27 February 2009

Join the Zombie Party Now!

Join the Zombie Party Now!

Ignore the millions illegal aliens already in the country.

Ignore the push to have your society to be
LESS THAN HALF of the population in your lifetime.

Open the borders
cheapen the value of citizenship
demand nothing in return
grovel for civil rights
debase yourself and your kind

Work as tax slaves to support fiends
who cannot spell nor speak

Work as slaves to support
those who enjoy making your children pay for theirs

Share your dreams in an emotional society of sensationalists and hypocrites

Insult your own intelligence

Live without pride

Embrace the migrants who have fled a land beyond repair to ruin yours
who cannot be bothered to learn your language
who hate your land and the liberty it stands for
who hate morals and logic

Embrace their imperial history with zeal.

Open your nation to economic invasion and subjugation.

Call anyone who protests the looting
of your country a racist.

Be submissive and promiscuous.

Practice atrocities;

Sell your children into prostitution and slavery
just as they do in the Third World

Emulate the customs of the

Third World cultures you bow before.


You have achieved the objectives
of one hundred years of brainwashing.
You may now worship your masters.


Your choice, every day, from hour to hour,

Must be to choose liberty and eternal vigilance,

or suffer death by surrender to the animals.