24 October 2015

Downtown Hanlon

“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” #HanlonsRazor

Among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions remains closest to accuracy. Although separate intricate solutions may possibly inevitably prove true; without containing certainty, the fewer actions based on assumptions made, the more appropriate an outcome will become. However, nothing is safe when left to certainty. The ability for things to revert to solitude is natural to nature and requires no direction. Even as native resources, and insomuch byproduct, fertilize society to flourish, the choice of leadership often relies on familiarity and reputation rather than an aptitude for impending roles. Damage controls itself, theory chaotic purely, as incompetence comes to the front. Although certainty plagues the masses, it beleaguers the common, reality is the force behind democracy, a free people choose according to their will by decree of majority, and in choosing poorly, a mediocre individual chooses what comes easiest to him or her. The river takes the simpler path, an individual has a much lesser chance to make an educated decision than the electorate can, which is how private sector makes the nails and bureaucracy lets them rust. A single bureaucrat, if extending beyond their scope of duty, make bad choices and worse choices, combine that with nepotism where defined responsibility is frivolous, knot of illegitimate bureaucrats working together to make mistakes in exponential value. It is no wonder to me that politicians are fat and lazy or easily swindled and soon follow suit.