28 February 2009

final total

in the year of the move no words will upset or draw attention
only insolence do they shudder
there are some that do what they can to upset me
but are speaking for numbers
solely for the greater good of motivating me
and wish life wasn't such a difficult
only the song can make me work
the song can make the sounds
when there is marble
afterward is the end and one credit
an elevator with no buttons
the use of liars to have take him to hel
near the door at a quarter life
the heat taken becomes the soul
once fought against to treads on a vehicle with one belt tread
chooses to practice with those who can see
the clouds over my house that shadow
sunlight burning avoids the cure
an arrow kills the frozen heart of the one caught sleeping
with the blood on the basin
beyond woven sounds about a spare time with a Cinderella vampire
alpha omega and united
fascist conformational with soothsayer necromancer standards
alchemist demon deacon
informational internationalists
the demon barrier to the wizards kingdom
civilizations power consequence and smoke makes a wall
lasers everywhere the lasting are lucky to be alive
string sounds like love
reality reverts the old to young
someone had to hate the music with its claws
over and over the wrong and rendered
camera by camera the world tires
a remote copacetic given sight
a crippled message like is seen in the outer zone
a room of those who cannot see the lights in it
frozen falls the faces between blades
the holy sight of the fearless touch
medicated gods
with neighbors for wizards with lone regressions
duplicate trips into the past
a never ending universal lease on the miseducation of the names who are just numbers
interior constant passing with the speed of light
the mechanic with missing extra fingers
the breaking wooden door breaks the window and hurts the cattle
stared at an open bottle
stimulation retribution and hidden intrusion
to the end of complicated confusion
the heart is wide for pretend eyes
shy and bashful blank emotion
crying love up at the sky
devotion paid sun to shade
an old last supper disease
create a place to take our escape from today
graded intimidation vacation congratulations
land of ice and snow the time leaves fall the wind will blow
water taking another breath to make new worlds
gathering the wicked news like the old sound
when you wake asleep
the commodity of ash
the smallest ultrasound of biotic fuels
the blue and red flag of the night sky soldiers, manages the house of citizen
sand's fire wrought time in the dark verse
the truth on earthed by pain from armies of land and labor
vengeance demons acting as deacons to the owners of time
a buried blank page writes about a dying leaf with bloody living veins
a green house covered with double paned glass
filled with a transparent element
heated for life on colder planets
when you look in the mirror you are bound
dead men tell no tales
looking up from the ground but hunting with an eye on the sky
there is time in space
scavengers of the night
you must survive
or i will never exist
the lost are never home
we cringe for the new thought Police
like the subjects of some insane leching satanist state
compelled to wave our flags as the nations pass by
the future is not set
there is no fate but what we make for ourselves


The abatement of the aberrant abettor

Freedom will baptize
while the government tries to authoritize
in hopes that we canonize
from our eyes that they cauterize
The strong would not authorize
Alternatively, to weak will they recognize
As the lies to you agonize
About crimes that you characterize
Hoping the innocent will stigmatize
The resistance should methodize
As the wrong start to patronize
While I sit, home and womanize
Which I should not popularize
I could always just philosophize
How the world needs to civilize
While I lately need to apologize
And the rain starts to crystalize
And the song will soon harmonize
How the wicked will moralize
And the damaged will pulverize
And the dogs tend to tyrannize
With the lies that they organize
I can only just satirize
I do not attempt to demonize
or berate and demoralize
in a world many destructuralize
and eventually fatalize
accidentally immunize
as the martyrs imperialize
and the harvesters localize
Bleeding hearts will soon symbolize
In what only they specialize
And they constantly dogmatize
Therefore, cordially fraternize
What they never will realize
What we only should Hellenize
And not charity paganize
As the enemy, colonize
And the media tranquilize
How it all seems to synchronize
Like a traitorous, aggrandize
Meant to comfort and formalize
A detest of people to individualize
In addition, socially theorize
Why they attempt to universalize
Therefore, obviously extemporize
O so slowly they Hebraize
Therefore, actually barbarize
What will die if they fertilize
A disgrace as they humanize
Taking up arms if we criticize
In addition, eventually ostracize
As this rhyme tends to aphorize
What the dumb cannot vocalize
How the weak proselytize
To old failures they sensualize
And stolen plans they sterilize
In attempt to actualize
Their faith to brutalize
Their leaders they categorize
In an attempt to materialize
A hope they plagiarize
New crimes to legalize
New dreams to personalize
One might even hypothesize
That they wish to antagonize
Moreover, most certainly factualize
What they only can generalize
In an attempt to energize
The source we capitalize
In effort to neutralize
Moreover, let the enemy naturalize
Our fears they dramatize
While the simple idealize
How to subsidize
A list of name you can alphabetize
In revolt as they nationalize
In a cause to utilize
Any face to galvanize
You may attempt to rationalize
Those who fight they might vaporize
However, I only can emphasize
A new need to lionize
Those who hate to eulogize
What a new child will visualize
As a world they cannot polarize
On the other hand, constantly terrorize
You must constantly totalize
What the lenders economize
Moreover, quite constantly socialize
What will constantly mesmerize
With new pawn that they synthesize
Their new ways to memorize
The old ways to trivialize
Their attempts to anthropomorphize
How they blatantly vandalize
What we constantly arborize
These treasons legitimize
That as they demonetize
Their attempts to externalize
Will never stabilize
What we already normalize
we must institutionalize
Those who constantly penalize
In addition, atrociously immobilize
What one might summarize
As their attempts to euthanize
Moreover, unwittingly standardize
What I conceptualize
Is an obtuse attempt to pasteurize?
In addition, unnecessarily concretize
Our attempt to urbanize
What their hearts tend to internalize
Why someone made his or her minds homogenize
We can easily serialize
Their new ways to departmentalize
How the gods they must ionize
How the governments desensitize
Asking stock to vasectomize
We should honestly hospitalize
Moreover, quite finally finalize
Inability to motorize
How we globally regionalize
While they patiently quantize
you may constantly marginalize
In addition, compartmentalize
Our lives that we digitalize
As the charlatans, publicize
What we commonly fantasize
Moreover, few randomly notarize
What so many will randomize
How this all will destabilize
All the hearts that will pressurize
In a world that we weatherize
How the land tends to globalize
Moreover, the markets will privatize
How we silently automize
How the beggars will criminalize
Therefore, the world will computerize
And mistakenly prioritize
What the world cannot colorize

27 February 2009

Join the Zombie Party Now!

Join the Zombie Party Now!

Ignore the millions illegal aliens already in the country.

Ignore the push to have your society to be
LESS THAN HALF of the population in your lifetime.

Open the borders
cheapen the value of citizenship
demand nothing in return
grovel for civil rights
debase yourself and your kind

Work as tax slaves to support fiends
who cannot spell nor speak

Work as slaves to support
those who enjoy making your children pay for theirs

Share your dreams in an emotional society of sensationalists and hypocrites

Insult your own intelligence

Live without pride

Embrace the migrants who have fled a land beyond repair to ruin yours
who cannot be bothered to learn your language
who hate your land and the liberty it stands for
who hate morals and logic

Embrace their imperial history with zeal.

Open your nation to economic invasion and subjugation.

Call anyone who protests the looting
of your country a racist.

Be submissive and promiscuous.

Practice atrocities;

Sell your children into prostitution and slavery
just as they do in the Third World

Emulate the customs of the

Third World cultures you bow before.


You have achieved the objectives
of one hundred years of brainwashing.
You may now worship your masters.


Your choice, every day, from hour to hour,

Must be to choose liberty and eternal vigilance,

or suffer death by surrender to the animals.





Government is a fortified loophole to cause the destruction,
by the advancement of better living by mindless capitalism.

Convenience will not bring success when the advances of science,
intended to expand our knowledge of the universe,
will if not carefully controlled destroy the world.
Our technological ambitions have not only driven us to the brink of catastrophe,
which has already begun by way of communist protectionism,
drugs for bliss and unnatural selection through societal welfare.

As we know it,
servitude is the solution for the weak,
and lost are the words in the mouths of the leaders.

23 February 2009

south of hell

An essential function of the state is the protection of his citizens. To provide the patience or less persecuted disregard of right and law, the helplessness of the state compared with the organized crime and the inability of the persons responsible. For sure, means of transportation and schools free of power benefits from the minimization of narcotic offenses and proprietary offenses, murder and manslaughter. Lead bit by bit in a land of the lost, in which the citizen must be afraid because the state protects not enough.

Security, right and order are the foundations of every free and peaceful living together. To be able to fight better against crime and against power, the police needs a bigger scope of action, against bureaucratic hurdles.

An order maintained only, in reality, as their rules respected voluntarily and their observance if necessary forced. Hence, basis for an order is a consensus about behavioral norms and values. However, this is in a state of irreverence.

The increasing crime is the indicator for a disintegrating order and the restriction linked with it of the freedom and the security of individual freedom. Our land needs a national worth consensus to restore right and order. A higher value must be, put away again for the internal security. The ruling parties, for the sake of politics, should abuse justice no longer.

Life is no more able of consensus with migrants in the way, defined is an invasion. The utopia of the “multicultural society” generates a multi-criminal reality. Just foreigners offend in such disproportionate levels against the law and dominate in the crime statistics.

We demand harder punishments in all areas of criminality. The growth rate of crime and in particular, the foreign crime makes clear that solely a substantially harder legislation shows an actual protection for the citizen. Help to the victims of crime, must always have precedence before mostly fruitless "rehabilitation" of the culprits. This is why we demand nationalists for democracy support substantially higher punishments for felony offenses. In particular, for offenses like sexual murder, child murder, predatory murder and masses murder as well as in the heaviest cases of the drug trafficking we recommend the reintroduction of the capital punishment. Criminal foreigners immediately expelled from an honest land may never again get the possibility to return.

19 February 2009

5 Life Lessons from Bruce Lee

"I am very proud to be called a pig. It stands for
pride, integrity, and guts."

--Ronald Reagan

5 Life Lessons from Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee"If you always put a limit on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them." —Bruce Lee

While some might hesitate to consider Bruce Lee's films works of art, there are few who will deny the beauty and grace of his physicality. Standing at 5'7" and weighing 135 pounds at his peak, the renowned martial arts master was a temple of muscle. As Chuck Norris put it, "He had muscles on muscles."

Of course, to reach this point took devotion, perhaps even obsession, which few of us are willing to put forth. That said, there's still plenty to be learned from the man whose short life—he died at 32 of cerebral edema in 1973—has influenced thousands of bodybuilders, action heroes, and martial artists.

The book Bruce Lee: The Art of Expressing the Human Body is a vast amount of material about the master's elite fitness regimen. At its core, Lee's plan consisted of anaerobic work, weight training and isometrics— His preferred form of cardiovascular exercise was running. He combined all this with a clean and natural diet. Among the details, there are some interesting things.

On circuit training

Lee's devotion to what is now known as circuit training, started when he read a series of articles in Ironman magazine by bodybuilder Bob Gajda about The Peripheral Heart Action (PHA) System. The system moves from body group to body group instead of focusing a long time on one particular group. The benefit of this is that blood flow continually flows from muscle group to muscle group, thus increasing muscular endurance and delaying of fatigue. It also works the cardiovascular system. Lee loved the multiple benefits of this technique.

On abdominals

The man had amazing abs, but he had to work hard to get them. His five basic stomach exercises were sit-ups, leg raises, twists, frog kicks, and side bends. He also understood that while you could do crunches until you were blue in the face, it wouldn't matter unless you ate completely clean, avoiding sugar, starches, and excess fats. Yes, there are people to whom a six-pack comes naturally but, according to his journals, Bruce Lee, owner of one of the most amazing six-packs in history, was not one of these people. Before you begin thinking about that extravagant hot-beverage you skipped this morning, just remember that Bruce Lee made the same sort of sacrifices.

On stretching

While he believed in stretching every day for at least 15 minutes, his regimen was to limber up at every available opportunity. He would do it watching television, reading, even in the sound studio while dubbing his films. While few of us are in the movie business, that does not mean we cannot work a few thigh stretches into our coffee breaks, or work those shoulders and neck while watching the TV.

While he was a man of extremes, Lee understood the importance of moderation in the stretch. Avoid bounce-stretch or stretching too hard, in your daily actions. Overaggressive stretching can actually send a signal to the brain to tighten up the muscle to protect it from damage.

On Asian food

Of the various aspects of fitness, diet was the one Lee studied least. As his wife, Linda Lee Cadwell put it, "He couldn't boil water" and therefore left culinary responsibilities to her. However, he did understand "junk in, junk out." Mealtimes in their household were not much of a focus, more of a time to fuel up.

Asian CuisineHe also preferred Asian-style cooking because it offered more variety in a meal and a healthier ratio of veggies to protein. Keep in mind that this was over 30 years ago, when American cuisine meant a potato and a hunk of meat, as opposed to an Asian meal, which could consist of shrimp, chicken, veggies and tofu all on the same plate. He felt this variety led to a more complete nutritional profile. While American cuisine has since diversified, the message is the same, keep that variety up. Eating the same thing every day probably means there are vital nutrients that you are skipping.

In addition, no, Bruce Lee was not a saint. From time to time, he would indulge in steak or even McDonald’s; keeping in mind that super-sizing did not exist at the time.

On the opportunities for everyday exercise

FlamingoIn much the same way he stretched whenever possible, Lee felt it important to shove exercise into his day as much as he could. Here are some of the tips he would offer his students:

  • Walk whenever possible. Park the car a few blocks from your destination and walk the rest of the way.

  • Avoid elevators. Take the stairs whenever possible.

  • Practice balance by standing on one foot when putting clothes or shoes on, or just stand on one foot whenever you choose to.

Fitness does not come from 60 minutes a day. It is an entire lifestyle. Whatever workout you are doing now is awesome. However, try to imagine the rest of your life; when can you walk instead of driving? When can you hand-whip instead of using a blender? When can you run around with your kids instead of watching television with them?


The Bruce Lee Protein Shake

Non-instant powdered milk
(which, nowadays, he'd probably replace with whey protein powder)
Water or juice
Ice cubes
2 raw eggs, occasionally with shell*
1 Tbsp. wheat germ or wheat germ oil
1 Tbsp. peanut butter
1 banana
1 Tbsp. brewer's yeast
Lecithin (in granular form)

06 February 2009

Merlin. 5 - Fairgrove


Troy: “I saw a vision inside of it, what is the cauldron for?”

Merlin: “to see things far away”

Troy: “it looks like a surface of water, but when I touched it, it froze solid and the image vanished.”

Merlin: “when he would hit it with his hammer it would freeze. That is why the doors exist.”

Troy writes into his journal - {: it freezes on impact and fractures but through melting, slowly returns to a watery vision pool. You may then again witness it. }

By the account of Merlin, the time had passed long enough so that they could continue their wandering through the golden field. As time proceeds, they find themselves encroaching into a marsh area with scattered trees and a rocky terrain with a river leading into the distance running along the hillside. They soon find a path that leads them to a hillside road that follows the river upstream.

Suddenly a bright and large blue flaming phoenix flies into the rocky hillside beyond them crashing with the impact sounding loudly, like someone fluffing a pillow only once. A plume of smoke billows from the distance. As they near a crater of smoke and ash, the largest pile begins to water-soak from within and a small grey phoenix of rebirth begins to roll out and emerge.

Troy: “what is it?”

Merlin: “A phoenix and it’s your new pet.”

Troy: “but is it dangerous?”

Merlin: “not yet”

Troy walks towards the impacts site, which has burnt back the grounds surface, in a circular ring of destruction, the ground still too hot to approach. Eventually it cools enough that he can approach without damage to the souls of his feet. He reaches into his sleeve and pulls out a Pomegranate. While he breaks it open, he leans in and begins to feed the fruits internal delights to the fledgling bird. The bird appeased, crawls out of the ashes and begins to make leaps small distances, still yet unable to fly. As they notice, it begins running about, stumbling and rolling about on occasion. As the moments pass, it begins leaping loftily around them.

The bird was small enough to have hatched from an egg laid by creature that had fallen moments prior. From the impact of the bird, the dying phoenix had not only scorched the ground in places, but also in others turned the earth and stone into Obsidian. Merlin extends his hand and raises a piece of the newly formed black shining earth and with the other, pulls a dagger from under his cloak. Holding the blade out with the sharpness turned away from him after a small motion of his other hand he begins to spin the darkened and shining burnt earth, shaving its edges, nearly until it is a perfect sphere twice the size of the fledgling fire fowl. After doing so he grasps the ball, causing the remaining debris to shed a light dusting unto his hand slightly, then takes a piece of leather from inside Troy’s bag, a piece he had put there after a meal a few days earlier, cuts the leather patch in two, then replaces the dagger to its resting place. He gives the lesser half of the piece to Troy.


Merlin: “take this and wrap the bird up in a small sack until it can sit on your shoulder and to tie to your belt.”

Troy: “Is it safe?”

Merlin, holding the leather in his hand picks up the ball and stands in front of troy with the fingers of his second hand dancing, as if he were moving it with his mind and playing with the solitary ball.

Merlin: “if it lays an egg you must tell me immediately”

Troy leans in offering the bird another piece of the fruit, while holding the leather in the other hand, urging it to feed itself. While crouched over, the bird leaps to his shoulder.

Troy: “What should I do?”

Merlin: “The bird is safe there. Do not run anywhere, just yet, while is still small and white. You will notice once it becomes a bit cleaner.”

Merlin spins the dark rock into a perfect and shining sphere. It casts a light one direction onto the ground and is so smooth that troy can see his reflection in it. They, including their new avian, stare into it dazedly as it slows down to a halt.

Troy: “It’s a trap for big burglars?”

Merlin: “There are a few uses for this, but for now it is pretty yes?”

Troy: “yes it is… Is that how the medusa guards made these?”

Merlin: “Yes, but we should leave this impact before anyone sees us here.”

Troy shows one of the marbles to Merlin and the smallish bird, leaping from his roost on Troy’s shoulder, snatches and eats it, landing head first on the ground in a hazardous roll. Troy kneels with his hands cupped offering to pick the bird up. Without any haste, it quickly runs up his arm and leans into his head. He returns to his feet, the bird hanging to his hair by its beak in order to stay perched on his shoulder, and turns to Merlin.

Troy: “did it just eat that?

Merlin: “yes but it is fine. It was bone.”

Merlin with a smile puts the newly formed Obsidian sphere, into his sack. He proceeds to makes two more of close size and gathers a few pieces in their natural form and ads them to his pouch. He snatches the extra piece of leather from troy, begins to gather a pile of the broken obsidian dust and ash from the ground, and ties it to his waist. Then taking a stance, looking ahead he begins to walk on. Troy amazed attempts to dust the bird, occasionally feeding it more fruit pieces, and then finally catching up with Merlin.

Merlin: “this will be good for a thief if not for a trade.”

They begin again on their way along the dirt path. The lone sun, looming above the horizon, finally sets to reveal a large city, likely the site of a nation capital. From where they stand, they can tell the city is still several days away. As they watch, it begins to look more and more like a modern city as lights begin to glow in, on and around it.

Merlin begins a fire and troy, takes up a branch and begins making a crude spear attaching it to his rope, heading toward the river. His javelin skewers a large reddish-golden fish and brings it to the fire. They eat the fish giving the remainders to the bird who sits almost directly in the fire.

Merlin: “now that you have had the beast, you can speak to its soul and control its bones. Try to raise the bones away from the bird without contact.”

Troy: “how do you suppose I raise a dead bird Merlin?”

Merlin: “When I say to you raise I mean lift boy. Try to will it to move”

Troy begins to imagine the bones being lighter and then flying eventually closing his eyes and contorting his face awkwardly as Merlin looks on. He looks to Merlin who immediately points back to the bones and amazingly, he calmly and unwittingly urges the scraps to jump from in front of the bird and into the fire. The frantic bird immediately chases the pile to where it lies, Troy moves them again, this time raising them away from the ground, lifting the clinging bird and stretching its neck as it tugs back finally lashing about. The bird intended the bone, to be broken for its inner marrow. In midair, eventually the bird breaks free of the brawl with a piece from the bone’s and swallows it whole, whilst the remaining collective pieces fall into the fire. The young bird follows them directly into the flames and retrieves them, swallowing the last possible pieces, some that had a visible flame, with its head tipped back, and then rolling around in the ash for amusement.

Merlin shows him how to make a marble from the bones, and the young apprentice spends much of the night trying to make one that is perfectly round. Merlin occasionally takes one here or there, perfects it, and polishes it occasionally making it glow a dark mixture of black and red, then placing it into his pocket. Troy though occupied with wearing pebbles to dust, lays eager to see the people of the city ahead whom Merlin might trade the pearls. In between, he eats more and remembers the Confrontation between Merlin and the two ‘would be thieves’, days earlier. Merlin sets aside some of the scales and the tail.

Under a sky of countless stars, after having an unnecessary altercation with the head of the fish, the bird sleeps often and long once, it has its fill. In the Morning, a cold Merlin, wretched awkwardly across a pile of rocks, wakes first. He sees Troy, with his bird against his head, surrounded by broken pebbles and a pile of dust. The dust is scattered and covers the whitish bird and most of Troy’s head. In the distance, again too far for the apprentice to see, Merlin, using a magically cast eagle’s sight, can see an old man and two younger ones holding torches, fishing with poles with netted rings at the end. The river leads past them towards the city.

A new doubled dawn rises to show them new warmth. The bird lets out a tiny squawk and bounces around almost happily, to the sight of the double suns. Standing on both of its feet, it stretches it wings out, holds its head high, and mystically grows a third of its size larger stretching and laughing. The sound of the screeching bird wakes troy, he tosses his feathered friend into the river, and it swims under and then launches out of the water’s surface and back to the smoldering fire, picking at and playing in the dying embers. Troy who watched intently notices that the Phoenix has grown almost a dozen golden feathers on its back as Merlin walks over to a tree and cuts off a piece of bark. He walks back while breaking it into pieces and gives them to the phoenix that cautiously picks apart the meal wasting much of it pecking the wood apart more than it eats but ingesting some of the arboreal flesh.

Merlin: “An easy pet to keep but they eat the eggs here so try not to misplace any and be sure to let me know about any it makes.”

Troy: “Of course I will. We could wait here and warm up. Are we ready to go?”

Merlin: “I was ready before the morn. I was waiting for the bird.”

Merlin leads the hike along the river, in the direction of the city that hides behind the second larger blood red sun. The second sun, which seems to be the one that lit the sunset the day before, was smaller and now seemed to burn a glowing green above the other. The three strangers were all now fishing together, running frantically back and forth from their spot in the river to a position at its edge. Each had their own nets, walking to the shore, and piling the fish onto a large pelt, eating handfuls as they went. They approached to find that it is a tiny fish no larger than a coin, with a glowing white stripe, that the two could see, even in the bright sun.

Old man: “You can take a handful with you if you’d like. It’ll be the last time they’ll be free before the city.”

Merlin: “How far is it to your city?”

Merlin takes a handful and puts them into his pocket as Troy does the same. Occasionally, while the old man is distracted, and the others are heading back into the river he grabs another handful with his phoenix in the other.

Old man: “it is about 2 days walk towards where the sun sits. Follow the river. where it bends you’ll be able to see the city however bright it may be.”

Troy feeds raw fish to his hungry pet that enjoys them quite much as Merlin wastes no time enjoying the small and shiny fish heartily himself. They walk along the steep riverbank at a somewhat slow pace with the hillside path being narrow and damp. The flourishing trees along the swift banks are tall and straight, growing branches where only birds could find seat. Their trunks are white with cracks that often reach around the eerie trees as if painted and grew overnight. Troy imagined them as lighting upside down among the sight of the odd colored horizon.

Another night, bright as day, passes lessening Troy’s silverfish keep with frequent but short visits from tiny crossbreeds of cats and dogs, who climb the trees up and down collecting seed eager to watch their party walk along the river. Another, albeit endless, morning comes and once again troy and his bird rest serenely, together near a dying fire, with a pile of dust and pebbles next to him once again. This time the bird has eaten his full of meat and marrow and lays out across the mess on its back engorged and unconscious.

The sky begins to sway as the heavens turn dark in a colorful phase of green to blue and lastly to black. It begins to rain, much to the disappointment of the bird, which starts a slow irritating series of howls, that some might describe as a crude song. The uneven clucking eventually stops and it begins attempting to fly in the downpour. Clumsy at first, the bird begins mastering its dexterity, many times being thrown to the ground either from the rain or the wind.

As the two men look out, they see the river turn up into the mountain. The water filled with salmon jumping at the raindrops as if they were flies and the city in the distance below, its lights coming on and strangely enough, off again.

Troy: “like glow-flies after the storm”

Merlin: “like people shutting their windows. You’re going first.”

At that time, they notice the bird has become an intermediate at mastering its flying abilities, as it flies in front of them. It turns their attention to the city when stricken by lightning, without incident. Unscathed, It circles again, lands across the river, and walks into the water enough so that it can take a fish, one small enough for it to grasp in one of its claws, and take it off into the distance only to scourge it.

Below the city, one can see the vague design of cattle and crop, fence and farm, designed in a concise pattern. An endless coastline, lined with mountains standing aside the city and their river running. In the distance up along the coast, the land turns to winter and they can see an intense winter storm and its snowy squall ridden with lightning. Looking back across the city from above, its design is like a spider web in a perfect pattern. The city center is closer to the coast than its border to the farms. Its roads evenly measured, in every line of its streets.

Merlin looks to Troy as he points over to the city. Troy reluctantly wades into the water that he finds is waist deep and colder than he expected with a strong current, but eventually crosses. Merlin enters the water, but as he does, he holds out the dark orb before him, causing the water to remit around him as low as his knees.

As they come closer to the city, a beam of light reaches into the sky and burns out a hole in the storm that rolls the clouds back in an even circle, directly from the source near the center of the city. The sky, where once was day was clear night and full of stars.

Troy whistles for his bird and it comes back to his shoulder. He opens his pack and ushers the bird in with the rest of the fish from his pocket and it follows into the bag. As he wears the bag in front of him, the bird makes no sounds of objection and they walk on toward the city heading to the nearest road among the stockyards.

Many of the paths among the cattle had guards on steeds. Ranchers, patrolling slowly in the rain and one of them soon came to meet them as they trudged through the soil. As they looked upon him, Troy notices that he vaguely resembled them but was, in a slight way, different. Taller and less tinted than two suns would make a man, with a large brimmed hat like Merlin’s but without the pointed space for stolen trinkets. Among several odd things, not common to the world past visited, was his boots had an added heel that his had not. Sturdy layers, which would help the rider, stand taller. Immensely, the most odd was the riders coat was full length from his feet to his shoulders with another sewn layer, draped across his shoulders, made from some cloth, woven in a stitch much tighter than any seamstress could do.

The cities lights loomed over its walls and showed signs of motion behind the walls, which were no parapet but tall and smooth metal walls, many buildings tall. Merlin walked past him looking up only once and Troy followed him not far behind. The deluge began to offer the land more lightning, which only caused the bird to fall asleep. He notices the gates were massive weighted gates from which large raised floating doors, hung at the entrance to the city. As they finally came close enough, he found the presence of only one solitary guard per gate. Each man thin as a door themselves but taller than him, an obvious stoic opponent in any confrontation. They stood, each with a staff, as tall as they were, beside them, with a glowing light emanating from the end, which pointed upward.


05 February 2009

My country needs

my country needs to pull its head out of its ass

we need............................
Infrastructure - everywhere - in the north it snows everyyear making it worse than in the southern regions.
carbon sequestration research
carbon captured and processed into formic acid, by the process of electro-reduction of carbon dioxide into formic acid used for sterilizing, cleaning, deicing, feeding to cattle in place of antibiotics, honey-bee keeping, replacing hydrochloric acid in the steel industry and can be utilized for the creation of other compounds. [profitable]
formic acid helps hold hydrogen better than most compounds [profitable]
MIT has begun to research artificial photosynthesis in attempt to create energy by recombining hydrogen and oxygen without having the best way to store the left over hydrogen from H2O. [profitable]
hydrogen torches can heat homes the same as natural gas for approximately $10/month - the conversion is daunting at best - the option is available [profitable]
united states green building council uses solar power to irrigate, run airconditioners, and purify water [profitable]
biofuel refinement processes(more efficient than corn based ethanol), are now available, what once was ethanol which used more money to make than it was worth, has been replace by certain oils, plants and seeds turned into biofuels. eg from particular seed bearing trees like jatropha trees, croton trees and poplar trees - not to mention new next generation grasses, used for the sam purpose. [profitable]
hydrogen hybrid vehicles are designed to produce only the essential amount of hydrogen for combustion (while combined with fossil fuel) as needed, utilizing water and a fairly simple electrolyzers, with a certain additive your water tank will not turn brown, these hybrid conversions more than double the fuel efficiency and standard of the first decade of the 21st century combustion engine vehicles, all while cleaning the engine harm free, the interior of every combustion engine [profitable]
hydrogen heating your homes is good. natural gas burns cleaner than fossil fuels and can be better controlled by way of torque in an engine. an engine running solely on hydrogen would wrench and twist and fall apart. [profitable]
reverse osmosis purifies water to the quality of clean rain water using brine water in the amount of 1-2 toilet flushes a day for much more available clean drinking water. is currently available. [profitable]
cylindrical wind turbines are available to use all winter long in heavily populated areas and work in the smallest of breezes. they have a helical design and are currently available to a commercial market. [profitable]
plasma gasification turns garbage into gases used for transportation and heating homes
WTF War--------
send expensive A-Team black-ops war hungry, adrenaline junkie, moralless bastards in to 'cryhavok'/rain down havok on your enemies

'after words',

fight Mexicos druggies(transporters,mules,soldiers,addicts and supporters of drugs), finish the fence that is remaining to be built and secure the everlivingfuckinghell border

return to your battles with more allies than ammunition

russians love ethnic cleansin or so they have in the past, let them deal with issues on their continent. [profitable]
wtf is wrong with you people, why does nancy pelosi still have a job,
she said "every month that we don't have an economic recovery package 500million americans lose their jobs" . firing her is [profitable]

In reality land

the population of the United States is

303,824,640 (July 2008 est.) = 303million

=i hate stupid people

In a changing world, Portland remains overwhelmingly white

In a changing world, Portland remains overwhelmingly white.