20 August 2009

The Wealth of Health

The Wealth of Health

- The Health-care OP/ED

You buy your own car insurance, you buy your own life insurance, why not buy your own health insurance, some say only the rich could afford this option, wrong, healthcare would be cheaper and better, any other option and you are not the customer, your broker, the employer or government is. Nevertheless, the point is we need any way possible for competitive pricing; the business is responsible for its market hold. Their mission is lower cost, insurance companies like this act, because they, would hate to have to compete for your business, they would even have to pay claims on time. They don’t want you to complain, they only want your employer happy, by denying you coverage

Switzerland is the cleanest country in the world. Currently a population of 12.5 million / #1 in the world as far as health care is concerned with mandatory health care that the government does not pay. No government bill, no taxes. The worker and the company that he/she works for does, the poor receive subsidies from the government, you can choose your own doctor there, workers, fund retirement not by the government, by law retirement contributions are deducted from all paychecks, C.E.O.’s are also required to pay into retirement accounts. If you want to become a citizen of their country, they do not want you. It takes a minimum of a dozen years to become a citizen there and they can reject anyone w/o reason. Infiltrate, sneak in, and they throw you out. Their income taxes average 40%/year circa 2010, like in the U.S.A. circa 2010, some random eclectic taxes, just like in the U.S.A., but very little poverty, unlike the united states. Only 3% of Swiss citizens are on welfare, so the country works and works well, and our leaders should be studying it.

Rationing and increasing taxes will bring the quality down when you socialize medicine. All freedoms are most important, so the representation must be required to read every bill, as their constituency holds them accountable. Healthcare falls into the goods and services category, if the federal government starts granting us rights they are putting themselves into a god-like position. Government is here to protect our rights, in a healthcare debate, no side is promoting a faster evolution to a united solution, and some will always be wrong because they are not listening to anyone.

The economic and social justice theory of communism is unfair to us all, we are a hard working charitable lot, but we do not respect handouts, and such has become a dilemma to the power hungry aristocracy. Those who oppose the public option have some deeply hidden resentment and a massive hypocritical emotional status to learn from, they would not be holding the same opinion if they were in need of assistance, and now so many, more than ever, need social assistance. The government exchange option concerning healthcare policies is for Uncle Sam to sell john q public healthcare as any healthcare provider would, to take his 10 percent. It will add to the amount of group policies bought from the healthcare industry that is extorting the people of our country, driving the prices even lower, even after a healthcare bill of rights, lowers costs and increases coverage and protects current coverage for every man woman and child. From this, we will be able to afford a regulated medical welfare system without rationing, bias and lack of reward to the professionals of the medical institution.

Large and corrupt corporations, who choose to buy the affection of the masses with lies and deceit have not any understanding of ethics and morality, are causing the bankrupting of America. We cannot make a mountain out of a grain of sand or let pencil pushers tell you it is, turn your freedom into socialism. These ways are not capitalism or even ambition. We cannot turn disaster into catastrophe, such is fascism or possibly religion, stand up, speak out, strike back,

They are in control of the big players but not who they oppose and need you to fight for them, they hold all the big cards but are still playing games/politics. They are playing to our weaknesses as any would and hiding the facts, passing monstrous bills and obscene legislation through lobbying force without reading them and demanding to be above the laws that they propose, because they have gone astray. Distracted from reality, and given imaginations not of our kind.

The recession was largely in part because of irresponsible companies pushing bad companies, pushing bad mortgages, similar to the health insurance companies pushing bad practices, as well as big oil, raising prices because of speculation in the stock market, which influences their ability in keeping a revenue line. One of the changes we can believe in now conflicts w/ G.E. G.E. paid 50M to settle a fraud claim lodged by the federal government, which alleged the company ‘cooked’ its books. G.E. misled investors by cooking its books. of having many prominent members and C.E.O.'s on G.E.’s board of directors, receive 139 billion dollars in government backed low interest loans, basically taxpayer bailout money, so all in all G.E. defrauds the public, fined 50M, but can use taxpayer loan money, they didn’t deserve, to do so, taxpayer money used to defraud the public. Therefore, NBC news (a division of G.E.) is the administrations biggest supporter in the media, or was until this point, because they stood to benefit financially from a sustainable sickness industry. All of this happened after the C.E.O. of G.E. received a seat on the president’s economic advisory board.

G.E. wants to be a green company and federally funded payment for doing so. G.E. currently drastically pollutes the Hudson River in NY and numerous other sites around the country w/ PCB contaminants, hence with; G.E. stands to make countless millions if “cap and trade” passes the legislative process in W.D.C. Is it wrong for a major American corporation to promote the ecological lies, and the commander in chief’s election and subsidarily then to be seeking from his/her policies?

How can the leader of the G.E. conglomerate, be advising the commander in chief, when their company is guilty of fraud?

On both sides of the isle, three sides of the left wing right wing citizen triangle, people unanimously believe it is time for the federal government to start policing, corrupt corps, not rewarding them. nothing can should or will be done to impede any organization from supporting a political candidate, but to reward them w/ government contracts after the fact, is corrupt and irreprehensible. Once news organizations were owned by commercial entities and not the opposite, it establishes the possibility of favoritism and corruption from the federal level, we’ve all heard of state run TV in other nations, the exception is that is more cutthroat intimidation, where this is bribery and favors for favors, illegitimacy. G.E. also stands to make a pretty penny from a healthcare overhaul, as does big pharmaceutical companies for drug/narcotics issuance entitlement. Such is why the public option must be the first to be regulated, no so much caused by spite but to protect the people, from ‘take a pill and pray’ practices of institutions that practice a pill for every ill, not to mention the sale of media. Information programming, owned by a news corporation, depends on the quality of its news. It will gain the benefit of investors and advertisers. the opposition is forced to advertise in tandem and sub servitude to and with the commercial industry that owns the network, in this environment every one under the lash of the “company store” becomes biased and often intervenes w/ false positives. G.E., campaigning politicians, Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Health insurance etc.

This is known as typical programming, for instance a channel that is owned by air would only allow commercials of air and would only offer advertising spots to trees kites and windmills, and never beds or foods, simply put corporate logic has an agenda.

Legislations that most of our politicians have not read and the majority cannot answer pertinent relevant questions, causes civil unrest at best. in many other countries healthcare by government affords the minimum treatment and the sick must pay in addition to get care in even longer lines, if I oppose leaving problems in the system and taking healthcare out of the hands of doctors, I had better be working, and will they still be there. These collapsing systems are examples of our day.

When our politicians oppose reading bills and even just cannot understand them, how can we be confident to let them to re engineer the entire system, especially when entire democracy is running pyramid swindles of social security and Medicare/Medicaid and bankrupt banks?

The leader, who I was lead to believe voted as present more than a persuading vote in his minimal 2 years in the senate. In which some of that time he was running for the presidency, he has handed his completely political agenda to others to write while someone else campaigns for it in a congress that has a lockout number of votes to one party. However, most confusing is why the commerce and trade committee drafted the house bill, should not the public option have representation?

In a world of too many czars (xarx), he himself does not know what is in the bill, written by any number of multiple lobbies, which the public cannot afford.

Civil unrest grows about the politically unknown, a detrimentally massive deficit, jobs losses continue exponentially, though those eligible for unemployment benefits are becoming ineligible either for applying too late or their benefits have expired, retirements draining, while D.C. seems to be partying like a frat house between semesters. This insurance reform and healthcare incentive stage is only one of the many ways to fix the many problems regarding the serf-state of America.

Cap and trade removes the pollutants of fog and acid rain, global warming though is a myth. There is no point of no return, it gets hotter and the storms come. Hurricanes get more intense, lands go through extreme drought and flash flooding without rhyme or reason, but hurricane vortexes bring down the cold from the upper atmosphere, (see a movie called the day after tomorrow.) the air forced down in hurricanes and tornadoes, pushes the ground below the eye of the storm, destroying everything in its path, quite horrifically.

The news is supposed to be unbiased and unfiltered. News media is not supposed to be run by the outside interests it is a reporting of the populous, a providing of an unadulterated information. government should be run in accordance with the people or at least as many as possible in these times the representation has become distant and out of touch and at first glance, seems to have a gambling addiction, government does not make the choices for the people, lest we have oppression, churches get tax exemptions and hospitals don’t. We buy our policies from someone who buys policies, i.e. government or our employer and not individually. If hospitals had federal protection, they could fight against fraudulent malpractice claims. To our benefit, they lose their license if they had actually brought malevolence to patients. just the same.

This is not healthcare reform. This is a healthcare division, where are the chances to reform a function system, does no one realize we have more healthcare costs because we are the fattest nation on the planet? Conservationists of America, that is conservatives, may seem very radical to anyone committing treason, hospitals are charities, government is to protect the life of its citizens, or else the races split again, and both should act accordingly.

Fix the prices to avoid extortion, deny insurers the ability to deny and remove coverage or the ability to raise long-term coverage, this appalling wave of blind revolt of liberals has its prices, instead of the situation being calm it escalates, as the support for this so-called insurrection falls. All that remain are the radicals, the dogs of a cause, those who want again something for nothing from a system they refuse to support, in by radical more lies yet unseen. The honest apologies for the mistakes of others, the liars call us maddened, and judge us for things only they do, it is ceaseless and absurd.

Moreover, this happens while ridiculing times of prosperity to praise their cause and to continue their socialist agenda, the fascist communism that helps criminals sue homeowners and the police for being hurt and at the scene of their own crime. I speak of the radical, the greedy patrons of volatility, who for all their hate of capitalism only want what is best for their unions, and have no better option. Groups that would perish without the industry that provides them their laboring, these Marxist martyrs that hold the communist manifesto to their heart like a holy tome, who cannot see what pawns they are or what tiding they will become.

As support, wanes for their cause and their outlets of information remain loyal only the most extreme will remain. Some attack protesters for mere coins, of elderly and sick who stand to benefit from a real reform. This betrayal, the movement is sired by a sickness industry and the majority of the other ‘big’ players less the public, whom this topic surrounds completely, government can’t tell me what to say or all hope is lost, government cannot tell people how to live or all life is lost, and all liberty is fenced.

People hate to be wrong and so many little people are backing their decision to follow blindly the pied piper, while certain companies stand to make fortunes, expanding their monopoly of corrupt practice and ill supported medicine. Industry thrives markets survive but to have time hesitate to kill them and sponsor our employment, to allow our decisions be made with influence from medical unions or standing armies. Under insurers and not patriotism for all, influences where, what we will do, act say and seek.

The first time is circumstance, considered a sign of fate and acceptable loss or ill preparation. The second time is happenstance, a matter of trust being broken and the third time is enemy action, outright deceit from known offenders. The first is the mortgage crisis, the second is the financial crisis and how a healthcare crisis, and like every administration they are pandering to a lobby, in this case the pharmaceutical industry. this is no more than an attempt to build a single payer system, one where federalism pays the insurers and we pay taxes, building an institution from the top down, raising taxes and dropping the reimbursement rate for physician practices will raise healthcare costs and raise pharmaceutical consumption. For you animal rights activists, these may be big pharmacy companies that test upon animals, all in addition to taxing the high earners and capping salaries of people who pay their taxes and purchase through the American economy directly, before any outside interests or politicians can take it from the top of the money pile. The healthcare queues will grow while a few greedy elitists will keep our own export and corporate excise taxes high and sing “a pill for every ill” to their babies. This is the socialist medicine racket, which is in common practice in many countries around the world (Canada, Cuba, china, parts of Europe).

We often say and never hear we will help ourselves if our leaders will not, and when they die, we will help each other. 8 years (2 terms) the lefties screamed ‘don’t trust the government’ when it was protecting us from terrorists, now they say ‘trust the government’ because it is protecting us from health insurance companies. Quite a 21st century mind fuck. I fear the politicians consider its people are as threatening as or more than lobbyists when they oppose liberty and prosperity in tandem.

Let us face the facts here, when you die, you are dead. However, there has been piss poor ideas from these socialist who pride the inept, who have a chosen people similar to the old Jews or the Nazis they reflected. Piss poor plentiful ideas as if it was beer pints on a summer night at the pub, no shortage of them and they pass with as much ease, intoxicating but useless. Someone has been paying people to countermand people, protesting in any way at public ‘town hall’ meetings without political representatives and most recently, welfare unions and parties, plan to attend further meeting in force in uniforms that came out of taxpayer dollars.

Unemployment extensions under a federal program, where people who need it, but how long represent the freedom of the people’s republic of the United States of America can a stopgap measure last, and no one thinks the problem will solve itself. Except the red tape artists who spend money on lost causes, counted projects in the thousands to date, legislative earmarks for nonessentials, and stimulus money that stimulates nothing much by not spending it, though yet to extend unemployment benefits will cost 50 billion over the next ten years, from the stimulus.

Jobless benefits extended up to 20 months, the wealth of the top 1/100 of 1% (.01%) we have never had more wealth in a smaller group of hands since the stock market crash during the beginning of the televised era. In regards to currency, less expansion and innovation and more cost cutting, layoffs as much as half in some businesses, instead of taxes being lowered directly infusing capital and productivity incentives offered. Even the inner city rejects get better marks from school when they receive reward for success.

However, if not, they lash out, industries lashing out and taking other industries down with them or worse yet, leaving the country and taking jobs with them. We get continuous rhetoric of plans to continue an oppressive oversight and expansion of regulatory power by fascist progressives. Those who want change for it mere sake unwisely at best, from a continual political smoke screen of epic proportions, I see two outcomes of a stifling adjective, the pied piper, or Robin Hood. Overall, we would have a growing ecumenically fiscal life style.

Our money would give value in the world market, our treasury bonds would be worth real gold, and the treasury could play the inflation game with the Federal Reserve all it wanted. We would be able to afford a rescue of those whom are too big to fail.

Let us say that in our past no one needed healthcare coverage unless we were ill, where hospitals are charities in the intrusive tax code laws, all for a vile money system. perhaps we could pledge, “so say we all”, would not the lack of demand drive costs lower, instead we now have a so-so-health care sudo bill of rights, or the ability to create one, similar to a credit card holder’s bill of rights and a single payer welfare system entitles Medicaid, hence the term socialized medicine, and to say the least, Rome couldn’t do half as well in its imperialist hay day. We get open borders on health insurance brokerages and protection from absurd and appalling penalties in coverage plans and a balance budget for the medical portion of our economy, and other states that run their healthcare this way have the cleanest nations on earth.

Socialism is obvious as social security and as a concept among principle is good in small doses, unless you love antisocialism and introversion. Communism is the political equivalent to religion, inspires similar levels of neurosis, does not allow for individuality, fascism is what I say it is, capitalism provides absolute power, success and temptation to control and anarchy is never legal, affordable or predicted, and is commonly a distraction from its own aggression. These innovations of elevated moods from contentment of televisions trans-hypnotic hold on the majority of the masses in a political climate, what will invoke innovation in the medical community which exist in a financial climate among a capitalist enterprising planet that seeks profits and not prophecies.

Radical liberals and conservative republicans, how2 mad have we become. We should be switching the roles and reprisals of our healthcare system; welfare healthcare should be waiting in lines, receiving less than stellar support, budgeted healthcare and medications, lost and dropped coverage due to pregnancy, addiction and alcoholism and the taxpayers get real healthcare with intrinsic rights, respect, and resolution.

The rest can work off the debt while you get what you pay for, this will not be socialized medicine as in our bordering countries and beyond, we’ve already had socialized medicine and it’s not working. Medicare A than B than D from left field. This reform should be the business model for healthcare not the socialized medical system of bass ackward lines for socialist and communist countries the like. When they need more effort, citizens pay more taxes. We have made the insurers the benefactor more than the hospitals and paid for everything by taxing the insurers and therefore hurting the people in the process and now they are giving us the business end of our healthcare.