going on television to pontificate egregious homoerotic fantasies like boarding school girls with a firemen calendar the likes of adoration far worse than found in third-world pinkonazi sex dungeons, but I digress, this paragraph is a digress, I know now the face of evil.

It is fairly common knowledge that when someone is kidnapped that there is a window of time to obtain proof of life and negotiation of release, hunt and capture or kill the perpetrators, or sadly just never see the loved one again. To those of you that this has happened, I'm sorry to revisit this, and as they say, I am sorry for your loss. That window is forty-eight hours, or, two days. Reprehensibly, two days ago president retard "the foolish coward" stompy-foot shut off the US Federal Amber Alert System, which is an evil I could not proscribe of the villains in my stories, thus thought it need be mentioned here. I don't know how possible that a child was kidnapped in the past two days, but technically in 15 of the past 18 years, there has been an increase in the number of missing children, watch the numbers rise with the Amber Alert shut-off by an impetuous and common dictator, a petty bourgeois who knows not the responsibilities of a worker nor the correlating troubles of the workless, it is at utmost plausible that one or more children are actually kidnapped everyday, and the sad and angry commie potus just condemned them to their fate.

Obama's white trash half is showing;
No new information comes from lack of funding;
This vital website unavailable is him behaving dumbly.

A man of the people, my ass, he kept the first lady's jazzercize website working, confirming my belief that he's also president pussywhiped. In sideline news, he's also officiated the closing of access to parts of the OCEAN around Florida, which is a high level of madness that most of y'all aren't prepared to handle, only 1126 unsustainable days to go; it's not flying-butt-monkeys bad, but they've taken all the glue and feathers. 

I'm assuming that he does it because the counterparty won't add more debt (diminishing GDP thus expanding the dole state) and fund an entitlement program that exists without reproach from the socialists or a backup plan from the power-hungry commies. The soviets lost their country and now they want ours, the patients have overrun the mental asylum. These are dire times in the last free country, does his legacy change depends if he wakes the fuck up, fifty years of him making an effort to be a guilty hypocrite, I would bet the farm he never wakes, tho he could just be doing it in wroth.

"Action 13 News" Nevada reported (http://youtu.be/JOj-tBvMOAQ) that people have been removed from their homes within the national park territory of the Hoover Dam, so I'd like to make the most important part of this article clear -- During a govt shutdown, the federal responsibilities revert to public domain, if govt cannot fund itself it ceases to exist, not becomes hitleresque, which makes president pussyfoot a dictator, what a bunch of amateur assholes, and, because of the govt shutdown due to lack of funds, how much money did they spend on signs, roadblocks, relocating people, blocking memorials, shorelines, and gods knowing what the fuck else, (but not the goddam border when they're funded) in order to say they have no money?

This isn't another lefty manifesto before another lefty killing spree, i put those in my stories, put the dialogue quotes sections into little poems and you'll see, the reason why will become clearer if not already, tho I get the concern. In the spirit of facts, the thought dwells in me, but I don't think I could differentiate the way that Dexter does, that and I'm not sure if the producers of The Truman Show are Hollyweird or uncle Sam, sanity has always been a matter of perception, but I would like to think and hereof say, I would not have shut down the Amber Alert system -- that would be illogical.

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