23 January 2017


The things that exist are drawn within the lines of reality, that which is everything else is drawn with perception, to imagine a future, to remember it in ways others cannot, the undiscovered truths of facts realized only by greater beings, and then there are the rest of you.

I hadn't really thought that this was a necessary post, condescending and pointless, they wander drawing lines in the air for others to see, and as much as i envy those tracing the celestial boundaries only to color them with dreams there can only be my objectification of those that draw these lines for others, how they put so many into layers of those above and those below, never knowing how low they themselves wallow in moral turpitude.

How very kind of you to lead those who can see, faithful to a promise you only made to yourselves, to not have need of allies in your quest to blame the world, a sovereign depression, a contagious angst, never a retaliation toward ... I'm getting ahead of myself, we know you didn't want to actually fix anything.

Well hello to the protectionists, who spent all of yesterday learning the day before's words, lashing out at the silent with your impudent rage, enough to spare time blaming others to celebrate disdain, but i shook hands with the devil just to see you smile, this repayment is paltry and infantile.

I despise calling people what you are as a mode, the rains do not cause the wind, the day does not cause the night, even the most colloquial languages and ways of life attempt to prevent barrages of profanity at their children.

I am I, of course except for when I am not, writing prayers to send the dead to where they belong, tremulous in circumstance the living are on their way, these matters of the day give me trepidation enough to light fires for the clouds and reign-in the eight seasons, not every echo pissing about a voice.

Make you weary, like a voice from the shadows are the whispers of war, like a thunder from heaven is a passing of storm, waves break on stones like words of the living, only do those that travel carry the sea.

I was thinking of the wailing witch of the sea and the man of the woods, one sinking ships, one hating trodden trespass, it is like this i in fact do see two worlds, there are those who do not see any suffering in the storm, the sea the banshee cannot control, there are those who dare not question, the leshy lets anyone leave if he doesn't see them steal from the forest.

Forever these i see as past and present, not forward or backward, not in existence in now, prevaricating without vacillation and heading to one or the other in the wrong direction, you too will be remembered in one way or the other when you are done.

A melody of the bird, how many notes to the cat.