The fortune you seek is deep in your heart, the journey to take begins at the start.

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Free Verse
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The Dark Moor    Few That Journey    The Question Is    My Dying Gods    RAF - Supplemental    Imperialism in 6 Easy Steps    Pan    My Shadow    Bane of Solace    Utah    Europe    In Arabic    Clichés and Dead Metaphors    Beatnik Won    Beatnik Too    Lime    Crown Cinquain     Diamond Possessed     Haiku Nature    American Rune Poem 2010    The Sonnet of Sunset    Vinland Progeny    Education    Sneaking Behind Myself   

Many Dues, and Many Don't      Necessity, Contradiction, Fade.    Origin    Dispersion Reversal    Humanity    Counterculture, Prevarication    An Old World    New Sorrow    Education    Between Illusion and Denial    Dude    Yggdrasil   Typogramical   Humble Brag   Freedom of the Almost Press   The Tear of a Page   Clad in Capitalism    

Caedmon's Hymn    In A Yellow Wood   Nature Always Wins    

Once more unto the breach     Purge RE   Cacoethes Scribendi   Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?   Thoughtcrimes   MST4K     Everyone's A Critic (Book Review)  New Old Letters    The Talk of Shame     Awesome Sponsor (Zen Mind Review)   

cosas infinitivo_esp    De-Lightful    Hexenomia    Screwtape, Ode    The ballet ends nobly, as befits a tragedy...     Guess What   Ethereal Message   A Fool's Day Everyday    When It Snows In Hell   Litote*   Imagism   Lackadaisical   Threnody on the Rise  From Deferential to Differential   Poem Hunter   Sunsetting   Valquirias_esp   Intercambion_esp   Grayskull

#JeSuisCharlie   Prorogatio Mechanica   Down Stream   Educendique   Words on Leaves   Time To Live Anachronism  Ruler of Dreams   Death Mettle  Wisdom Mend   Insomnolent (earth day class video español)   Snapdragon  Roman Holiday I   Zoner Cult   Va a Abrirá (esp)   Re+Vision 

Memento Morí  My Own Sky  Osea  #DigitalSpring  Los Idus (esp)  Helioscope I  Understanding Singularity  Under the Commune  Shapeshifter Soul  Discontentia  Onus Imperitus Veneno Magicis Aenigmate  Vincere  The Zombie Manifesto  Amnesia Et Plaga  Re:Cursive New Old Words  Hay Que Sabiduría   Staic Y  Metanoia  Té Mélange  Gatitos

Dom Spiro, Spero  Las Guerras Tinieblas ? Curses Maldition  Syndrome of the Arts  You Know What They Say  Aqua Vitae  Earthrise 

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