07 January 2016

Memento mori

What to do, not what not to do, that is a question?
It's all of that talking in words bit that bothers me.
Yet it is our way, for now.
It's the economy, and that a third of us are sub par, convinces me nothing. 
There is nothing, not here, not there. 
See how easy that was. 
Some of you will notice that your economies are becoming shit or are always shit. 
Try capitalism. It taxes outcome, not income. 
That way you get your gay taxes and we can all do whatever this is. 
We can talk this later. 
It is that reward and punishment are not education, but are tools. 
Some better than others. 
It is that laws are the worst way to have rules. 
Some are worse than others. 
Pessimism it would seem is inaction and serves no logical purpose. 
Somewhat personally emotional reconfiguration and other robot tasks, a novel. 
That this is possibly it. 
Also no, but I could tell and still nothing, not for nothing. 
To survive in capitalism you need to do what you are already doing. 
Then do it less. 
Less is more for now, not for later, and certainly not for the past. 
Forget the past, it forgot you in the infinity of all ways at any moment, which is rude. 
Now is good, now leads to later. 
In my language, if a mean kid takes what he wants with force, they're a "bully".
Theft is a bully. 
It's not nice, it's not friendly, it's not important. 
So if I, in another dream, drink water. 
Who doesn't love water. 
I'm not a pluviophile, but who can afford to judge anyone. 
I drink the water to not be thirsty later, and hallelujah, I crave water as an essential part of my very, very, very boring existence. 
This is what is called the transmission of fact. 
The action of existential reality. 
The effects of things outside yourself. 
So I'm drinking the water and I think, 'thoughts are fun, I should have them sometime.'
Amazing like a guide to the universe. 
Theft is not only unjust, but it is not for now. 
Crime pays debts, and the desire to steal enough for everyone isn't natural. 
If you were the last person on earth, would you try to carry enough food for the rest of your life? 
Perhaps you'd be nomadic? 
I like to think 'no, no you would plan ahead'
I know what your thinking, but this isn't about being psychic. 
Try to stay focused in a row if it helps. 
Wow, it's hard to find good help, and that's my point. 
I'm not saying you're wrong, but you don't apologize for it either. 
Having responsibility and admitting when you are wrong is the same thing. 
If not, you're not a man, or you're not a woman with a man. 
Waay off topic, but, all you fun-loving people, if I were blaming you it wouldn't be an answer. 
(group participation) Would it? (end group participation) No, it wouldn't. 
Planning for the future is a thought many a politician do not have. 
Preparing for the future is an action, not a prevention. 
I do so very totally much mean to be saying that taxes are a prevention. 
Now what is my hidden meaning, Mr Itypesomuchfancypants.....?
lol, nobody askt
There have been many eras, ages, with people who fought free from slavery, by tooth and bone. 
You are not those people, your revolution is a big fat lie, your loudest are your kings, and...
Not the good type with things dudes like and things chicks like, but the socialism drove my family to cannibalism type. 
That paints a picture too, I am a wordsmith for-most. 
There's a person who believe in nothing, whom ( i never met them ) decided to tell everyone that nothing is everything to theirself.
Then, this feeling of sharing overcomes them, and they decide to share the gospel of nothing, but in clear definition, a true nothing-ist would not give evidence to the contrary;
Like a shadow assassin or magical miniature unicorns playing miniature golf on a full size course. 
You don't see that. 
So the attention to detail for nothing, is the attention to socialism that tries to backpedal up a waterfall.  
Finding people of action is something that always has to be done by other people. 
That much hasn't changed, no more than the absolutism. 
Yeah, we are the slaves who overcame our abusers, no more of those times come than we afford. 
That is why you should not pay for your abusers. 
Come to realize this, I have already won, time heals all wounds. 
Time will forget me and I will forget it and that is the psychic fever. 
In reality we need politicians who speak less, their inaction of crucial idiocy is choice, so much. 
Prepare by helping the helpers, not a chain of promising for the lairs of liars laying. 
Not wrong because the politicians were never beaten by their own bad ideas. 
Because you assholes keep electing them, and they never taught anything. 
They just keep stealing and they keep cheering them forward, but wondering why its all gone.
Nothing as an answer to suit a time of emptiness speaks for a need to focus as a start. 
That desire and urge define themselves for their pleasures taken are as much as they give. 
In a world where nothing is something is everything, yet fight their desires like world storms. 
I'm comfortable with nothing, but I was going that way.