10 March 2010



The economic crisis has become the general financial Ragnarok, giving millions of compatriots massive losses of wages, unemployment and social insecurity. The social question, has become our situation of poverty, unemployment and racism as a direct result of immigration, foreign domination and globalization. The work program of the independents therefore contains the following demands to which workers may never be at the mercy of foreign investment capital, regardless of whether the funds are private or public nature to achieve maximum returns as private funds and the industrial policy objectives of foreign governments.


We create work through the introduction of inter-professional, statutory minimum wages, because the associated wage increases consumption immediately and thus will affect employment. Minimum wages increase the purchasing power of workers and are therefore an effective means of economic recovery. Just when the crisis strives, export economy must be strengthened by the domestic demand stimulus. The requirement of minimum wages is based on the knowledge that consumerism benefits an economy, but only people can create demand. For this economic reason, but also because exploitation wages violated the spirit of a cohesive national community, workers must receive a statutory minimum wage per hour according to task. This gross will prevent slipping of full-time employees below the poverty line.

Because not all companies pay minimum wage from today to tomorrow, there must be industry-related transitional arrangements and temporary state wage subsidies, so that all workers are paid. It is a social scandal that in this time that most people have to work for low wages and degrading that  millions of full-time employees are dependent on supplementary benefits from socialism/communism.  For the system nationwide minimum wage is not undermined by imported migrants, the state must act consistently against bureaucracy, hypocrisy and undue influence.


While the top earners do not spend their money consuming what they wish, but create stored wealth, hike tax savings of the low earners in the consumer markets immediately, creating demand, revenue and employment. Tax policy must finally be understood again as an economic and social policy management tool for the national welfare. The ruling politicians have the voters hostage with dependency and lies.

Only because of these high taxes and low incomes, some work no longer exists and not because of globalization, remember two thirds of the world still work for slave wages. Getting the lower salary groups and small businesses their desperately needed tax relief and minimum wage, would be the required formula of wage labor and transfer income automatically.

Not only the automatons complain that in this state, the earnings of many institutions are heavily burdened and need a lessened burden on capital income of the few, a cold enslavement of the subversive is taking place. Instead of tax wealth care without employment there must be a tax demand strengthening for increased employment. Such redistributive policies by the major owners of capital to small and medium-income earners is not merely conjectural, but also morally imperative.


Create work rather than temporary measures through tax relief for small and medium-sized businesses to large enterprises. While corporations still produce and pay taxes, save only the many small and medium-sized enterprises employment and tax revenues. They are conducive against the corporations anyway, because they benefit from the social, fiscal and environmental utilization of low-wage countries. By global politics, utilization of country-specific differences in development have production, tax and sales locations remotely based of course to sell products, but also producing less and less economic fortune.

The export of capital and labor, drops productivity and halts exports in exchange for unbearable work conditions to and from the outlands. It is outrageous that the federalist progression, with its inevitable corporate society, precisely these internationally active magnate corporations receive windfall tax cuts, making them advantaged compared to the domestically-oriented partnerships and small businesses.

The deterioration of real capitalist investment, creates job depreciation based on rules that discriminate because of financial investment slowing the creation of jobs and overall economic recovery. This funding policy has to be reversed, the restructuring of regional markets of a new world order of slavery, are the basis of inept directives.  These globalist endeavors must be altered so that only public companies receive public contracts to contain a work ethic of logic.


Create work through a radical restructuring of the banking system, so that the supply of capital occurs in the real economy in the place of financial market speculation. Since the small and medium-sized businesses are the lifeblood of our economy, the banks must be compelled to give them low-interest investment loans. Economic engagement can not be stifled by a rigid credit policy, as investment, consumption and employment are supported. National governance has reign of finance capital rendition of value-added economics to break down and convert speculative capital back into investment capital.

The result of the economic crisis, jobs are destroyed on the account of speculation managers as any economist doubles as a fortuneteller. Instead of socializing the private wealth of the bankers henceforth burdening the taxpayers, the capitalists without capital can be from the state, in a lending schema against interest rates. Due to the interest they earn on mountains of debt that the state has also accrued, this fraud is to destroy capitalism, negating the use of capital to again serve the economy and the populaces.

Essentially at minimum corporate society requires the tightening of capital requirements of financial houses, the prohibition of payment of bonuses in the financial criminals and the limit on their salaries, the intensification of economic criminal law with a personal liability of duty, the prohibition of dubious financial products, the creation of an authoritarian banking supervision and a lot more balance transparency. To protect the job-relevant, real economy must be subject to the financial sector post-traumatic state control.


We create jobs by protecting the domestic economy from foreign low-cost products. Globalization floods our market with textiles and toys, information technology, consumer electronics and auto parts from low-wage countries. Free trade of ostensibly cheaper products, ensures the decline of domestic industries, employment and purchasing power. The high import penetration resulting from the toppling economic crisis pay attribute to the welfare state, which makes the unregulated free trade an economic gain until domestic product depletes. No one wants to have cheap shoes, if the cost is the loss of your job.

To stop the death of domestic companies by the flood of imports, import duties are a good adjustable  regulatory instrument of a national trade policy. These surcharges are the competitive restorative justice to prevent ruinous competition by predatory lending, amongst low wages, taxes and benefit environmental standards. Duties/Tariffs may also deter companies to move their production abroad, as action would be not of a price advantage. Anyone who wants to sell its products will also produce, and pay taxes, in the region of destination, otherwise, for they the tariffs shall be raised as the cost of entry. Active/Free trade has to make the relocation of production to low-wage countries as unattractive as possible so that work remains in the state.

The contribution praises the interest-trade politicians who will decide whether we will actually expect our regions to compete with the different and delusional. The doorman of the global economy, yearns for a policy-making job and may not necessarily increase trade, but the benefit of his people. The state provides the ticket to the national marketplace, and does so on it's own terms. It requires standing charges, but above all, expects that we adhere to the rules prescribed but must be a resolute supporter with conviction of the local economy and protectors of the domestic, by means national economic programs, so aligned that the tax-financed contracts, otherwise known as socialism, primarily benefit domestic firms and not foreign providers.


We create work, by legitimizing immigration and punishing invaders, not resetting them. Mass immigration and mass unemployment are closely linked: If a foreigner has work, he occupies a job, which might in principle also take a local, and if an invader has no job and therefore applies to benefits, it burdens the welfare state. Whether you work with or without a job, any foreign national who is not independent, takes away labor and employee benefits. The increase in unemployment among the locals no matter how substantial is caused by the displacement on the part of immigrants and without would be nonexistent. The welfare state acts as a powerful magnet of migration, much of the immigration then begins the labor field in the welfare system.

The true extent of labor displacement arises when millions will be added to the millions of fraudulent illegal immigrant social security job competitors who are after naturalization, and the foreign clandestine. Many strikes include deceitful immigrants demanding more in return from an employment program for citizens. The mass immigration destroys the economic and ideological conditions of the welfare state, without limiting the participation without any regard of national solidarity in a deranged system of reverse logic.