17 May 2014


WTH = I just got done whining about something tech yesterday.

So here's NSTIC (National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace), basically, it's like an optional web identity, yet another login for what I assume will be the domain of the Americas generally speaking. Let's get choppy.

Estados Unidos começam a testar identificação única na Internet -
"O Governo norte americano vai avançar este mês com o seu plano de identificação única online para os internautas daquele país. A ideia foi conhecida em 2011, mas só agora será testada no terreno. Este número universal de identificação foi concebido para ser utilizado no contacto com as diversas entidades e serviços públicos norte-americanos.  A iniciativa, denominada National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC), foi inicialmente desenvolvida com o objetivo de prevenir a fraude e facilitar a verificação rápida da identidade de quem navega online. A experiência piloto agora lançada decorre nos estados norte americanos de Pensilvânia e Michigan e está limitada a um conjunto reduzido de situações e serviços, servindo apenas para verificar se a ideia é fazível, refere o Engadget que avança a informação. O projeto foi lançado em 2011, pela administração Obama, numa altura em que ainda não se tinha ouvido falar das estratégias de espionagem da NSA. Neste momento poderá não ser acolhido da melhor maneira pelos visados. Resta aos norte-americanos esperarem que as intenções iniciais do Governo se mantenham e que este ID universal para a Internet seja opcional e não obrigatório. Escrito ao abrigo do novo Acordo Ortográfico" 

So basically, the statist-orwellian-system was introduced by the Obama administration long before we knew the NSA was trying to track every moment of our lives. 

Wait, economic thought. usdebtclock.org; The national debt is 17.5 trillion f*****g dollars. The 'why' I'll get to next, but at this time that's 55 thousand dollars per citizen, but since more than half of them won't be paying federal pyramid scam taxes it's actually 150 thousand dollars to each tax payer. That being said, a child born today is charged with that task, that is the government will take $150,000 from everyone born BEFORE they still owe taxes for the current state. So many are retired and many more will in any case, so that amount grows exponential to the amount of s**t we leave behind us. Stop spending our future. 

'One cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of their prosperity. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without recompense. The state cannot give to anyone anything that the state does not first steal from someone else. One cannot multiply wealth by reducing it. When half of the people get the notion that they need not work because the others are going to care for them, then when the other half decides that it will not work because the first half is going to take it, that is the beginning of a nation's demise.' ~ seen on a bathroom wall...

They who would use the law against another is a fool or coward, and they whom are helpless without that law are both, those who would make and then use the helpless against the innocent are the evil I speak of....
"Fathom the hypocrisy of a government that requires every citizen to prove they are insured, but not everyone must prove they are a citizen, and now, any of those who refuse, or are unable, to prove they are citizens, will receive 'free insurance' paid for by those who are forced to buy insurance because they are citizens."
~ Ben Stein
That was for those of you that scream a blue streak about examples, if you're still confused, drink more water. This is about as sterile and unwieldy as it can be, and some of you are wondering if this is a #Vigilance entry, or even worse, if this is a raving manifesto railing against the state and if I'll wind up and snap, maybe, lol no. Okay, so it's a raving manifesto, but I quoted instead of plagiarized, and I've read the manifestos of mass murderers, they have ungood grammar and were democrats, I'm democratic, there's a difference, and I couldn't get away with anything, the government is watching me way more than any of you. Explaining it makes me sick and you crazy and then you dip, so let's go with that. Speaking of surveillance....

You know how you logon to your hub-site and then you can use your account to link/logon to other sites, well it's that. So it may be quite harmless, let's add multiples of the national debt in crony funding, on the backs of the taxpayers, and administrate it by people who went to common core. I'd rather #censored. Really? Not for nothing, NSTIC is a 'universal logon' that you and I once called the basics of b****y computer literacy, it will mean the end of online anonymity, but I have a few basic questions to close the entry. 

1. How will bureaucracy legislate psychic powers? Wait, what? 
2. How will DARPA (b/c I can't think of a better analogy) integrate the so-called "REAL ID" into everyday social networking that already has integral convolution with the 'blogosphere'? 
3. How will it begin to even detect (or sequester, depending on your perspective) private encryption less-than-zero day algorithms? 
4. Would a Real-ID system merely be user accounting (active directory auditing) or would any user/account be subject to summary compulsory involuntary hardware assimilation? Are we going to be forced into botnets? (because I'll buy a -bleep- AM/FM radio and learn how to make bombs in science class) You said you weren't writing a manifesto. Oh s**t, I forgot. 
5. If this is a concerted disconcerting effort to remove anonymity, why the h**l did the Usa just relinquish its role in DNS superstructure? 
6. Did bureaucrats and/or ranking technocrats just up-and-decide that NSA trolling (needs a meme, concerned NSA troll, lol) is too difficult, and that MAC addys can be spoofed, rerouted, hypervised, disguised as a stack overflows, bounced thru decoy-laden clouds, transmitted anonymously thru torrents and encrypted steganographically and sequentially - gasp take a big breath - all the while a planet of aforementioned hacktivists await satellite internet that broadcasts in a UDP fashion so that tracking via routing tables become quickly obfuscated and irrelevant leading to the need to understand analog energy signature emissions more than digital transmission control protocols? 
7. Does the corrupt U-S-S-A want to put us into notebooks? 
(That's a joke for the RINOs that hated #Romney2012)

Uncle Sam used to invest, but things have gone awry. Government only taxes, people only invest, that's why a gov't should always fear its people. Instead of fearing that they'll buy what they need instead of what you want them to buy.  

You already knew I wrote science fiction, and yes, I love the PERSON OF INTEREST show. Orwell was right about everything....

I put the scan in Scandinavian. 

P.S. #SosVnzla

P.P.S. Laser Buddha. 

Make an island of yourself,
make yourself your refuge;
there is no other refuge.
Make truth your island,
make truth your refuge;
there is no other refuge.