10 June 2012

Mercenary Nation

It is most important to remember, let the blood run. We are a free republic, a nation of heroes surrounded by evil and filled with the consternation of enemies. I can think of countless heroes that would gratefully put an axe into the face of a communist and fuck the wound in front of infant schoolchildren, man or woman reciprocally. Communist nations are the convention of animals, a bureaucracy adopts a system of entitlement, it makes a protected class of radicals and degenerates who enslave the workers, first the militarized officials enslave the innocent until redistribution processes are unsustainable, at which point dictatorship arises and assumes power over industry and outlawing free commerce. When the cost of corruption overshadows the costs of production industrial entities are nationalized and maliciously burdensome hostage the public under a slavery system under penalty of death. A divisive caste system thus begins where citizen militants hold feudal reign over civilians, the suffering free are rewarded with only their serfdom. 

The poison of tyranny spawns from what is called the "frailty of man" to which the slave class itself devolves into additional hierarchical systems, akin to insects and not unlike dogs. Communists are the dogs of the state, their goal is silence and subservience, and they will kill any dissent that is not of their automaton declension. It is why their inherently flawed system and arrogant minds do not allow the brevity of freedom and commerce, liberty and reason. Despots are insulted by success that is not taken in the name of victory, it is seen even in the free world as the poison of socialism and liberalism that poisons the very thought of creation. In the free world we are mercenaries, when we do not serve we have democracy, when we are of service we slay evil in the respect of honor. All good things have liberty, all liberties are good. 

A life has freedom and lives by the code of honor, wielding power does not prove intelligence and does not gain respect, the man who has a slave harem is a coward, the woman who lives many lives has none. There is no freedom in duty, be it service to the gods or manna or even compliance to evil because there can be no choice in pessimism. Would the communists love freedom they would grant it, would they care about injustice they would not abuse democracy for the whims of imbeciles, nor would they abuse a single life. We remember our enemies until hero or villain cannot sleep. The seven deadly sins are best to be avoided, and in doing so a great empire of enlightenment will take innate providence.

The hypocrite is not communist, but the communist is a proven hypocrite. They speak of freedom by ways of isolation and purge innovation where justice will suffice, vengeance thrives withing their cold hearts. The cults begin programming the minds of children, the corrupt begin justifying intolerance and entitlement without worth, the criminals will always blame the victim. The determination of relativism creates a narrow view in childish minds of stubborn deaf hatred, which is called fascism. Would they not beckon to a name their doings would still be illegal to their own law, information is forbidden to retain power within the ranks of malicious reigns and rulers, and creates a power vacuum of intolerance and ineptitude until bribery comes in the form of shared corruption. Gautama, Jesus, Confucius, Socrates, Boudica, King Arthur, Napoleon, each spoke of greatness in their time achieved by liberty being the responsibility of honor, not the emotions of each communist 'revolution' that is renowned as violent insurrection. We all make mistakes, but communism is ridiculous because it is cowardice. Get a holy book, any holy book, before it's too late, before they burn them all. 

"Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy."
~~ Winston Churchill