28 January 2017

Virtue Signal I

The pathological liars are everywhere, in for all, I write arguably badly fiction, and some of you I think were told not to lie and took it as a challenge and, after a thousand times, it became instinctual/pathological lying, which you should do as an adult, and some of you have jobs to tell the truth to millions and critically shouldn't do it, sleeping was invented for the very reason of not being able to stop lying. Basically, if you can't stop lying, dream awake or fall asleep.

Because I didn't realize this challenge by heathen protestant intradimensional idealist insomniacs was in effect, I'll start posting something, imperfect work and projects, i won't dip into the blogger drafts folder, but there will be stuff. I subscribe to my own blog by email, because I can, and know posts can bind in delivery, so tomorrow I'll wake and do an image interpretation for that fresh britches feeling, you will be fine having been warned, thus lo it shall be to those who'll hate it, yes, there are those among you it will not scratch their surface, this light is of their burning machinations reflecting off-of me at their immense power to hold power over stars and consume raw matters as the universe expands at a constant rate, while some of you are made of stardust and we assume your atoms will drift into the nearest orbited star from whatever planet you died.

That's settled, now let's waste the rest of this entry by settling a few questions.

A resistance fights a transition, to the new order your opposition is more like a rebellion or sternly-worded dissent.

Altho time waits for no one, it does wait for people to stop arguing, if it be about science, on the scale of things, we're not any farther until we go farther, stop complaining.

If you're reading this, your life isn't hard as it could be. Remember that.

A pro-life socialist wants programs for babies, a prochoice antisocialist doesn't want money for babies, and women don't always look at this that way.

Despite what they told you, you can put "Anti" on any word you want, even if people have never heard of it before. For example, I'm anticlimactic.

We are a species, however quaint on this suburb of a planet somewhat in the galactic sense and largely in the universal sense, there is no reason to starve anyone. Don't be shitty.

I almost forgot, if you couldn't do something in 8 years, collectively, unanimously, famously and willingly, let the people along the way you've hurt fix what you've broken.

Cake is a breakfast food, cereal is a lunch, and bacon is clearly a desert.

The first day of the week is Monday, day month year, water is wet, we tried to warn you, I'm sorry.

Hasta maƱana